Between the Rain drops

My name is Ami Costello and I am a shield agent that had many hardships thrown at me and I lost many that are precious to me. Now I have joined the Avengers as their new leader and I slowly start to fall in love with our enemy Loki. Yet I know we will be okay.


4. Sakura Modern





 This Chapter is of Ami having flashbacks when she was with her original team. Enjoy! And don't cry!!


  We all stay where we are in our room after we said I would be team leader. "Hmm we need a name for our team Hime!" Chi says with a grin and looks at me. "Yeah we do. . . Hmmm." I sit there and close my eyes and bring my hand up to my chin and take a finger and tap it against my chin. "What about Sweet Blood Mist Shadow." Kage says and looks at me with his red eyes. I open mine and stare back and a smirk forms on my face. "I like it how about you guys? Chi? Mizu?" I ask and my green eyes flick to them to see what they were thinking. Mizu nodded and Chi did a thumbs up. "Sweet Blood Mist Shadow it is then." I say and smile at them. "We should get it tattooed on us somewhere!" Chi says excitedly  and claps her hands together at the idea. I blink and tilt my head. I look at Kage and Mizu and they nod and I grin. "Tattoos it is!" I say and we stand in a circle with our fists bumping each others. 

  "Kage here and in position." He says quietly through his head set with a yawn. "Okay we're all in position when I give the signal Chi throw the smoke bomb and be ready with you're whips." I said into the head set and I got a okay from Chi. "Mizu how many are in the base?" I ask while staring at a window from where I am on top of a building across from it. "There's about 20 in there Hime." She says and I hear the rustle of her cloak and I nod. "Chi now!" I yell and I hear the shatter of glass and see smoke twisting inside and I run and jump off the building I'm on and go through the glass and land in a crouch and the end of my cloak settles around me. "We get this done fast and easy got it?" I asked and stand up and take my sword out of it's sheath. I hear rogers from them and I take off in a silent run through the smoke looking for our targets. I see a shadow of one of them and run and jump flipping in the air and swinging my sword and when I land with my sword and arm out to the side and I take off running again not turning and seeing the headless body off my enemy. I cut down more and get to the middle at the same time as my teammates and their weapons also have blood on them. I flick my sword and the blood flicks off. "Mission success no survivors." I say and we leave and I turn and flick hand and the build catches on fire. 

   We all stop on a hill and turn around and fall onto our backs in a circle. The breeze makes the grass and flowers around us sway. "Hime you wont leave our team right?" Chi asks and looks over at me. I blink and look at her. "I would never leave we're a team and a family." I say to her and smile brightly. Then we all look back up to the sky and see the moon glowing brightly down on us and the stars twinkling. We grab each others hands and smile and look at each other with soft eyes. "We are a family and we will never part." We say together and look back up at the sky. 

   "Wait Fury is coming with us?!" Chi exclaimed loudly with her eyes wide. I sigh and nod again for the tenth time. "Chi you don't have to be so loud." Kage says and rubs his eyes and yawns again. "Shush sleeping beauty." She says and glares at Kage. "What was that hot head." He says back and his eye twitches at his nickname. "I'm not hot headed Shadow princess!" She yells and they butt heads and me and Mizu stand away and we watch from the side lines. I crouch down and put my head in the palm of my hand board. Mizu sighed and then looked to the right. "He's coming." She says quietly. I stand up and walk over behind them and grab the back of their shirts and pull them apart. "You two done?" I ask with an eye twitch and they nod gulping. I drop them and then cross my arms over my chest. "Well you four ready?" Fury asks when he steps out onto the dock. We all nod and Chi and Kage stand and Mizu comes over and joins our line. "Then lets go." He says and we all leave on our first mission with Fury. 

  I open my eyes when I hear black widow say we are a mile away and I look down and see Capt. America sitting on the floor beside me. 'He's like Kage. . . ' I thought and my hand goes and rests on top of his. Then I close my eyes mentally preparing for the fight. Knowing it won't be like other times and that something is brewing on the horizon.        

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