Jayjay Lee's Tale

After 3 years of dating Dean finally proposed to Aj and they became Mr. and Mrs. Good. But soon after that a little one arrived, forcing Aj into retirement. Watch as 5 year old Jada Good lives life on the road.


3. Him

I looked at our hotel room door. I knew telling Dean would set him off.

"You sure you don't want us to come in with you?" Brie asked. I shook my head. This was something I had to do alone.

"Do you mind taking Jayjay though?" I asked. "I don't want her to see Jon explode."

Brie nodded and took Jayjay's hand. 

"Wanna go grab some lunch?" She asked her. Jada nodded and waved bye as I walked into the hotel room. Dean must've been at the gym because I heard the shower on.

"Babe! I'm back!" I call. The water turned off and I heard the door open.

"That early?" Jon asked rubbing his wet hair with a towel. Another towel was around his waist.

"Yea. There was something I needed to tell you."

"Ok. Let me change and then we'll talk," He went into the back room and got on clothes. I played with my wedding ring and thought about how to put my words. Jon came back in jeans and a wife beater. "So what did you want to tell me?"

I took a deep breath,

"So we went to this hair salon, and you know I don't like getting my hair done, and I took Jayjay to get some candy down the street. On our way there we saw someone."



"You saw Punk?" Dean tensed a bit.

"Yea. Jada noticed him staring at us not too far away. I picked her up and we ran. He started following us until we reached the candy store then stopped."

Dean said nothing. He only clenched his jaw and looked away.

"Jon? Please don't be-"

"Don't tell me not to be mad, April," He growled. "Just don't. Punk couldn't hurt you or Jada. Maybe even both of you if he was lucky. Damn! I should've never let you go!"

"Jon, this isn't your fault!"

His breathing heavy and you could hear small growls in between.

"He didn't hurt me or Jada. Jada's with the Bellas and Paige."

"Call them."


"I said call them!" He yelled. I jumped and grabbed my phone. I dialed Brie's number and called her.

"Hello?" Brie says into the phone.

"Brianna, where is my child?" Dean questions.

"With us at McDonalds. We took her to the play-place."

"Bring her back. Now."

"O-ok," Brie sounded a little frightened by Dean's deep voice.

Dean hung up and went to the back room. I sighed and dialed another number on my phone.


"Hey, do you mind picking me up?" I asked.

"Yea. Where are you?"

"The hotel."

"Everything alright?"

"Yes and no. Can you just pick me up?"

"Yea, give me like 5 minutes."

I hung up and wrote a note to Dean so he wouldn't get worried and left the room. The elevator rang and Roman stepped out.

"Ready?" He asked.


Roman drove me to a restaurant not too far away and we were seated.

"Everything alright, sis?" Roman asked. After Dean and I got married, he started calling me sis or sister. 

"No. Jon's mad at me."

"What did you do this time?"

I chuckled,

"It's actually not my fault," I tell him. "Punk saw Jada and I."

Roman sat up and clenched his jaw.

"Did he say anything?"

"No. He did try to follow us though."



"He knows you and Jon have a kid now."

I gasped. He was right. Jon and I didn't make it public that we had a child. Yea, rumors were going around but unless it was confirmed most people didn't know.

"What are we gonna do?"

"Not sure. Make sure you have more people around you now. Punk's in UFC now so he might be more dangerous than before."

I sighed.

"And what about Jon?"

"Don't worry. I'll handle him, sis."

I smiled,

"Thanks Joe."

"No problem," He says.

My phone goes off and Dean's face pops up.

"Hello?" I say nervously.

"Where are you?" Dean's voice was still a little heated.

"I'm out with Roman. Did you need something?"

"Well you did just leave."

"I wrote you a note," I say. I can hear shuffling and then small mumbles.

"Oh. Well I'm going out with Colby. He wants to take Jada shopping for clothes."

"Okay, just text me and we'll meet you."

Dean agreed and hung up.

"Everything alright?" Roman asked.

"Yea, Colby and Jon are taking Jada out clothes shopping, so we should go."

"Wanna get something to go?"

I nodded and ordered a burger and fries to-go and we met up with Colby and Jon at a near by mall. Once we got out Jada smiled.

"Mommy! Uncle Joe!" She ran our way and held Roman's leg. "Daddy and Uncle Toby are taking me to get clothes."

"I know, they told us," Roman says.

"Uncle Rome?" Jada calls. Roman looks down at her. She reaches her arms up, indicating that she wanted to go on his neck. Roman chuckled and picked her up. "Yay!"

We walked inside and I held Dean back.

"I know you're probably mad and all but I wanted to tell you that I was sorry," I said. Dean sighed,

"I'm not mad at you, kid," He says, "I was just mad because what if Punk did do something? I won't be there to protect you guys."

"Jon, you protect us even when you aren't there. You just worry too much."

"Yea but you guys are all I got," Dean says.

"Dang, that's how you feel," Colby says from ahead. I giggled and grabbed Dean to a halt by his waist.

"Trust me, babe. We're not going anywhere," I get on my tippy toes and give him a peck on the lips.

"Eww!" Roman calls. "Get a room!"

I giggle and we continue walking.

"What's in the bag?" Jon asked.

"Oh. I got you a little something," I handed Jon the bag and he opened the box inside.

"A burger. You know me so well," Dean says kissing me. 

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