Between the Rain drops

My name is Ami Costello and I am a shield agent that had many hardships thrown at me and I lost many that are precious to me. Now I have joined the Avengers as their new leader and I slowly start to fall in love with our enemy Loki. Yet I know we will be okay.


6. Intoxicated






   When we got back to helicarrier shield agents took narcissus down to a glass prison room that apparently was made for the big guy. While they were doing that the team and I went to the main bridge and sat at the round table well they sat and I stood over near the door leaning against the wall with my arms crossed over my chest. Hill walked over and turned on the security cam that was down there and we saw Fury interrogating narcissus yet was falling at it badly. I sighed and closed my eyes while returning to a memory. 

  "Hime!" I turn when I heard someone yell that and got jumped on and we both were on the ground. I blink and look at the person and sweat drop. "Hey Chi." I say while pushing her off me and sitting up. "What's wrong?" I ask because she wouldn't chase me down like that. "Fury needs us because someone isn't cooperating for their interrogating." She said while smiling sitting there and my face turns blank and I shake my head while sighing. I stand up and dust off the dirt that got on me and pull Chi up. "Lead the way then." I said and we walked to where the person was being held. 

  "Hey Ami Fury wants you down there." I blink when I hear that and look over and see that Capt. America said that to me. "Okay." I say and lean over and start walking out the door down to where they are. When I get there I take a breath and steal my face and walk in. "Ah Ami glad to see you came this time." Fury said and I glare at him with a eyebrow twitch. "You have me do all the interrogations around here Fury." I retort and walk over to where he is and I see from the corner of my eye I see narcissus staring at me with a raised eyebrow. "Ami you will be having Loki become you're master." I freeze and I turn slowly to look at Fury. "You've been drinking haven't you?" I asked and was hoping he was drunk and I was drunk and this is all a dream. "No I haven't Ami." Fury retorts and looks at me blankly. 'He really wants me to have narcissus my master? But shape-shiftier law says it has to be on a full moon.' I thought and frowned and crossed my arms over my chest. "You know that can't happen till the full moon." I said and raised an eyebrow at him and blinked. "Yes I do but I looked into it and you can even if it isn't the full moon." He said and I slapped my forehead. 'He does know if I do that  then I could get two right?' I thought and I blow a raspberry and I stared at him with the 'Your-a-idiot' face. "You do know I could get two masters right?" I asked and crossed my arms over my chest. "I know that but can you please do it." Fury asked and looked at me and I could tell this was tiring him. I sigh and nod and sit down in indian style and started the ritual. It took awhile but then I felt the collar and wait two charms?! I hear narcissus breathing hard because it drains you mentally but I don't know the second one. Once it was done I opened my eyes and blinked and brought my hand to my neck. 'Now I'm chained. . . Shit that means they will see my flashbacks also god damn it!!!' I thought and pouted (Me: Wow real mature/ Ami: You're the one that wrote that!/ Me: *shrugs* true on with the story!) and glared up at Fury. "Ami is it complete?" Fury asks and looks at me with a raised eyebrow and I nod. "Fury what's the second charm?" I ask and bite my lip nervously. He looks over and looks at the charm one felt like a staff so that one is narcissus but the other one is circular just what the hell is it?! "It's a shield with the american flag." He said quietly and looked up at the camera and nod to it and says to it for Capt. America to come down here. Then he walked out and I stay where I was and looked at one of my new masters. 'Joy. . .' I thought glumly and stared at my reflection and frowned and was brought back to the past.

   I was walking to the training room when I saw Chi with a collar on and realized she did the master/servent ritual. "Chi!" I yell and run down the hall and catch up to her where she stopped. "W-who is it?" I ask and look at her with concern in my eyes. "U-um uh. . . F-Fury. . ." She said quietly and I stood there shocked. "You and Fury?!" I exclaim quietly and drag her back to our room. When we got in to the room she went and sat on her bed and looked at the ground. (This is before Fury is director of SHIELD) "Chi did you decide to do it or did Fury?" I ask and crouch down in front of her and place a hand on her knee. She shakes her head no and looks at me with a smile on her face and her eyes bright in happiness. "No Hime we both love each other." She says and I can tell she was saying the truth and I smiled and nodded. "Okay but if he hurts you. . ." I left the threat in the air and growled slightly at the end. 

