Acording to the Gov, I dont exist.


1. prologue

My name is Leila. Well thats the name I call myself. When I wasn't working for the Gov I was a science experiment. Experiment 100, Subject 1. Before the experiments? I don't remember. In fact, my earliest memory is a fuzzy haze of white walls, white coats, white light, white noise, and pain. Sad, right? Anyway this is my story. I'm going to fill in some of my back story so you aren't confused on what I'm talking about later on.

When I was little I was an orphan. A rowdy one too. No one wanted me, so when the Gov rolled around looking for little boys and girls, I was given away. Then I was taken to a secret building in the middle of No Where, U.S.A. The scientists wanted to see how powerful they could make regular kids before their bodies deconstructed. I am the result, the only one who survived. I'm about 18 and have finished my schooling for the rest of my life. I can speak 5 different languages and am learning 3 more right now. I have the highest IQ in the world, but no one knows that. My eyes are purple and have slitted pupils because of the testing. I have about 25/25 vision, even at night. I am stronger than 5 normal men. My sense of smell is so strong that i can smell emotions. Stress is a sour smell and fear is a sharp, spicy smell. When I hold any material I can tell you what it is without looking. The scientists decided that I was too dangerous and threw me on the streets. I learned to survive until I had gained such a reputation that the Gov started looking for me. The I was trained and use my abilities to fight terrorism and criminals and find top secret documents on foreign countries. My 5'6 frame fits everywhere as I am very flexible. My brown hair is mundane at best. I'm beautiful, to say the least. My one special feature are my eyes. And no one is alive long enough to tell people what they look like.

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