Between the Rain drops

My name is Ami Costello and I am a shield agent that had many hardships thrown at me and I lost many that are precious to me. Now I have joined the Avengers as their new leader and I slowly start to fall in love with our enemy Loki. Yet I know we will be okay.


5. I see fire





  When I open my eyes again we are about 25 minutes from the drop off point. I get up and stretch my arms above my head and walk to the opening near Black Widow and turn around and pull my bow off my back. "Tell me when we are about ten minutes from the drop off Ch- Black Widow." I say and stumble over her name. She nods and Capt. America wakes up and shakes his head and yawns and rubs his eyes. 'He really is like Kage. . .' I thought while frowning sadly and I hear Black Widow say 10. "Open the tail door Widow!" I yell and when it opens I take off running and they stared shocked when I jump off giving a war cry. While I am falling I pull out two arrows and aim and shot at the staff that a man is holding aiming at an old man. I twist going head first and hold out my hands and when I touch the ground I push off and flip over the old man and pull out my sword blocking another attack that this guy shot. "So another person wishes to defy me and this time a warrior." He says with a laugh and grinning. "Looks like I'm fighting a narcissistic man." I retort smirking and my fangs showing. He narrows his eyes and his eye twitches. I hear a thump behind me and I stay faced toward the narcissistic person. "America get these people out of here now." I say and stay still watching this man in front of me. I turn my sword and hold it out beside me and I take off running and swing my sword up and his staff comes up and clashes with my sword. We keep pushing our weapons trying to out each other. I growl and bear my fangs and push him back. I step back and flip my sword in my hand while we're circling each other. "You're very strong." He states and I narrow my eyes. "And you're fast." I say back but then I smirk. "But I'm faster." I say and disappear and reappear behind him and swing my sword when he turns and brings his staff up and we clash again. Our eyes meet and that's when we start swinging trying to land a hit but our weapons keep on clashing. After awhile I finally land a hit on his side and he falls to his knees near his limit. I put my sword back and take his staff from his hand and throw it back to Capt. America and then tie this guys hands behind his back. I pull him to his feet and we walk over to where the Black Widow landed the plane. We walk up the tail of the plane and go inside and I look and see Iron Man joined us sometime. 'Hmm must have came while we were fighting.' I thought and pushed this guy into a set and then I went over and laid on the bench across from him like before. "So who are you narcissus?" I ask and look at him with a raised eyebrow. "You don't know who I am?" He asks with a raised eyebrow and confusion in his green eyes. "No I don't now name." I retort and narrow my eyes at him. "My name is Loki and I am the God of mischief." He said and smirked and I raised a eyebrow with a not impressed face. His eyebrows furrow and he frowns. "You're not impressed are you." He says and keeps looking at me. "No I'm not." I say and turn my head and bring my left leg up to were it was bent and I put my arm on it and stare ahead frowning and my bangs cover my face when I look down. 'Chi would have been though and then Kage and her would have gotten into a fight and I would have to break it up. . .' I thought sadly and clenched my fists and grind my teeth. 'Damn it don't cry. DON'T CRY!' I thought to myself. I didn't notice they were looking at me until Black Widow cleared her throat and I did the hand signal to lets go. She started up the plane and we took off and while we are flying a storm comes. Thunder rumbles and I look up and I see out of the corner of my eye and see Loki look scared? "What scared of a little thunder Loki." I hear Iron man say and I raise a eyebrow at what Loki said back. 'What comes with thunder?' I thought when suddenly the plane rocked. I got up to my feet and and glared at the person that just opened the tail. He walked in and grabbed Loki and pushed the guys out of the way. I jumped out with them and landed a little away from them on the cliff we landed on. They talked and sort of ignored me and then Iron Man came and flew off with the Blonde tall guy. Then Loki looked at me when the guys were fighting on the ground. "You're not running off like I thought you would." I said surprised and looked at him and saw he was just staring at me. My cheeks flushed bright red and crossed my arms over my chest and looked away frowning. "And you're not joining the fight." He said and started to walk over slowly to my with his arms behind his back. "That's because it's pointless." I retorted and closed my eyes and turned my head away. I blink and turn my head and see he's standing right beside me and my face turns bright red. "W-what?" I ask and look every where else. "You're not scared of me." He says softly and continues looking at me. "I'm not scared of anything." I reply and look down and see their done fighting. "Come on narcissus." I say and jump done the cliff and see that he followed. We walk over and bring them onto the plane and we sit there in silence. 'Why? Why does he ave this affect on me?' I thought and fell into a light sleep.            

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