Reaching for happiness

Katie's back at school after an interesting summer and is ready to jump into her last year of school with Best friend and school player Declan. But everything good must come to an end.. right? Days into her senior year, Katie gets news that puts her plans for college to a full stop.


2. Details

It had been a week since the party and yes I was trying to forget about it, but my lovely best-friend would not give in until he had details. I swear he's like a girl sometimes, but who's complaining.


''I still can't believe I drank so much and don't get me started on that Justin guy''.


''What exactly happened with him''. I looked up to Declan and raised my eyebrows.


''What do you think happened!?....and it certainly wont be happening again. He seemed nice but....just no''.


Declan glanced out the window. ''Fancy going the beach today? it's sunny''. I let out a giggle.


''I think I got that when it was bright outside and not dark haha. Oh and the big gush of heat gives it away as well''.


''Harhar very funny......Sam, Jordan, Alfie and Chloe said they'd come''.


''Ok but I need to pick up my bikini first''.


''Great, come on then''. Declan jumped up and held his hand out for me. Rolling my eyes at him I took it and made my way to his car.


The ocean breeze hit my face as we climbed out of the car. I took off my top and shorts and placed them in the front seat.


''Hey take a picture It'll last longer''. I said as I tossed my sandals at Declan for watching. He just laughed as he picked them up and placed them in the car.


''Hey I'm a guy! No matter who you are, if your stripping I'm gonna watch''. I slapped him yet again.


''Your such a douche''.


''No I'm amazing, strong and handsome. Or something like that, if I remember correctly''.


''Oh yeah, I believe your right!''. I jumped on Declan's back, nearly knocking him off his feet.


''Bloody hell Kate, give my fragile body warning next time''. Yeah right! Fragile my ass. He could do some serious ass whooping if he wanted to with those muscles!


To be honest he already had 3 months ago, when a guy wouldn't leave me alone after been told over 7 times, that I wasn't interested. Some guys though!


Declan grabbed my legs and headed towards Sam and Jordan, who were currently sat on chairs with a beer cooler next to them.


''Alright lads!''. He nodded and slid me down his back. ''Use coming in?''. He guested towards the sea.


''Yeah In a sec''. Sam said as he took another gulp of beer. ''Same''. Jordan replied.


''What about you Kate? Gonna be nice and come in with me?''.


''Yeah why not.....Come on''. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the ocean.


We splashed each other for a while, then I noticed an odd look on Declans face. It was like he was in deep thought.


''What you thinking about?''. I asked, curious to find out what was bothering him.


Before he could answer, Alfie and Chloe came into the water. ''Hey''. I said giving them both a smile. Alfie and Chloe had been in a relationship for over 6 years. Chloe seemed to be the only girl I got on with in high school, the rest are all boys.


''Hey Chloe, what took you two ages?''. I asked making my way over to her, whilst Declan and Alfie were talking.


''Had lunch with Alfies parents so we were trying to get out of that''. I let out a small giggle.


''Couldn't of been that bad''. Chloe's eyebrows shot up.


''Oh trust me....Anyway what did we interrupt between you two?''. She pointed to Declan.


''Oh I don't know, Something seems to be bothering him''. I shrugged my shoulders.


''You both still coming the log cabin next week?''.


''Oh I forgot about that, but yeah I think so''. Can't believe I forgot. Me and Declan have been talking about the trip for Months.


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