Between the Rain drops

My name is Ami Costello and I am a shield agent that had many hardships thrown at me and I lost many that are precious to me. Now I have joined the Avengers as their new leader and I slowly start to fall in love with our enemy Loki. Yet I know we will be okay.


7. Save yourself















   I'm running and all I can hear is my foot steps and my hard breathing and smell the blood of my enemies and see their dead bodies as I run past. I blink the tears away and keep running. 'Where are they?!' I thought frantically while looking around. I stop and open doors slightly and look in then close them and keep going. I frown and keep going then I skid to a stop when I hear somebody yell Kage. ' No. . .' I thought with dread and run fast and I keep running until I come to a stop at an opening and see the bodies of Chi, Mizu, and Kage. Mizu and Kage's body laid still while Chi's chest moved slightly. "No!" I yelled and ran to them and tears spilled down my cheeks. "No. . . you can't be gone. . . please wake up. . ." Even though I said it I knew in my heart that they would never wake up and that they were going to leave this world. "So it seems that the leader has joined us huh?" I heard and I looked up and saw a man walking from the shadows with glowing red eyes. I stood up slowly and took my sword out from it's sheath slowly while keeping my eyes on him. "And I suppose you are the one we were sent to kill hmm?" I said back with my eyes narrowed and I knew mine glowed green. " Oh kill me? Why dear I think you were sent to you're graves." He said with a smirk on his face and I saw his sword by his side dripping with blood. ' So he's like me huh?' I thought and brought my sword to my side. We stayed like that staring at each other then we moved. To normal people it would seem like we were blurs to fast for the normal eye to see but for us it didn't seem any different. Our swords clashed and you could hear the clinks of the metal hitting each other and sometimes skin being cut into. When we jumped apart we were barely breathing heavily yet there were cuts on our bodies and our swords dripping blood from our opponent. I ran at him with my sword down and when I came up at him I swung up and he didn't react in time and my sword cut up from his right hip up to his left shoulder. When I jumped back a couple of feet he stood there with a shocked look on his face. His eyes wide and his mouth slightly open and he fell onto his knees and then face flat on the ground. I lowered my stance and breathed out in relief and put my sword back in it's sheath and walked over to him. I kneel down to his body and took the sheath to his sword and put it on my hip and I grabbed his sword and stood up and flicked my wrist and the blood on the sword came off then I put it back in it's sheath. After that I went over to their bodies and kneeled down beside them and the tears fell and hit the ground. I hear a small groan and I look over and look at Chi and move over and out her head on my lap. "Chi?" I ask in a whisper and the tears keep falling and hit her cheeks. "Hime. . ." I hear her say hoarsely and I had a small smile on my face. "I'm here Chi. . ." I respond and the tears came faster. She opened her eyes and I saw they were turning hazy. "H-Hime please don't cry. I-it's time for us to go b-but I want to tell you something. Listen clos-." She coughed and some blood came out and down the side of her mouth. "L-listen we are proud that we followed you and were on your team. W-we couldn't have asked for a better captain. We'll always be there hime. D-don't give up and never think it was your fault. G-good-bye hime. . ." She finished and closed her eyes and her breathing stopped. "No. . . N-no Chi. . . NO!!!!!!" I yelled and closed my eyes with my head raise to the sky and tears falling and rolling down my face.

