Jayjay Lee's Tale

After 3 years of dating Dean finally proposed to Aj and they became Mr. and Mrs. Good. But soon after that a little one arrived, forcing Aj into retirement. Watch as 5 year old Jada Good lives life on the road.


7. MMA

"I hate this!" Aj was getting restless with all the guards being over her 24/7 and was about to go nuts. "I'm not a child! I don't need all these damn guards around me like I'm some fucking baby."

"Whoa, babe, language," I remind her pointing to Jayjay who was coloring at the table in our hotel room. Aj scowled at me.

"You don't have 3 men walking with you all the damn time everywhere you go making sure no one harms you," Aj says. "Honestly, I get we're afraid Punk will do something to Jada, but to me? Come on now, I'm a big girl who can handle herself."

"You're right. But, we don't know what Punk is capable of. He's in UFC now which is a totally different type of fighting."


"Never mind," I say with a sigh. Aj just rolled her eye, grabbed her phone and keys and left.

"Daddy, did you make mommy mad again?" Jada asked.

"FUCK!!!" I hear Aj yell in the hallway.

"What? No! Jada just color," I tell her.

I took Jada out to see Bryan (Daniel Bryan) since he was still out of action and hadn't seen her in a while. Getting to his house, Brie was there too.

"Hey Jon," She greets. "Hi Jayjay."

"Hi Auntie Brie," Jayjay says with a smile.

"Is that Jayjay I hear?" Bryan asks.

"UNCLE BRYAN!" Jayjay ran past Brie and nearly talked the Yes man. Bryan was one of Jada's favorite wrestlers and her favorite uncle since he taught her some moves.

"Hey kiddo," Bryan says hugging her. He looked up at me. "What's up Jon? You don't normally come here alone."

"Yea I know. I wanted to ask you something though."

"Well ask away."



I went to a cupcake shop that was in the area to meet up with and old friend.

"Aj!" Someone cheered. I smiled.

"E!" I went and hugged my big friend and we sat down. Big E had became one of my closest male friends in the WWE. I helped raise him up and so far, I'm proud of how he's doing.

"How's it going? We haven't talked in a while," E says.

"It sucks. I've got these guards following me everywhere I go," I say pointing to the two men outside the cupcake shop.

"Dang. What for?"

"You remember CM Punk?" I asked.

"Yea, why?"

"Well he's back."

E's mouth dropped.


I nodded.

"Yea now he's not only after me but he's after Jada."

"That's your daughter right?" I gave a confused look at first. Why wouldn't he know that Jada was my daughter? Then it hit me. I hadn't talked to E in so long he hadn't even met Jada yet. But she was highly aware of who he was being a New Day fan.

"Yea. You've got to meet her, she loves you guys."

"Well bring her to the show tonight? The New Day doesn't come on until later and we'd love to hang out with her."

I nodded.


Dean POV~

"You want me to teach you mixed martial arts?" Bryan asked trying to wrap his head around the situation.

"Yea. Just because I need to know how to protect Aj and Jada."

"This is gonna be tricky but I can do it."

"How's it gonna be tricky?" I asked.

"Because you're stubborn," Brie answered. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not that stubborn.

"I bed to differ."

I got a text from Aj saying she was out with E for lunch so she'll see me later.

"How is Aj doing?" Brie asked. "She hadn't been by the locker room lately."

"She's miserable. She hates being babysat by a bunch of men all the time."

"I would be too," Bryan said. "Aj's a big girl, she can handle herself."

"Does she have guards with her now?" Brie asked. I nodded. "Poor girl."

"Yea. I know. Jada thinks I'm the one making her mad."

"Because you are," Jada says as she plays with Josie. I roll my eyes.

"Oh what do you know?" I questioned.

"I know that you're making mommy upset because you won't get the guards away from her."

We all looked at Jada. She looked up, sensing us staring, and blinked.

"What? I'm just saying."

That girl was too smart for 5.


*Later that day*


Jon was doing a promo so I took Jada to go see the New Day. She wore her New Day shirt and unicorn horn proudly as I knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Big E says knowing it's me. I walked in and Jada's mouth dropped.

