My Secret Life

Katie's back at school after an interesting summer and is ready to jump into her last year of school with Best friend and school player Declan. But everything good must come to an end.. right? Days into her senior year, Katie gets news that puts her plans for college to a full stop.


1. House Party

I was currently finishing the last bits of my make up and hair, when Declan arrived.


''You still not ready? Leave that you look beautiful already''. I stopped for a moment and glanced over to him. He was leading in my bedroom doorway wearing Jeans and a t-shirt.


''Oh someone looks handsome. Trying to impress anyone special''. I laughed moving my eyebrows up and down, then went back to finishing my eyeliner.


''Haha very funny, hurry up and move your ass, otherwise there's gonna be no one left to impress''. He motioned towards the door.


I let out a giggle and stood up adjusting my dress. ''Ok I'm finished now''. I look once more in the mirror and made my way to the door.


''You really do look stunning Kate''. Declan said as he placed his hand on my waist and led me towards his car.




We arrived on Bolton Avenue 20 minutes later. Cars were parked everywhere, as teenagers made there way to Tod Middleton's house. He always held parties over the summer and to be honest his parents owned the biggest house in town so there was never a problem with space.


''Why couldn't you park any closer to the house? You don't realize how hard it is to walk in these heels''.


We were parked 7 houses down and in this neighborhood each house was a mansion, so you can imagine the walk.


''Ok princess''. Declan said as he took off his t-shirt and passed it to me. I rolled my eyes and sighed.


''And what exactly is this for''.


''Put it around your waist, then I'll carry you''. I done as he said and jumped up wrapping my arms and legs around him. We were now facing each other.


''We haven't done this since we were little''.


''I know, Maybe we should start it again''. I said looking at Declan.


When we were younger, Declan made a deal with me that if I ever said 'Declan you are amazing, handsome, Strong and my best-friend' He would carry me wherever I wanted to go.


''Haha maybe, but your a lot heavy now. I working up a sweat here''.


''Hey I'm not that bad''. Declan laughed as I smacked him.


''Haha I know, I'm just messing''.


''Put her down already!''. Sam shouted as we made our way up to the house. Sam was one of Declans team mates.


''Your just jealous that I get to call this gorgeous girl my best-friend''. Declan let me down and I had to yet again adjust my dress.


''Here's your top, now cover up prince charming. I'll see you in a bit''. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and went in.


''Don't drink too much, I'm not carrying you home again''. I heard him shout, which made me smile.


The party was now in full swing and you can say my head was spinning.

''Hey Kate I'll be heading off now, you coming''. Declan shouted over. He was stood with a new girl, yet not different than his usual. You see Declan seems to always go for girls with brown hair, blue eyes. I let out a giggle.


''No I'm fine here, Tod said I can stay in the guest room, I'll call you in the morning''. He looked at me intently.


''Are you sure? I don't really want to leave you with Justin''. He motioned to the guy I was sat on. Oh so that's his name. Yeah I'd been making out with him for the last 10 minutes but never caught his name.


''No I'm fine Dec''. I said blowing him a kiss.


''Alright Kate I'll see you tomorrow''. Declan caught my 'kiss' and put it against his chest, smiled then left.


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