Complicated N.H

Kaylee is 17 years old.
She had everything a girl would love until her mom died in a car accident.
When her mom died, she was just 14 years old.
Now she's bullied..
Her dad abuse her..
She only got one friend, her bestfriend Abigail.
But what will happen when she ran away from her dad and met Niall Horan..
/ im not good at writing about storys.. hehe :)


2. Chapter 1

- Kaylee -

I walked down the stairs hoping dad wouldn't be home. Thats the only time i can call Abigail. I walked to kitchen and looked if dad was there, no he wasn't. He wasn't in the livingroom either, just hope he won't be in the bathroom. I walked back up to my room. Should i lock? No. I took the phone out from my pocket and send a message to Abigail.

Me: Hello..

Abi<3: Hello, aren't you dad home? :(

Me: I dont really know.. probably not, he's not in the livingroom or kitchen..

Abi<3: What if he is in his room? Or the toilet!

Me: I dont know, lets hope he's not.

Me: Wait.. the frontdoor opened, i heard it. Have to go.. bye.

I put the phone on my bed and walked down. There he was, angry. I could see it. '' Something happened? '' That just came out of my mouth. I didnt care about him anyway, hope he's not feeling well. '' Does it looks like something has happened? '' He answered. I just nodded and walked away slow. '' Dont go, stay here. '' I heard him yell when i was at the first step. I turned around to see him walk to the kitchen, oh no. Should i run? Like the last time? I didnt run. I was afraid. He came out of the kitchen with a knife in his hand. '' Follow me, '' I did as i was told. '' Sit down. '' He pointed to the chair. I slowly walked to the chair. He laughed, i hated his laugh, its evil. '' Well, last i did this.. was.. '' He looked at me , with a grin. '' Yesterday, am i right? '' I just looked at him. '' ANSWER ME! '' When he said that he slapped me in the face and i fell down the floor. '' Yes.. '' I stood up, and looked at him. Stupid as i was i turned around, i heard something behind me, is it anyone else here? I did not have time to see, suddenly he hit me straight in the back and everything went black.


When i woke up i was in my room again. I tried to stand, but failed. Then I remembered that he hit me right in the back .. '' KAYLEE? '' Oh no, please. He walked into my room and looked angry. Right when he was about to slap me the doorbell rang. '' Wait here. ''. I didnt want to stay, here. Why can't he be like a normal dad? Who loves his daughter. I got a idea. I walked down to the toilet, without being heard and locked it. I opened the window and climbed out, i didnt get hurt at all but my back hurts..

I run, fast. I dont want to be there with my dad anymore.



HELLO! This is the first chapter.. it is short i know, haha.

But the next chapter wont be short i promise ;)

BTW! I'll try to update every week at least one chapter every week!

Oh, and Kaylee and Niall will meet each other in the next chapter!! :)

I hope you liked the first chapter , if not.. i'll hope it will be better at the next chapter..

This is just the first chapter, it could be booring. Hehe.



BYE !!!

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