Jayjay Lee's Tale

After 3 years of dating Dean finally proposed to Aj and they became Mr. and Mrs. Good. But soon after that a little one arrived, forcing Aj into retirement. Watch as 5 year old Jada Good lives life on the road.


6. Day with my Uncles

Jada wouldn't leave my side after out encounter with Punk. If she wasn't with me the she was stuck to Jon like glue. But he didn't mind. He said he wished she was more like this when she wasn't afraid. 

I had some place to go and I couldn't take Jada with me.

"We could watch her," Roman said. He and Seth were getting ready to head out the hotel.

"I don't want to put that on you," I said. Jada could be a handful and I knew it was their day off.

"Come on, sis. I don't mind watching my goddaughter."

I sighed. I looked at the time and I was already running late. 

"Okay," I agreed. I bent down to Jada's level and kissed her head. "Mommy has to go but Uncle Joe and Uncle Toby-"

"Colby!" Seth corrects from the back room. I chuckled.

"Uncle Colby, are gonna watch you. Be a good girl okay?"

Jada nodded.

"I love you, mommy," She said hugging me. I almost shed a tear.

"I love you too, Jayjay."

I'd set up a meeting with Steph and Paul to talk about what had happened at the resturant. I needed to make sure Punk would try anything while we were at the arena. For Jada's sake.

Jon was waiting outside the office tapping his foot. When he saw me he hopped up and held me close

"I thought something happened to you," He said.

"Yea, your daughter," I say with a smile.

"Where is she?" 

"With Joe and Colby. They didn't mind watching her."

Jon nodded.

"As long as she's with them then I'm okay."

"Jon, April. We're ready to see you," Paul says and we walk into the office.

"So what's going on?" Stephanie asks as we sit down.

"Well, we have a bit of a problem," I begin. I explained everything to them and Steph tensed.

"We hadn't heard about him in years. Now he's back? We gotta make sure that no tickets are sold to him and he doesn't get any backstage passes."

"Yea and make sure we have someone with Aj at all times," Paul adds.

Roman POV~

"So what do you wanna do, Jayjay?" I asked. I put her in her car seat and got into the front seat.

"Can we go get something to eat?" She suggested.

"Yea, where do you wanna go?"

"Red Robin's!" She cheered. I chuckled. I put the car into gear and we headed to Red Robins.

"You think Aj's gonna mind us taking her to my apartment?" Colby asked.

"Why would we go to your apartment?"

"So Jayjay can see Kevin."

Kevin was Colby's Yorkie who was actually really cute. Jon and I would play with him when we'd have beer at Colby's apartment.

"I don't think they'd mind but we should ask first." Colby nodded and took out his phone. He dialed their number and put his on speaker.

"Hello?" Jon asked into the phone. 

"Hey, really quick, do you mind if we took Jada to my house to see Kevin?" Colby asked.


"Wha- why?" 

"Because I said no. I don't know if your slutty ex is still stalking you."

"Come on man. Just for a second. She hasn't met Kevin yet."

"No. But I have to go." And he hung up.

"That's not fair," Colby complains.

"Well we can't take her to your place."

"Or can we?"

By the look on Colby's face, I knew what he was thinking.

"You know Jon's gonna kill us, right?"

"That's a risk I can take," Colby said. I sighed. After we went to Red Robin's, Colby drove us to his apartment. Paige's car was parked in the drive way.

"What are we doing here?" Jada asked.

"I want you to meet someone," Colby says opening her door and helping her out. A car pulled up next to ours and I groaned, knowing who it was.

"So she had a baby?!" Zahra, Colby's ex, questions. Zahra and Colby broke up after Zahra got fired for posted weird Pro-Nazi pictures. Her getting fired wasn't the reason why they broke up, though. Zahra actually was a slut. She would go around throwing herself on other superstars, including me, and think she should get away with it. But Colby finally caught her and dumped her. But she still comes around harassing him and Paige or following him around, begging him to take her back.

"No, this isn't my kid," Colby groaned. "It's Dean's."

"That rat has babies?! With who?"

"Don't worry about it," I growl. I was trying to get Jada inside but Zahra moved her away.

"She kinda looks like that Aj chick. I thought she was with Punk though."

"She's not, now leave," Colby orders. Zahra gives him a face.

"Excuse you," She says, "That's not the right way to ask someone to leave."

Outta nowhere, Paige kicked Zahra in the back.

"How about that?" She questioned with a little hiss in her voice. Zahra only glared at the diva and went to her car, driving away.

"Auntie Paige!" Jada cheers. Paige smiles at her and picks her up.

"Hi Pumpkin," She says. Colby goes to kiss her but Paige only walks away, indicating that she's mad at him.

"Dean was right," I said. "She shouldn't have come here."


Dean POV~ 

"So what they're saying is, is that I have to have bodyguards around me and my daughter 24/7 and I get no say in it?" Aj was mad that she had to be watched over by other people when she was capable to watch herself.

"It's just for your protection, April," I tried to tell her.

"But it's not fair! They're treating me like a child."

A smirk spread across my face and Aj gave me a look.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing. It's just that, I kinda don't like all those guys being around you either. It would be better if I was around you all the time. Give you extra protection."

Aj grinned, catching my drift. Then, her phone rang.

"Hello?" She asked. A heard Paige's voice but couldn't make out the words. "What? We're on our way. Saraya, calm down. Okay, just make sure Jada is ready to go by the time we get there. Alright. Bye."

Aj looked at me, her whole facial expression bold.

"What's going on?"

"Colby took Jada to his house and Zahra had came starting trouble. Paige said once she was Zahra touch Jada she went outside and kicked her out."

"I told them not to take her there because I knew she was still stalking him."

We got into the car and drove to Colby's. Getting out, I was completely pissed. He let that thing touch my daughter.

Getting inside, Colby and Joe gave us guilty looks.

"I told you guys I didn't want her coming here," I said.

"It was Colby's fault," Roman blamed. "I told him it wasn't a good idea but he thought that it would be okay since all she was gonna see was Kevin."

"Yea, thanks Rome for the back up," Colby mumbled. Paige got in Colby's face.

"Aj trusted you with a life. Jayjay's life. Now she already has a man out to get her and her child and she doesn't have that many people she trusts. So you going against their wishes and bringing her here is wrong and you're steps away from not having her trust you."

I blinked and looked at Paige. I've never seen her that mad. Paige turned to Aj.

"Are you guys getting ready to leave?" Aj nodded. "Well I'm coming with you. Right now I'm too mad to even look at these two. Putting my goddaughter in danger," She had mumbled the last part.

Paige was actually Jada's goddaughter though. Aj got to pick Jada's godmother and I got to pick Jada's godfather. Aj picked Paige because Paige was one of her best friends and Paige was there with her during her pregnancy. Even took time off to take care of her when I couldn't. I picked Roman because he was the most support and even though Seth was my best friend too, Joe and I are a lot closer and this whole thing explains why.

Aj nodded and Paige followed her and Jada to our car.

"Thanks a lot guys," I groan. "I was gonna try and get Aj alone but you idiots ruined it."

"Idiot," Joe corrected. I rolled my eyes. I need to get new friends.

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