Between the Rain drops

My name is Ami Costello and I am a shield agent that had many hardships thrown at me and I lost many that are precious to me. Now I have joined the Avengers as their new leader and I slowly start to fall in love with our enemy Loki. Yet I know we will be okay.


2. The light behind your eyes



   . . .26 years later. . .

   I run through these halls and my breathing is rigged. 'Where are they?!'  I thought while kept running when I heard someone yell Kage's name. I come to stop and my eyes widen. 'N-no please no. . .' I thought despertaly and start running faster and I skid to a stop and see my team tied up and getting killed. "NO!" I yelled and my eyes turn red. I'll I saw was red when I attacked and when I came to I was covered in blood and everyone was dead around me. Then I snapped my head toward my team. "Chi(1)! Mizu(2)! Kage(3)!" I yell and run over with tears dripping down my face. "P-please God oh please no." I keep repeating and try waking them up. Chi groans and looks at me and smiles softly and I see her eyes going fuzzy and hazy. "C-chi. . ." I say softly and put her head in my lap. "H-hime(4) p-please don't cry. I-it's time for us to go b-but I want to tell you something okay. Listen clos-" She was interrupted by coughing up blood. "L-listen we are proud that we followed you and were on your team. We couldn't have asked for a better captain. We'll always be there hime. Don't give up and never think it was you're fault." She says and closes her eyes and smiles softly. "Good-bye hime. . ." She said softly like a whisper and then she was gone. My tears fall onto her cheeks. "No. . .no. . . no. . . Chi come on this is a joke right wake up come on please." I cried and I went to the other two and they also were dead. I closed my eyes and bent my head back and cried because I knew that I lost my friends, my family (again), and my teammates the ones I knew had my back and the ones that knew I had their back. I cried until I passed out between Chi and Mizu. We were all in a circle just like when we first meant. 

    I open my eyes to see darkness around me. I look around while still laying on my back and then sigh and sit up with my head in my hand. 'Why do I see it now. . .' I thought while sneering and holding back the tears. All I can see is blood and it's everywhere. I jump out of my bed and run to the sink and turn the water on and start washing my hands hard. That's when the tears start falling. 'W-why. . . Why now?!' I thought while images of my past team show up in my mind and I fall to my knees sobbing. "C-chi. . . M-Mizu. . . K-Kage. . . I-I'm sorry I'm so sorry!" I yell and bow my head and hug myself praying for them to come back. After awhile I stood up and turned off the water and walked back to my room and pulled off my pajamas and got dressed for the day. I put on a tank top with a long sleeved fishnet shirt underneath. Along with a black skirt and ripped leggings on with combat boots. Then tied my hair up in a pony tail with bells wrapped around it and bandages around a piece of my bangs. Then I walked out and into the cold metal hall ways of Shield. I sighed and walked down to the dinning hall and stopped outside the door and before I entered I wrapped the lower part of my face in bandages. The door slid to the side and I walked in and it slid shut behind me and everyone glanced my way but didn't really keep eye contact with me. I got food and walked to a table by myself and ate and was done while people were swearing hoping this time they might see my face. I sigh and shake my head when over the intercom I am called to the main bridge. I stand up and walk all the way there wondering what the hell do they need me for. I get there and I see Fury all banged up and also some other agents. 'What the hell happened here?' I wondered and walked over to Fury and looked at him for answers. " The cube was taking by Loki and so was Hawk eye." He told me and I nodded and frowned slightly. "So why am I needed?" I asked wondering where I fit into all this. Fury looked at me and sighed. "I know that you will not like this and will object but I am putting you on the Avengers team." He said and I was shocked still. 'W-what no. . .' I thought and my eyes were wide and my pupil was dilated. "No I will not be on another team!" I yell at him and a tear falls and my fists curl into fists and I am looking at the ground visibly shaking. 'H-he can't be serious n-no I wont. . .' I growl and stop when I feel a hand on top of my head and look up to see Fury and his arm in my field of vision. "I know you don't want another team after what happened but I need you on this team please Ami." He says and looks at me pleading. I know the Fury was pleading for me to join t-this team. I sigh and close my eyes and nod and turn around with my back facing him. Then I walk away and go back to my room and I shut the door behind me and lock it and then slid down and the tears fall. 'C-chi. . . M-mizu. . . K-kage. . .' I thought and fall asleep still crying.



1: Chi- blood

2: Mizu- mist

3: Kage- shadow

4: Hime- princess

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