The Journey

John Smith wakes up in an infirmary after serious mal nutrition, and escapes the camp in a stolen Land Rover he lovingly calls LP, when he comes across a girl in the desert, and she wants to hitch a lift...


3. Chapter Three

     The car ride was an uncomfortable silence for a while, and I was beginning to get a bit nervous around her, until she decided to speak.                                                                                                                                                             "So what's your story?" I felt uncomfortable about my past, but for some reason I found myself opening up to her.                                                                                                                                                                                                 "I don't know anything about my family. I was raised in a gang that found me when I was a baby. They gave me the only generic name they could think of; John Smith, and I lived a fairly happy life until the worst day of my life happened. I was out scavenging for supplies, and I had a good haul. But when I got back, the camp we stayed in was burnt to the ground, and the only things left were the bones of the people I called mother, father, brother, and friends. There was only one piece of evidence that this was no accident, a calling card if you will. It was a circle with a triangle inside. I've been searching for that symbol since."                                                                                                  The car fell silent once again, but the air was clearer. Once again, the girl spoke up.                                                      "Well, my name's Alexi, and my parents were killed in front of my eyes. I was eight years old, and my parents owed money to a group that called themselves The Hand of Satan, which sounds like a crappy metal group,and when they couldn't deliver, they paid with their lives." Despite her matter-of-fact tone, her eyes showed more sadness than I believed could ever be felt, and for once I realised that compared to Alexi, it was better not knowing my parents. They had abandoned me after all. But Alexi had to see the people who raised her, the people who loved her, die at the hands of a ruthless group.                                                                                                                                  The rest of the trip went by fairly without anything happening, and when we arrived at the town, day was but a memory as the sun set, and the night burst forth with a beautiful full moon.                                                                            "So, this is the end of the road." I was a bit disappointed that she was leaving, but I knew my search for this mysterious group had to continue.                                                                                                                                            "Or I could stay. Until you find the people that ruined your life."  

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