   "CHI!!!!!" I yelled and sat up in my bed with tears dripping from my face. I sit there for awhile and bring my head up and run my fingers through my hair and close my eyes. My breathing was ragged and I had to calm my pounding heart. I move and my legs and feet dangle from the side of my bed and I lean on my one hand with my face towards the ground the tears not stopping. I sighed and got up and stripped out of my pajamas and got out a fish net shirt and put it over my chest that was wrapped in bandages and put a black jacket that had no sleeves and a hood and it stopped at my rib cage. I put on black shorts with red strips on the side and put my sword and the sword of the one that I killed that day on my back with mine on top and the other on on the bottom. I put on black lace up combat boots that went up to my knees. When I finished tying up my hair with bells at the end of the strings the alarm goes off. I blinked and took off running to the main bridge and frowned. ' Please don't be like that day. . .' I thought and stopped at the main bridge and looked at the security cameras and saw the big guy came out and Thor is down with his brother. I took off running again down to where they are and came to a stop at the door and when it opened I watch as Agent Coulsen getting stabbed through the chest by narcissus. Bum-Bump. I stood with a shocked look on my face and a tear falls. ' No. . . not again. . .' I thought and when he pulled out the staff out I sprang into action and pulled out my sword and swiped it up and nicked his shoulder. He moved away and I stood in front of Coulsen and glared at him. He stared at his shoulder and looked over slowly and stared at the tip of my sword as blood ran down and dripped. " Ami I don't want to hurt you." He said and took a step towards me and his hand slowly started reaching for me. I swung my sword up and it came inches from his fingers and he retracted his hand and stopped. "You don't want to hurt me but you hurt my friends?!" I asked/yelled and my eyes started glowing green and I beard my teeth at him. He looked down to the side staring at the ground and had a look of hatred on his face. When he looked up his face had soften and in his eyes they showed regret and sadness. "Undo the contract Ami. . . Save yourself from me. . ." He said and turned away with his back facing me and he reached his staff over and pressed the button and the Hulks cage with Thor inside fell. Loki turned his face to the side and looked at me and frowned and disappeared. I lowered my sword and dropped it and turned towards Coulsen and ran and slide to my knees beside him. "Coulsen don't do this come on wake up." I said and shaked his shoulders. I closed my eyes and turned my face away when I heard a wheeze. My head snapped back and I say Coulsen looking at me with the same eyes Chi had before she died. "Coulsen you're going to be fine you hear?" I said and took my jacket off and pressed it against his wound and put pressure on it. "A-ami stop. . . It's t-time for me to go. . . " He said and coughed up blood and I shook my head and tears started falling. "N-no your going to be okay. We're gonna patch up the wound." I said trying to reassure him and my self. "A-ami don't think this was you're fault. . . " He said and put his hand on top of my head and closed his eyes smiling. "Good-bye my friend. . ." After he said that he stopped breathing and his hand fell from my head to the ground. The tears just kept on falling and I looked up at the ceiling and shut me eyes and screamed my face twisted in sorrow. I didn't hear them come in while I screamed and once I stopped I looked over with tears falling down my face and saw Fury and my team standing there. Fury walked over and all he said was my name and I jumped up into his arms and buried my head into his chest and cried. He wrapped his arms around me and he put one of his hands on the back of my head and allowed me a moment of weakness. ' It happened again. . . I allowed it to happen again. . .' I thought while the tears fall down my face. "America take her back to her room." Fury said and I shook my head. "No. . . I. . . I just want to be alone. . . " I said softly and stepped back from Fury and turned on my heel and walked back to my room. I didn't know everyone stopped and looked down when I walked past. When I got to my room the door slid open and I walked in and locked the door behind me. I stood in the middle and looked at the ground. I clenched my fists and snarled. My fist lashed out to the side and broke a mirror. When I heard the glass break I looked up to the side and saw my reflection in the shards and looked at my hand and saw it bleed. I dropped to my knees and looking up at the ceiling the tears rolled down my cheeks and I sobbed. A little bit later I heard a knock at my door when I didn't move to open it they knocked again. I sighed and got up and went to the door and unlocked it and turned and went and sat in my chair looking out at the window watching the clouds. The person stepped in and cleared their throat. "What do you want Stark." I said snapping and glared at his reflection in the window. "Loki is attacking New York we're heading out. . . Captain." He said and stood there like a soldier waiting for instructions. I looked down then looked up and my eyes shined with determination and I stood up and nodded. "Get everyone ready I'll meet you in the main bridge." I said and watched him nod then leave and I stared at my reflection and my gaze hardened and I turned around and got ready. I put bandages over my large chest then a long sleeved fishnet shirt over it and it stopped above my belly button, then put a black jacket that had no sleeves with a hood and it stopped below my chest. I then put a skirt on with shorts underneath and wrapped bandages on my legs from my knees down to my feet then I put my black laced up combat boots on with the bandages showing on top. I put my two swords on my lower back above my skirt then my bow and arrows on my back, two knifes in my boots, needles in my hair, and knifes hanging on my sides. I looked up at my reflection and I wiped my face taking the cover up off and showing the tattoos on my face. Under my eyes showed three circles then on my cheeks two of them on each side coming up to a point, on my chin going up to my bottom lip a thick line and the color of them was black. My eyes glowed as I gazed at the sky. ' I'll save you from the darkness. . . ' I thought and turned my back to the sky and walked out knowing that I might not cam back alive from this fight.      

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