Jayjay Lee's Tale

After 3 years of dating Dean finally proposed to Aj and they became Mr. and Mrs. Good. But soon after that a little one arrived, forcing Aj into retirement. Watch as 5 year old Jada Good lives life on the road.


1. Mini Dean


The past 7 years of my life have been amazing. 2 years ago I married the man of my life, Jonathan Good. Our wedding was amazing. We invited all of our close friends to a beach wedding in Jersey and danced to the batman theme song. A year later, I found out I was pregnant. I didn't want my child to grow up without both of their parents so I retired early. We found out we were having a girl and Jon went crazy. He went all out making her room. Painting it, building furniture, and buying little toys for her to play with. The Bellas and Katelyn went all out buying her clothes while Paige bought her a bunch of comics saying she wanted her to be just like me. And what did I do? Well I carried her for 9 months until May 30 I gave birth. She was beautiful. She had my skin tone and hair color but she seemed to look a lot like Dean. She had his curly hair, dimples, eye shape, nose shape, and smile. As she grew up she was a mixture of the both of us. She was a geek like me but tough like Jon.
Oh snap! I totally forgot! Her name! It took Jon and I months to put together a name until we both agreed on one. I liked the name Jade but it didn't sound right with the last name so we agreed on Jada Jeanette Good, nicknaming her Jayjay. Her godmother was Katelyn and her godfather was Roman. Jada hated being away from Dean so we agreed to let her go on the road with her and hire a private tutor for her while we were in a town.



"Auntie Nikki!" Jada squealed running up to Nikki as we walked into the arena. Jada was currently 5 and talked a lot more than she used to.

"How are you?" Nikki asked.

"Good. Mama said after Raw, Daddy's taking us to dinner."

"Really? Am I invited?" 

Jada shook her head. Nikki made a sad face,

"Why not?"

"'Cause Uncle John would be sad if you left him here."

Nikki and I laughed and walked down the hall.

"How are you?" She asked. I shrugged,

"Same as usual. Been around town with little Dean and what not."

"That's good. You takin her by Dean's locker room?"

"Yea, I'm probably gonna be there for a while until his match starts."

Nikki nodded going into the Woman's locker room as me and Jada continued.

"Mommy?" God I love hearing that.

"Yea hun?"

"I'm hungry."

"When we get daddy, we'll go to catering and grab something to eat. Okay?"

Jada nodded and began to skip ahead of me. She wore her Dean Unstable Ambrose T-Shirt and a her cute mini pair of Chucks. She was an absolute doll and everyone loved her.

We made it to his locker room and Jada knocked on the door. 

"Who is it?"

"Mommy and Jayjay," Jada answered sweetly. The door swung open and out ran Dean, scooping Jada up on his way out. 

"Hey Jayjay. You been good for mommy?" Dean asked. Jada nodded and kissed her cheek. He put her down and came up to me.

"Oh, don't try to greet me now," I joke. Dean rolls his eyes and pulls me into a kiss.

"Hey sweetheart," He says. Jada tugged on Dean's wife beater.

"Daddy, I'm hungry," She said. Dean picked her back up.

"Wanna go to catering and grab a bite to eat?" Dean asks. She nods and Dean grabs my hand as we walk to catering. Inside, Dean sat me and Jada at a table while he grabbed us food.

"That must be my big girl," A voice said and we turned around to see Ryback coming up to us with a smile.

"Hi Uncle Ryback!" Jada cheered flashing her Ambrose smile. She basically called everyone Aunt or Uncle in the business.

"How ya doin?"


"You watching the show tonight?" He asked her.

"Yea! Mommy and I are staying back here though."

"Well you know what to say when you see me right?" Jada nodded,

"Feed me more!" She chanted in a cute little deep voice. Ryback patted her head.

"That's my girl." He then turned to me. "How's it goin April?"

"Good, Ryan. How about you?"

"Same ol, same ol. You really need to start coming out to support your husband."

"I tell her that all the time," Dean says setting down our plates and sitting beside me.

"Why don't you?"

"Because I don't want problems with fans. You know I'm not a big person to, you know, be hassled when watching wrestling."

Ryback rolled his eyes.

"Well I'll see you two later. Be sweet, okay Jayjay?"


Ryback walked away and Jon turned his attention to me.

"You really should come out, April."

"We already talked about this, Jon," I say quickly. He sighs. Someone covered my eyes and I smiled.

"Hi Joe," I say and he uncovers my eyes and hands me a tiny box.

"I got you something," He says. I blush and Dean playfully rolls his eyes.

"You really need to stop buying my wife gifts," He jokes. "I don't think Galina would like that."

Joe chuckles,

"It's actually from her."

I open the box and see 2 necklaces that were halves of a heart. One half said Mommy and the other half said Baby. I looked up at Roman and smiled.

"This is beautiful. Tell her I said thank you. Look what Uncle Joe and Auntie Lina got us, Jayjay."

I lift up Jayjay's half and she smiles, clapping her hands.

"Thank you Uncle Joe," She says and he kisses her forehead. 

"You're welcome, Jayjay."

After a while Dean was called for a promo so me and Jada decided to stop by and see the bosses. Hopefully they weren't busy.
I went to their office and knocked on the door. 

"Come in!" Someone says and I open the door. Stephanie smiles and get's up.

"Aj. Jayjay. How nice to see you," She says hugging us.

"Hi mommy Stephy," Jada greets. Stephanie didn't want Jada calling her Auntie since she was my boss and she says she's too young to be a grandma so she liked to be called something that sounded younger. So we went with Mommy Stephy.

"Hi Jayjay. How you feeling?" 

"Good. I got to eat with daddy."

"You did? How fun!"

"Where's Papa H?" Jada asks.

"He's working in the next room. How about you go peak in and say hi."

Jada nodded looking at me. I gave her the yes nod and she went to the next room.

"She's gotten so big," Steph says.

"Yea, I know. She grew up a little too fast," I chuckle. 

"And how are you? Haven't seen you in a while."

"I'm good. Just been running around with Jayjay, shopping and what not."

"Well I think you should let her go out and watch some matches," Stephanie says.

"I know. It's just I don't want fans bothering me or trying to touch my daughter while we're trying to watch matches."

"I can get that handled you know. Let you sit front row and have security in arms reach."

"That won't be necessary," I try to say but Stephanie shakes her head.

"I insist. Jada needs to be able to first hand witness her father wrestle. I think that would be a fun experience for not only her but you."

I sigh and tell her I'll consider it. Jada comes back in with Triple H holding her hand. He sends me a nod, asking how I'm doing and sits by Steph. We talk for a while until they had to get back to work.

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