Between the Rain drops

My name is Ami Costello and I am a shield agent that had many hardships thrown at me and I lost many that are precious to me. Now I have joined the Avengers as their new leader and I slowly start to fall in love with our enemy Loki. Yet I know we will be okay.


8. The angels among demons







   I walked out of my room and to the main bridge my eyes shining with determination and all the agents looked at me and bowed there heads knowing as well as I do that I might not come back from this battle. When I got to the main bridge my tam stood there ready and waiting. I closed my eyes and breathed in and when my eyes opened they were glowing and I turned to Fury and nodded my head. "Good Luck Ami and come back alive with the rest of you're team." He said and smiled and I smiled back my eyes soften while I looked at him. "No promises Fury. . ." I said then turned towards Thor who seemed to have come back while I was locked up in my room. "Thor. . ." I said his name and closed my eyes and sighed and when I opened them he knew what I was going to say and he nodded. "Then good luck to you small warrior and bring him back." He said and I nodded and looked at each of them and my gaze stopped at Capt. America. I bite my lip and my eyes shown pain and I felt my self being torn in two ways. One I could fight Loki and end up with America but on the other hand I could save Loki and end up with him. My heart is so torn that I don't know what to say. He nods knowing that this is hard for me and we both know who I would choose, and he has accepted it. I turned to all of my team and smiled sadly. " I know at the beginning towards all of you I was cold and now we are slowly coming together as a team but when this battle is over I do not know if I will be coming back but if I do will you give me the chance to be a better leader." I said and closed my eyes and then I felt my self being hugged from more then one person I opened my eyes and saw my new team hugging me and a tear falls and smile. When they let go we all put our fists in a circle and smirk and nod. We go and get into a helicopter that Black Widow is flying and I stand there rolling my shoulders and stretching. I clenched my fists and then pulled out to fingerless black gloves and put them on. It was silent on the ride there and when we got there Black Widow landed the helicopter on top of a building and when we went out and stood there and frowned as we saw these things falling from the sky and destroying everything and some we also coming from a portal. "Everyone spread out and get as many civilians out of here as possible make sure we can keep in contact got it? Get it? Good." I said and turned to them with determination. "I'll find Loki." That's all I said when I jumped off the building and twisted in the air taking my bow out and pulling out arrows and firing at the enemy. My eyes glowed green and I took a knife and jammed it into the side of the building and I skid down and came to a halt on the side and gazed over the fighting. When my eyes caught a civilian I jumped down and put my bow back on my back and pulled out my swords and when I came close to the giant I twirled in the air and landed in a crouch with one sword in front of me and the other behind me. When I heard the thump of the giant falling against the ground I looked at the civilian. "Get to safety." I said and then took off running down to where the light that is shooting up to the portal is. 'It just had to be Stark's building. . .' I thought while running. I saw something from the corner of my eye and jumped into the air doing a flip and landed in a crouch facing the giant and I growled. I moved and swung one sword up and cutting the giants face from the left cheek through the right eye then turned and my other sword slashed it's neck. Then my sword clashed with another giants and I just slashed my two swords acrossed his chest and he fell. I took my jack and fishnet shirt off and my skirt and I bent over and allowed wings to come out of my back. ' Good thing I know how to do this with out transforming into a bird fully.' I thought then sprang into the air and took off towards Stark's building. Some of the giants were flying on what ever it was they were using and I put my swords back into their sheaths and took my knifes and flung them with wire on the ends at the giants slicing their eyes or their necks. I pull the knifes back and kept flying. After a while I finally get there and all my weapons have blood on them. I land down in a crouch and my wings go back into my back. I looked up and my eyes still glowing. Loki and Stark turn to look at me and Stark nods and stands over to the side. I stand up and look at Loki. "Stark help the professor shut that thing down." I said and took out both of my swords while still staring at Loki. But he wasn't looking at my eyes he was staring at the collar