the badboy's girl [ MC ]

This is a short story :)


2. two

Michael pov

What i have done to her?

I hate my self

Tomorrow i try my self to talk to her

*next day

"Ugh,hi " I said to her

"Ahm,hello ahm i-im sorry about--" i cut her

"Ahm thats nothing" i said to her

"Thanks you know what im so very stress and sorry sorry" she said to her

"No no it's okay u don't need to say sorry okay" i said to her

" so what now ahm my name is stacy" she said to me and gestured her right hand

"Oh hi nice name" and i take her hand to my hand

"Ahmm so haha" she said

Shes funny and cute

"Ahm un know all about things to me that I'm a bad boy " i said

"Ahn yea haha so bye i gotta go" she said and she left

"Ahm bye" i said

So after all my friends saw me and telling me what happen to the dare yes,all of that with Stacy is just a dare my friends dare me to that I'm gonna to fall stacy with me

"Hey" Luke said

"Oh why?" I said

"How is it ?" Luke said smiling

"Ahm i think its working" i said

"Oh really thats good haha" he said

"Yea i make her fall in love" i said

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