Acording to the Gov, I dont exist.


2. Adam

I step into the office building, looking out of place in my fitted black shirt, pants, high ponytail, and hiking boots. But, honestly, I don't actually care what the white collars think of me. Just seeing me tends to send shivers up people's spines, even when they can't see my eyes. I have contacts in anyway. I stroll up to the main desk. The new intern is sitting there. I think her name is Bella. I lean against the counter and ding the little bell, just to annoy her. Bella looks up and the smile she fixed in place wavers at the sight of me, before slamming into place.

"I am right here. How may I help you?" Bella asks, annoyed. I inspect my fingernails.

"Oh, I know. Anyway, I am here to see Adam Sanders," I snap.

"Do you have an appointment?" she says, flipping through a thick book on her desk. I chuckle darkly.

"He is expecting me," I say flippantly. She squints at me before leaning back in her chair.

"You can't see Mr. Anders with out a appointment. As it is he is booked until next month," she says, and smug look crossing her face. I smile and walk away. I step into the bath room, take my contacts out and place them into their container. I look in the mirror and blink my eyes. My vision sharpens quickly. Satisfied with the effect, I walk back up to the desk. Bella is still sitting there. I ring the bell again.

"I said, I can't get you in," she says with out looking up.

"Yes, you can," I say. Suddenly I smell something. A sweet smell followed by a sharp tangy smell. Annoyance and fear. "oh, honey. I'm far scarier than I look. But this is public. Let your fear go." Bella isn't looking at me any more. She's looking past me.

"I thought you were doing the Gov's dirty work. Not scaring my interns," a voice from behind me says dryly. I turn slowly, locking my pokerface down.

"Adam. So good to see you again." he laughs.

"You always were the better lier." Then it's my turn to laugh. But the lightness disappeared quickly.

"I got my new assignment," I say. He studies me.

"Let's talk in my office," Adam says noticing that I seemed to dread what i had to tell him. After the short ride in a glass elevator we stop at the top floor. Windows give a 360 view of the surrounding city. A desk is settled in one corner so the occupant can enjoy a view. Adam walks over to a big chair and settles his lanky form into it. He motions to the love seat across from him. I walk over and sit down stiffly. He motions for me to talk.

"I was hired to retrieve a file. On this file includes the password to all the missiles in the power of The English Dictatorship. It also details any and all missions, upcoming and past. I must pose as a diplomat, get close a government official and steal the file," I say, cringing at the thought.

"So, you might die." It is a statement, not a question. I nod. I might not come back from this one. And for once my brain registers the smell coming off Adam. Fear. Deep seated, fear. I mean, who wouldn't be afraid. He might lose his sister in the next month. Thats the worst thing that could happen to two orphaned kids who found each other by chance. Isn't it?

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