Jayjay Lee's Tale

After 3 years of dating Dean finally proposed to Aj and they became Mr. and Mrs. Good. But soon after that a little one arrived, forcing Aj into retirement. Watch as 5 year old Jada Good lives life on the road.


5. Happy Birthday, Ambrose!

Dean's birthday was today and he was already suspicious on what we're doing. He even tried to bribe Jada with $40 and a wrestling action figure, but she wouldn't budge. I had told Roman to hold him in the locker room until I had everything prepared. This was gonna be the best surprise Dean was gonna have.

Raw was getting ready to start until my music began. The crowd went nuts! Jada was aloud to come out with me so she wore a black love bites shirt, black mini knee high converse, and some of my wristbands. 


Dean POV~

My eyes grew. Aj and Jada? Out there? During RAW? What was going on?

I looked at Roman and he just smirked. Aj Chants spread through the crowd.

"I know you guys missed me," Aj says. The audience gets louder. "Well just to let you know, I missed you all too. I miss being in this ring, fighting, and being able to share my awesomeness with you all. But, today isn't about me. Today is about someone special to me. To us," Aj looked down at Jada who gave her a smile. "Now as some of you may know, I am married to the Lunatic fridge Dean Ambrose,"

The crowd cheered once they heard my name. I smiled.

"And some of you haven't heard about our Daughter Jayjay. Well, today, Jayjay and I would like to dedicate this day to our favorite superstar. Wanna say it Jayjay?"

Jayjay nodded and Aj handed her the mic.

"Happy Birthday, Daddy!"

The whole crowd said Aw and cheered, chanting Happy Birthday.

I was allowed out the locker room and went straight to Gorilla. They played my music and I came out, almost in tears. I didn't say anything, just went straight to the ring and hugged my girls. Roman's music came on and he joined us in the ring. Followed by the Usos. We were in a giant hug in the middle of the ring until Sheamus' music came on. 

"Awe, look at that," He says. "A little family reunion. Well, sorry to break it to you, but no one missed you Aj. And no one has time for this."

A feud breaks out and a match was created. Jayjay and I got to sit at commentary and talk. 

"Haven't seen you here in a while, Mrs. Ambrose," Michael Cole says. 

"Haven't been here in a while," I replied.

"So, as this match goes under way, I want to talk about your little one."

"Oh, Jayjay? She's Dean and I's little psycho," Jayjay gives a devious smile.

"And how old?"

"5 in a half."

"Oh really? She is a real beauty."

As the match went on, Dean got hurt really bad and bust his nose.

"DADDY!" Jada yells. She tried running to him but I grabbed her and shook my head.

"Daddy will lose if we help."

Jada sniffs then nods. Roman ended up pinning Sheamus and winning the match. We went into the ring and raised their arms, getting a standing ovation.

Backstage, Dean gave us both a look. Me and Jada looked down at our feet.

"Sorry," We say together. Arms wrap around both of us and I heard Dean sigh.

"I can't be mad at you guys. This was the best birthday gift anyone could give me," He said.


"Hell ya! Now let's go eat, I'm hungry."

We went out to dinner with Roman, Seth, and Paige. They had brought a couple of gifts for him and I bought him a small cake.

"Man, this couldn't get any better," Dean says with a smile. But I guess he was right, because it didn't. Right after he said that, guess who decided to pay us a visit? 

"Well look at that. It's Dean Ambrose's birthday," Punk says with a smirk. Jon, Colby, and Joe got into protective mode. "And who is this?"

Punk averts his eyes to Jada who looked scared and confused.

"Hi little one," Punk says.

"Don't talk to my child," I growl. When it came to Jada, I was like a bear protecting her cubs. "And don't talk to us. Leave Phil."

"Fine. I'll leave. But don't think you won't see me again."

Dean popped up out his seat,

"We won't see you again. And come near my wife or my kid and I'll make sure you won't be around at all."

Punk chuckled.

"Whatever you say Ambrose."

Punk walked away leaving everyone in shock. Dean still stood there, watching the man leave. Jada shook and looked up at me.

"Is he gonna try to hurt us, mama?"

"No baby, he won't," I tell her as I rub her back. "I won't let anyone hurt you."

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