Jayjay Lee's Tale

After 3 years of dating Dean finally proposed to Aj and they became Mr. and Mrs. Good. But soon after that a little one arrived, forcing Aj into retirement. Watch as 5 year old Jada Good lives life on the road.


8. Weekend to Ourselves Pt. 1

"Mommy, shouldn't we get to the arena?" Jada asked.

"No, mommy has things to do," I tell her. Jon had a house show today and Jada was eager to get to the arena.

"So you're gonna drop me off?"

"Well, no. But I do have something fun planned for you."


"Yea. Auntie Nikki and Uncle John wanted you to spend the weekend with them in Florida."

"I get to go to Auntie Nikki's big house?" Jada asked. I nodded.

"Yea and you get to ride Uncle John's private jet and fly there."

Jada clapped her hands. She went to her suitcase and put on her John Cena T-Shirt and Bella necklace.

"When am I leaving?" She asked.

"This afternoon so we have to go and get you some clothes."

"For what?" Jon asked walking into the hotel room. He went to the gym with Joe and Colby.

"Jada's going to John and Nikki's house for the weekend," I tell him. Jon raised a brow.

"I wasn't aware of this."

"Well, it was suppose to be a surprise for something I was planning but I guess it's not anymore."

"Oh. What were you planning?" Joe asked.

"None of your business."

"Aw come on," Colby quickly covers Jon's eyes and Joe covers his ears.


"Tell us, quickly," Joe says. "I can only hold him so long."

"I planned a vacation for us this weekend for our anniversary," I tell them quickly before Jon finally frees himself.

"That's messed up," Jon says looking at his friends. They shrug with a smile. "So you tell them and not me?"

"Like I said before, 'it's a surprise.'"

Jon rolled his eyes,

"I'm gonna hit the showers."

"Okay. Joe, Colby, Jada and I are going clothes shopping for Jada's trips."

"Whatever!" Jon calls from the bathroom. I giggled and grabbed my keys.

"Love you!" I holler as we all leave.

"You know what I noticed Rome," Colby says as we walk to my car.


"We never agreed to go shopping with them."

"So?" I question. "You wanted to stay there with Jon. Note that he is taking a shower and you did know things."

"You know, shopping's fun too," Joe says. 

"Plus I don't need those stupid guards breathing down my neck. It's better if you two were with me."


"UGH! This is so boring," Colby complained. We were sitting outside of a dressing room as Jada tried of different clothes to make sure they fit. "Didn't Joe and I JUST buy Jayjay clothes?"

"Yea, clothes that hardly fit," I shot.

"I told you we should've just waited and let her try them on," Joe said.

"Who wants to sit and watch a 5 year old try on clothes?"

"You have no patience," I say. My head turns to Joe, "Why didn't you let her try on clothes, you have a kid."

"Yea, I know. But Colby wouldn't shut up! He kept talking about how he wanted to go and how we were wasting time."

I gave Colby a look.


"That will be the last time you take Jada out to buy clothes," I tell him. Jada comes out again and I look at the shirt she was wearing.

"She can fit it let's go," Colby says getting ready to get up.

"Hold on a second," I say. "Raise your arms, Jayjay."

She lifted her arms in the air and her shirt popped up, revealing her stomach.

"Doesn't fit. Rome, can you get me a size 7?" Roman nodded and got up.

"So what? Her stomach doesn't show when her arms are down," Colby points out.

"Yes but when her arms go up, so does her shirt. I don't think I need her stomach showing when she lifts her arms."

Colby sighed and rolled her eyes. My phone rang as Joe came back.


"Hey babe," Jon says over the phone.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Where are you guys at?"


"Oh ok. I'm gonna meet you there."

"Alright," I say before hanging up.

"What's going on?" Joe asks.

"Jon's on his way. Jada, babe, are you almost done?" I ask.

"Yea," She says.

"Oh look at this," A voice says. I turn and Punk stood there with a smirk on his face. Right next to him was his niece Shannon. "The little family out shopping."

"Go away, Phil," I groan.

"Aww come on, you know you're happy to see me."

I rolled my eyes.


"Hey! I wasn't invited to this," Dean says coming over to us. He looks at Punk and gives a nod. I gave him a confused look. "What's up Punk? Still trying to steal my wife?"

"Like always," Punk says.

"Oh well today isn't the day. You see my kid's here and I don't want her to see Jon Moxley right now," Jon's face got really serious and I felt a hand pull me back. I heard Colby tell Jada to stay in the dressing room.

"True. I don't need Shannon seeing her uncle go off. But there will be a day when I tare you apart and take what's mine."

A small scream was heard from the dressing room. Jada's, dressing room.

"Maybe I'll take the little one with me too."

My heart sank.

"The only thing that your gonna take is an ass whoopin," Jon threatens, his voice dark and cold. Punk glares at him.

"Is there a problem, gentlemen?" A security guard asked.

"No sir. We were just leaving," Punk says. "But watch out, Ambrose. 'Cause I'm taking back April."

Jon only growled and watched Punk leave.

"Uncle Toby, I'm scared," Jada said to Colby. I could see her shaking.

"It's gonna be okay. No one's gonna get you."

Jon turned to Jada and his face softened. 

"Babe, come here. It's okay," Jon tried to reach for her but she moved closer to Colby. Jon sighed.

"I'll take her," I say grabbing her hand. "Colby, coming with me?"

Colby nodded and we walked out of the store.

"Mommy, why was daddy talking like that?" Jada asked.

"Daddy was just being protective. He doesn't want anything to happen to you. To us."

"Yea kiddo, your dad is just being his normal self. But he loves you and that's all that matters."

"Okay," Jada says with a small sigh.


"Make sure she has all her wrestlers when she comes back," I tell Nikki as Cena get's Jada's stuff on his jet.

"I got it, AJ. You gave me a list, remember?" Nikki says.

"And make sure she doesn't eat too much sweets, Jada has a tendency to go wild when she eats too much," Jon adds.

"Really?" Cena asks. Jon nods.

"You can try it if you want but it won't be pretty."

"Any other things we should know?" Nikki questions.

"Please keep all eyes on her. I don't need Punk getting to her while she's with you guys," I tell her. Cena grabs my hand.

"I'll watch her as if she was my own child. I promise you, April, nothing will happen to her."

I nod and looked down at Jada.

"Now, you be good for Auntie Nikki and Uncle John, okay?"

"Yes, mama."

"Daddy and I will see you at Raw next week."

Jada gave me a hug and boarded John's jet.

"Call me when you guys land," Jon tells John.

As they fly off, Jon and I get into our car.

"So are you gonna tell me about the surprise?" Jon asks getting into the passenger seat.

"Nope," I say with a giggle. I was mimicking the way he had said it in an interview. Jon gave me a look.

"You really had to say it like that?"


"You know, I don't like you."

"But you love me," I say with a grin.

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