the badboy's girl [ MC ]

This is a short story :)


1. one


"Hey" i said to the girl but she ignore me

Wow no one can do that to me every girl that i want to be my friends are not ignoring me who cares

I just try again to talk to her if she want thats better

"Uhm,hey,hi what is your name" i said to her smiling wide

And what did just happen? Okay shes pretty and hot

"Why you are snob at me?" I said

And i was surprised that she turned around

"My mother said to me don't talk to strangers BYE!" She walks out with waving her right hand

"Okay okay I'm not a strangers" i said to her

"So your not a stranger But you are a bad boy you always bullying others SO GET AWAY FROM ME!" She said to me and she walked out

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