were his charm still was shining green and gold. "Ami you shouldn't be here." Loki said finally looking at my eyes and I tightened my grip on my swords and bared my fangs at him growling. "Why shouldn't Loki?! Is this what you wanted?! To destroy everything? This isn't what you want in you're heart! I know you don't I can see it in your eyes. . ." I said and a tear falls from mine and my stance falls slightly. "Ami. . ." He started but I cut him off. "Come back to us. . . For you're brother. . . For me. . ." I said softly and the tears fall down my face. He looked to the side and frowned then looked up at me still frowning. "I can't. . . I have already fallen to far into the darkness that I am a demon. . . " He said and clenched his fists and I snarled. "You're not a demon! You're a angel among demons! I can see it through your eyes Loki and I know that you're not that far gone. . . . I'll save you even if I have to knock some sense into you." I said and raised my swords and got into my stance with one leg in front of me and the other behind turned and my one sword was in front turned to the side and the other was beside my going straight. While we stood there rain clouds gathered in the sky and rain fell softly down on us. I tensed then I took off at Loki and jumped into the air twirling with my swords stretched out at my sides coming down at him. He raised his staff and his hands were spread apart on it and held on to it while both my swords clashed on it. My eyes glowed brighter and I bent backwards when he swiped his staff trying to get my side. Then I rolled to one side when he brought his staff down and I raised to my feet and our weapons clashed and we got some hits on each other and when we finally separated from our weapons we stood apart staring at each other. He was breathing heavily while I was not breathing that hard. I close my eyes then snap them open and take off at him and raise my fist and punch him across his face making him fall down to the ground. I stood above him while he sat on the ground and put a hand on his cheek. He looked up at me and his eyes catched mine and it was like we hypnotized each other. I shaked my head and frowned and kneeled down in front of him and held out my hand. He stared at my hand then back at my eyes and reached his hand out and grasped mine. I smiled softly and my eyes softened and I pulled him into a hug and a tear falls but the rain covers it up. "Hey I don't want to break up this beautiful scene but uh it isn't shutting down." I heard and turned towards Stark and frowned and got up and walked towards it and my eyes hardened. "Loki and Stark go and help the others I'll take care of it. . . " I said and I heard them both shout no. I turned towards them and my eyes filled with tears. "I am the leader and I'm telling you to go help the others. Now!" I yell and turn away from them and the tears fall and I clench my fists. I hear Stark sigh and turn away but I felt a hand on my shoulder I turn my head and I saw Loki. "Please come back to me. . . " He says softly and I look away and nod and his hand leaves my shoulder and he walks to Stark and they both leave. I stare at the thing that I had to take care of. I brought my hand up to my mouth and bite my thumb to wear blood came out of my skin and I pulled my hand away and turned my other arm over and cleared away the rest of the cover up that was coming off to show a tattoo that had the kanjis for my last team. ' Sweet Blood Mist Shadow. . .' I let out a choked sob and wiped my thumb on it leaving a line of blood over it and a poof came and there they were. The souls of my last teammates. . . my family. "Hime. . . " Chi said and they come over and hug me and we all cry. When we finish we turn to the thing and we look at each other and nod. I do hand signs and when I finish they turn solid and we go and wrap rope around it and we both take a side and we all look at each other and I take a picture out of my pocket of my shorts and place it down on the ground with a rock over it and smile sadly. "All right team lets do this!" I yell and they grin and our wings come out and we take off into the air dragging the thing with us and Stark came over my talkie. "Ami you have a little bit before the thing goes poof." He says and I frown and we all nod and go faster. "Stark and everyone Chi, Mizu, Kage, and I will take care of it. . . Good-bye guys. . . And thank you. . . " I say and the tears fall and we finally get past the portal and bring it back all the way and let it go. We all grab hands and smile softly with closed eyes. then they go back to their soul versions and I send them back into my arm and I fall back through the portal and I open my eyes to only to see green and gold and then I pass out. 



Oh my god I cried while writing this!!! I hope you all like this chapter. . . T-T 

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