Before it happened, Alfie and Dana barely knew each other. But Dana finally realises Alfie's existence. But then it happens and their new found friendship must be put on hold, most of all they must learn to survive and protect each other, until it's all over and they find a paradise. Alfie's night horrors soon unravel themselves, is it all true or all in you head?


1. Alfie

It was funny how normal things seemed to go on even when everything was so messed up. People could still fall in love, even at the end of the world - Shelly Crane

One thing that scared him the most was his nightmares, Whether it was being hunted by a blackhearted brute or ending up lost in a woeful Weald;  these are the things that woke Alfie at the break of dawn. That night, Alfie had drifted into his own personal hell, he was running from a repugnant villain, terrorising him with a death dealing machete, that was already painted with maroon blood that used to belong to Alfie's shoulder. He looked back and then forward. Nearly jumping out of his skin, Alfie saw the 'thing' was ten foot away and he was walking now as if he was playing a sadistic joke on Alfie. Ill-lighted and  inky, in the forest it was now impossible to see a thing. Alfie saw his chance and maybe his only chance to run for it, Alfie fell to the ground, his legs felt paralysed and they didn't work as if Alfie's own imagination was screwing his dreams up and turning every situation against him. Alfie's imagination was full of intense action but yet it was so silent and eerie. There, He was there, his heart was thumping so fast he feared that he could never stop it and control it again. Alfie rested his head against a tree that he had lost all feeling in his stupid legs. The frightful figure was probably playing his usual jokes and was creeping up on him. Alfie would be screaming at himself to wake up at this point but he never let the dream play out, tonight he was going to play it out... A few seconds later Alfie had controlled his breathing and tried not to whimper with fear and anticipation, it had probably been going on for ages but when Alfie could actually hear again after his beating heart had weirdly found it's way into Alfie's ears. But Alfie heard light breathing behind him, Alfie had his eyes scrunched shut; as if he could block out his fear and play his half-witted dreams out and just try and get through it. But it all became too much when he finally opened his eyes. A glimmering, shining and maroon coloured machete only a few inches for his throat. Alfie had had enough and decided to end this dream as he was becoming rather terrified, he screamed shouted "Wake up Alfie!" he hollered. It was only when Alfie has slowly and painfully being sliced with the machete Alfie shot up from his bed with a bloodcurdling screech that could have possibly woken the whole town, but only woke his younger brother Seth "Are you okay Alf?" he whispered "Yeah just go back to bed" As it was at least five maybe half past; She needed more sleep but Alfie got up and didn't bother telling anyone where he was going, he just got up. Alfie touched his throat. Still feeling a stinging sensation. Alfie actually worried if the villain had massacred his throat or if it was a physiological thing. Alfie sat at the rustic oak wood table that stood mighty in the kitchen and started devouring a bowl of Cornflakes. Alfie sat down and started to try and match up his nightmares as if they were a jigsaw piece puzzle. 

*  *  *

Alfie's mind strayed from reality and started to think vividly out of nowhere of one of his most spine-chilling ordeals when he is at his own defenceless state. Night-time,  and down the rabbit hole his mind went. Alfie saw faces. Not natural faces, but abnormal faces. Faces with chawed cheeks and gnawed noses. All of them were complete with evil eyes and ferocious fangs. On their heads; locks of hair, pulled out only leaving red patches on their scraped scalps. Alfie looked at all of them. Flabbergasted, gawking and staring, Alfie tried not to draw attention to himself in case any of the weirdos tried to attack him, like the bloodthirsty villain did. All at once, something was tapping him on his head. Bamboozled, Alfie turned around but there was nothing there. Then it happened again. He turned around once more, but it soon disappeared. The taps on the head soon turned into hitting on his head, but Alfie was tuck in a fictionalised limbo; and couldn't escape as usual. Something clicked in Alfie's head, he visualised him waking up and it happened. Alfie lifted his head up and he felt a blow to his head. His brother and sister were hitting because they were demonic children and couldn't think of anything more evil to do to their loving, caring and respectful older brother that cherished them dearly. Seth laughed until his side split from howling at Alfie's horrified face. "Sorry Alf, you wouldn't wake up, we thought you'd died" Alfie's sister Eve said with the greatest sense of endearment in her voice. "It's okay but i'll have to eat you alive if you do it again!" Alfie joked, as he grabbed Seth by his ebony black hair, still wet from the shower and Alfie and Eve pulled his had and tickled him until their sides split...

That was until they heard their mother shouting to get ready for school and start walking. The twins ran off straight away, Alfie was ready but neither of the twins had made their lunch. Alfie being the reliable and lovely brother he was, he made their lunches for them. As Alfie sliced Seth's sandwich in two, he nicks his finger with the unseemly sharp knife and blood drips onto the counter. Alfie swore several times under his breath so that no one else could hear his foul  and vulgar language. Eve came running down the stairs, ready for school. She glimpsed at Alfie's finger that was painted with cardinal red blood and she gasped "Are you okay Alf?!"

 "Yeah i'm fine it's just a little cut" 

"No, let me get you a plaster" she said as she was already rushing into the cupboard where Alfie thought they kept kitchen utensils but weirdly kept all the first aid kits. Eve applied the plaster and she smiled up at Alfie. He gave her a small kiss on her head, and they ran out of the door and started the trek to school. They didn't even wait for Seth, they tried to run away but he caught up. Sadly.

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