Jayjay Lee's Tale

After 3 years of dating Dean finally proposed to Aj and they became Mr. and Mrs. Good. But soon after that a little one arrived, forcing Aj into retirement. Watch as 5 year old Jada Good lives life on the road.


9. Weekend to Ourselves Pt. 2

As we waited for our plane to start flying, Jon wouldn't stop asking me about where we're going.

"Can you please tell me?" He begged. He looked a lot like Jada did when she wanted something.

"Nope. It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you."

"You know I hate surprises."

"No, I hate surprises. You don't really care that much. But you'll like it, don't worry."


Nikki POV~

As we got off of the jet, Jada played with her wrestlers in the car.

"Who ya got there?" I asked from the front.

"I got Auntie Trinity and Cameron."

"Are they fighting?"

"Yea. Auntie Trinity is winning!"

"Have you played 2K15 yet?" John asked her.

"No. Daddy and mommy didn't buy it for me because we don't have a PlayStation or Xbox."

"Well, Uncle John has a PS4. Maybe you could play it."


John pulled up at his house and Jada's mouth dropped.

"WOW! Uncle John you live in a mansion!"

John chuckled as he put Jada's thinks in the house.

"Do you want a tour?" I asked. Jada nodded.

Leading her around the house, Jada's mind seemed blown.

"This house is soo big, Auntie Nickie!"

"I know right!"

"Don't you get lonely sometimes?"

"No, not really. Me and Uncle John sometimes have people over.

"More Aunt Nikki than me," John says. I roll my eyes. I led Jada to her room and she sat on her bed.

"Auntie Nikki?" Jada calls.


"Can go we go out to eat?" 

"Yea, Uncle John planned on taking us on a dinner date."

Jada cheered.

"What am I gonna wear?" Jada asked.

"We're actually gonna take you dress shopping. Have you ever done that before?"

"No, mommy says going dress shopping is too girly and something you and Auntie Brie like to do."

"Of course she did," I mumbled. "But we have to hurry. After Uncle John is done working out, he said he'll take us."

Jada clapped, running to get her shoes. She was so adorable.

I buckled her into my truck and we drove to the mall.

"What do you wanna wear?" I asked her as we went into a small dress shop.

"These dresses are too girly," Jada says. I laughed, she sounded just like Aj.

"Fine, pick whatever you want to wear," I chuckled. Jada disappeared in the racks of clothes and for a while I didn't see her. "Jada?" I called. No response. I started to panic.



We landed and Dean was way too eager to know where we were.

"Come on, kiddo. Just tell me," He plead.

"I would love to but I can't," I tell him. "Its a surprise."

A taxi drove us to a beach house in California. Dean gave me a look once we pulled up.

"What is this?" He asked.

"Well, I knew you'd forget like you do every year but this is my anniversary present to you," I tell him. "Just a weekend to ourselves."

Jon smiled, showing the dimples I fell head over heels for.

"Thanks babe," He said, giving me a peck on the lips. 

We walked inside and Jon and I both were surprised on how big it was.

"Did you know it was suppose to be this huge?" He asked. I shook my head.

"The picture didn't look this big."

We did a small tour and found a chef in the kitchen mixing drinks.

"Oh, I love this," Jon says as he takes a glass off the counter.

"Jon, pace yourself," I tell him. "You know how you get when you start drinking."

One thing I didn't like about Jon was his drinking problem. Once he started drinking, he didn't know when to stop.

"I'll be fine," He assures me. I roll my eyes. Hopefully I wouldn't regret this.

As time went on, Jon did pace himself more. He wasn't trying to get drunk but at the same time, he was trying to enjoy himself.

"You know, it would've been better for us to actually invite some people," Jon says.

"Hope we're not too late," Joe says walking in with Galina.

"Trust me, babe," I say. "I thought of everything."

"Aj invited us the other day," Colby says walking in too.

"Where's my pumpkin?" I asked. 

"She got a phone call from Nikki. She should be in soon."

"From Nikki?" Jon and I questioned.

"What's wrong?" Galina asked.

"Nikki is watching Jayjay. I hope nothing's wrong."

Saraya walked in.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.


Nikki POV~

"Jada!" I yelled. I panicked and called Paige.


"Paige I don't know where Jada is! We were at the mall shopping for something for her to wear for the dinner John was taking us to and then she ended up disappearing and I'm totally freaking out!" I began to cry. 

"Slow down, Nikki. Jada does this all the time. It's like a game of hide and seek. You gotta play along or she'll keep hiding."

I sniffed,


I looked around the racks and spotted Jada crouching down on her knees in clothes.

"I'm gonna getcha," I said and heard a small laugh. Before she could run, I grabbed her, holding her close. "Please don't do that again," I tell her.

"I'm sorry Auntie Nikki. I didn't mean to make you cry," She says, wiping my tears with her little hand. 

"It's okay. I've got her," I tell Paige.

"Good. Now let's hope Aj doesn't suspect anything when I walk in."

"Walk in?! Where are you?"

"Aj didn't tell you what she planned for Ambrose? She invited us to stay at a beach house for her anniversary."

"Aww I wasn't invited."

"She was gonna invite you but you wanted to take Jada for the weekend."

I sighed,

"You're right. Well, I have to get back to Jada. I'll talk to you later."

I set Jada back down and grabbed her hand.

"Stay with me, okay?"

She nodded. We bought her a dress and left the mall. John texted me telling me he was on his way home to shower. 

"We have 30 minutes," I tell Jayjay. "Maybe we should-"

I was cut off when someone crashed into me.



We were all dancing and talking when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone. My eyes grew. "Oh my- We're on our way!"

Everyone looked at me as tears streamed down my eyes.

"Nikki and Jada got into an accident."

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