 I heard somebody clear their throat behind me and glance up at their reflection and saw Capt. America standing behind me and I also saw narcissus looking at me. I sigh and stand up and dust off the invisible dust on me. I turn to where I can see the both of them and crossed my arms over my chest. "Well welcome to been masters of a shape-shiftier." I said and eyed them steadily knowing they saw the flashback of me and Chi. "So we're your masters?" Capt. America says with a little nervousness underlining his words. I nod and sigh and close my eyes and frowned. 'The only way for this to work is if they work together but again not gonna happen. Then I also have to form bonds with them. God damn it this is gonna be hard. . . ' I thought and opened my eyes and saw they were glaring at each other. I cleared my throat and they both look at me and stare and I raised an eyebrow and saw the tiny blush on their cheeks from being caught. I chuckle silently and have a ghost of a smile on my face. "Now how this is gonna work is me bonding with you two. So the first one will be Loki got it? Get it? Good." I said and they nod and Capt. America walks out and our hands brush against each others and I feel a tingle go up my arm and turn to look at him while he walks out and shake my head and see Loki staring and I blush. 'God damn it control you're emotions Ami!' I thought and I yelled it inside my head and I narrowed my eyes at him. "What? Take a picture it will last longer." I retort and tighten my arms around my chest. He smirks and walks towards me and stops in front of me with the glass separating us. "Why take a picture when I have the real thing in front of me?" He says and my face turns beat red and I look away frowning and look at him through the corner of my eye. He was still looking at me and he was frowning yet his eyes showed an emotion that I never saw in his eyes before. He turns away and walks away and I hear him say under his breath that he feels intoxicated. I blink and tilt my head with an eyebrow raised. 'Did somebody give him a drink?' I thought and when he turned and looked at me I saw a blush form on his cheeks and look away from me. Now I was even more confused. I look up when I heard my name being called over the intercom and I sigh. "See ya narcissus." I say and turn around and start walking and I can feel his gaze on me the entire time until the door shut behind me. I lean back against the door and my hand comes up and grips my shirt over my heart. 'How do they have this effect over me?' I thought and shake my head and walked to the main bridge.

   When I get to the main bridge I see the Capt. America wasn't here. I raised my eyebrow and looked at Fury and he saw the question in my eyes. "I sent him to your room." He said to me then turned back to what he was doing. I turned and walked out and when I got to my room and I stopped and bit my lip. The door opened when I stepped towards it and walked in and saw Capt. America standing in front of the window with his hands down at his sides and I saw his reflection and he looked sad? 'Why is he sad?' I thought and walked up and stood beside him. We stood like this for awhile. "Hey." He said quietly and looked at me from the corner of his eye. I looked up at him and blinked and frowned. "Yo what's up?" I asked and I know he saw the worry in my eyes. He turned and walked over to the chair and sat down and put his hands in his head. I frowned again and walked over and crouched in front of him. I bit my lip and placed my hand on his arm looking at him. Yet he still didn't look up. I sighed and transformed into a white wolf with green eyes and black markings under my eyes. I whined and when he looked up he yelped and fell back and landed on his back. I transformed back to my human self and fell back laughing and clutching my stomach from laughing so hard. He looked over at me and joined in with me laughing. When we settled down we looked at each other and green eyes clashed with blue eyes and that's how we stayed laying on the ground staring at each other. I know this sounds cliche but it felt like we were the only ones here. When my clock went off for 10 o'clock we jumped. We both got up and looked away blushing. "Well um I have to go and um get some sleep." He said and rubbed the back of his head nervously. I nod and watch him leave and then I walked over to the window and opened the small opening. Then walked over to my bed and got changed in to my pajamas and laid down. One thought ran through all of our heads was that we made each other fell intoxicated.                   

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