The Journey

John Smith wakes up in an infirmary after serious mal nutrition, and escapes the camp in a stolen Land Rover he lovingly calls LP, when he comes across a girl in the desert, and she wants to hitch a lift...


2. Chapter Two

~I woke with a start, expecting to find myself still in that hospital bed. Instead I found myself in what seemed like a metal tomb, but revealed itself to be the LR. As the fog of sleep lifted, it reminded me of the reason I awoke.
     As I lifted the canvas flap, a voice shouted from in front of me.
     “Move and I make jam out of your ugly ass face.” The voice sounded serious, but strangely higher pitched than a male voice.
     “How much fuel you got!?” she asked. I climbed out, dropped to the floor and moved towards her. Dawn was breaking, and as the sun rose, I saw the most beautiful face I had ever laid my eyes on.
     “Do you want me to ask you again!?” she brandished her gun, which was a revolver, towards his face.
     I realised that I had been staring at her and snapped out of my ridiculous stupor. I mean, she was trying to rob me, for Christ’s sake.
     “What makes you think I’m going to tell you?” as I said this I moved relatively slowly towards her, and as soon as I was close enough to feel her breath, I took the revolver out of her hands, opened the chamber and looked inside. Empty. Just as I had suspected.
     Her shoulders fell in defeat, and she hung her head, her long black hair falling down.
     As she looked up I studied her features more closely, and realised everything about her was perfect. Her face portrayed kindness, despite what she just did, and her eyes revealed she was scared.
     I don’t know what prompted me to do it, but the words just tumbled out.
     “If you want to, why don’t you come with me?” She let out a burst of laughter, which surprised me, and curled her lip.
     “Look at you. I’m guessing your between, seventeen years old to twenty, and by the looks of you, you were born shortly before the apocalypse, and never seen a girl roughly your own age, never had a girlfriend, and you think I’m just going to live with you for a bit? Seriously?”
     I went a peculiar shade of beetroot red, and what came out of my mouth next sounded rather sheepish.                      "I-I-I din't mean it like that, I meant if you wanted a ride to the nearest town, then I would be happy to drive you there..."

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