"Mama it's the New Day!" She cheers. I made it a surprise for her since she hadn't met them yet. 

"You must be little Jayjay," Kofi greets. "I'm Kofi Kingston."

"I know!!! And you're Xavior and you're Big E."

"Which one of us is your favorite?" Xavior asked.

"Big E. I like how he dances."

E smiled looking at them.

"You were friends with mommy when she was dating Uncle Ziggy."

E laughed. I only rolled my eyes. 

"Hey E, can you watch her for a second? I've gotta go do something."

"Yea that's fine. We were gonna head to catering. Wanna come?"

Jada nodded.

"You be good for Uncle Kofi," I tell her as I leave. I grab my coat and go outside to meet someone. 

"I was getting ready to head inside," Brock says as I come out.

"Sorry, I had to make sure Jada was in good hands."

"It's fine. So what did you want to talk to me about?" 

"Well you've been in UFC. Do you think you could teach me some of it?"

Brock gave me a confused look.

"You wanna learn mixed martial arts?" He asked.

"Yea. Just because of my situation."

"Oh. Well I'm not gonna ask you about it since it's your business but I can teach you. I'm not on the air a lot so we can train every morning throughout the week."

"Alright. Thanks Brock."


Dean POV~

After my promo I was looking for Aj. No one had seen her since she'd stopped by the New Day's locker room to talk introduce Jada.

"New Day Rocks!" People chanted down the hall. I gave a confused look. Then, marching down that hall was the New Day. Jada was sitting on Big E's neck chanting with them. "New Day Rocks!"

"Hi daddy!" Jada says with a giant smile.

"Hey kiddo. Where's your mother?"

"She said she had to do something," Kofi answers. "So she left her with us."

"With you?"

"Daddy we've had so much fun!" Jada cheers. "Uncle E took me to catering and Uncle Kofi got me cookies and cake and Uncle Xavior let me hold Francesca."

"Cool Jayjay." I took her off of E's shoulders and thanked them for watching her. I was a little irritated that Aj just left Jada with them and not Joe or Colby.

I saw Aj walking somewhere with her coat on. Was she outside?

"April!" I called. She mustn't not heard me because she kept walking until I couldn't see her anymore. "Do you know anything?" I asked Jada.

"I know as much as you," She says and I chuckle. 



"Whoa slow your pace, short stack," Colby says as I bump into him.

"Sorry Seth," I say as I try to pass him. He grabs my arms and stops me.

"Where to in such a hurry? You know Dean's been looking for you? Are you avoiding him?"

"What? No," I reply with a fake laugh, but Colby wasn't buying it.

"What are you up to?" He questions.

"Nothing," I lie. He gives me a look. "Fine."

I tell him about my plan to train with Brock and keeping it away from Dean.

"So you're gonna learn MMA from Brock and keep it a secret?"

"Yes and you can't tell him AT ALL Colby. Because I swear Lopez I will make your life hell."

"I won't tell, dang. But don't go makin me look bad if he finds out. As of right now, I know nothing."

I rolled my eyes. Colby was so dramatic. Before I went to go see Dean, I stopped by Stephanie's office to ask for something.

 I find Dean later that night and boy was he mad.

"Hi Babe," I greet with a smile.

"Where have you been?" He questions. I give a fake gasp.

"What are you talking about? I've been at the arena the whole time."

"Well you left my child with 3 people knowing I don't like he being with random people. Plus Kofi is a friend of Punk's. Didn't you even think of if he'd maybe try to give her to Punk?"

"First of all," I began getting mad, "Kofi and Punk stopped being friends a LONG time ago. And second of all, E was there and I trust E. Plus she had a good time didn't she?"

Dean went silent.

"I had stuff to work out. But I'm here now so don't worry," I say kissing him. "And I got you something," I said to Jada.

"What you get?" She asked, her face lighting up. I pulled out 2 tickets to for Monday Night Raw. They were front row seats that were right near the ring. 

"You got her tickets to see Raw?"

"Yup. Stephanie thinks it's good for her to be like the fans. I did it as a kid, why can't she?"

"But what about-"

"Already got that covered."

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