Between the Rain drops

My name is Ami Costello and I am a shield agent that had many hardships thrown at me and I lost many that are precious to me. Now I have joined the Avengers as their new leader and I slowly start to fall in love with our enemy Loki. Yet I know we will be okay.


3. I just wanna run









   I woke up from where I fell asleep and stared at the ceiling. I sighed and got up and walked over to my window and looked out over the clouds. I lean my forehead against the glass and close my eyes and smile sadly remembering that first day. . . 

  "Wow look at that it's like a castle in the sky guys!" Chi exclaimed excitedly and I smiled softly and Mizu sighed and Kage well he silently chuckled and was looking for a place to sleep. "So we're a team eh?" I asked and sat down at a chair and looked at them. Kage was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed against his chest, Mizu was standing there with her arms down to her side with a blank face, and Chi was still at the window but turned to look at us. "Yes, yet we need a leader. . ." Mizu said softly while looking at me. I sighed and leaned my head back staring at the ceiling. "And I think it should be you Ami." Mizu finished and my head jerked back to her my eyes widen in shock. "W-what why me?" I asked and blink with a confused look on my face. "Because you're our Hime!" Chi exclaimed and closed her eyes and grinned at me with her hands on her hips. I looked down at the ground and closed my eyes and sighed. "We choose you Ami because we know you'll be a good leader." Mizu explained and I looked up at her and nodded my head. "Okay I'll be the leader of our team." I said with determination burning in my eyes. . . 

 I opened my eyes and sigh again. 'You were wrong I'm the reason you guys died. . .' I thought sadly and heard a knock at my door. I blink and turn around and frown. 'Nobody comes to my door only when the intercom is out and it isn't. . .' I moved swiftly to the door and pulled a knife out and stood to the side and opened the door and when the person walked in I tripped them and the door slid shut and while they were getting up and kicked them in their side and hopped on them and restrained their wrists and held the knife at their throat. "Who are you?" I growled out and narrowed my eyes. "A-ami it's me Agent Coulson." He says shakily and gulps. I blink then my cheeks burn a bright red out of embarrassment. "C-coulson?" I echoed then jumped off him."I-I'm sorry it's just nobody comes to my room unless the intercom is out." I say to him and help him to his feet. "It's alright no harm done Ami but Director Fury needs you. . . some of the team is here." He replies and goes soft at the end. Everyone in Shield remembers the mission my team took and after that I never took another team. I nod roboticly and step to the side letting him go first and I follow after him. Our walk was silent when we heard the commotion from the bridge. We glance at each other and our steps become hurried and we stop and stare flabbergast at what is going on. 'You have got to be kidding me! I have to work with them!?' I thought and sighed and shook my head and tried (keyword: tried) walking away before Fury saw me yet I was a little late. "Ah Ami looks like Agent Coulson was able to get you out of you're room." Fury said and walked over to me and stopped in front of me. 'Curse my short stature' I thought angrily seeing how tall he is compared to me. My eyes were narrowed and I looked up at him and pointed a finger in his face. "You're still taller then me!" I shout with a tick mark on my head angry. He just laughs and pats my head and I puff out my cheeks. "Glad to see you're okay now." He says smiling and I look down and grimace. "Fury you and I both know I will never be okay. . ." I say softly and I didn't notice that my team had stopped talking and was listening to us. Fury sighed and nodded and jerked his head to the people I would be working with. I sigh and nod  and he turned and walked back over with me following and once he stopped I stopped beside him with my hands crossed over my chest. "This is you're leader she-" He was cut off by Stark. "Wait wait I thought Stripes was our leader." He said with a raised eyebrow. Fury glared at him and continued ignoring his question or statement. "She will be leading you follow her rules and how she does things got it." He says and looks pointedly at them all. "We understand sir." A woman with red hair says and I freeze and my eyes widen. Fury glances at me. "Ami?" He asked and then turns to me fully when I don't respond. I mumble out Chi's name and he steps in front of me and takes my shoulders in his hands. "Ami that is not Chi her name is Black Widow you're new teammate. Do you understand it's not Chi." He says to me and I start shaking. That's when I turn away and grip the railing shaking. All I heard was Kage's name being yelled and blood. . . I look at my hands and see blood on them. "N-no. . ." I say and turn and run to the nearest bathroom and turn the water on and start washing my hands while crying. 

    Fury stared after me and he sighed and closed his eyes. "Sir is she okay?" Black Widow asks and is still staring the way I ran. "No she is not." He says quietly. "Sir I don't think she is ready for another team." Agent Hill says from where she is standing and turns and looks at Fury. "Um may we know what is going on Director Fury." Capt. America says (aka Steve Rogers *hears fangirls yelling* yeah yeah get on with you're lives). Fury turns and looks at him. "No this isn't my story to tell." He says and sighs and shakes his head. "Go and-" Then he was cut off again yet this time by the alarm going off. Fury runs over and presses the intercom. "Ami get ready you need to go now." He says through the intercom and turns to the team. "She'll tell you when she's ready." He says and then yells go. 

  I hear my name and telling me to get ready and I sigh. I run to my room and get changed into my fighting outfit (Ever watch Heavenly sword she is dressed like Nariko) and grabs her weapons and places her bow and arrows on her back, sword on hip and knifes and needles somewhere on her person and poison coating all of them. She runs out to the C-130 (just pretend it is because I don't know what plane it is) and gets on and see's Capt. America and the Black Widow starting up the plane. I sigh and walk up and sit across from him and then I turn and lean against the wall and put my feet up and close my eyes and cross my arms over my chest. "Um ma'ma?" He asks and I open one eye and look at him. "What?" I ask frowning thinking Kage would have joined me we just sleep on the way to our drop off. "Why did you run off earlier?" He asks softly with worry shining in his eyes and I know Black widow is listening in our conversation. I sigh and closes my eye and lean my head back. "Look at mission file 2378 team name for it is Sweet Blood Mist Shadow." I say and my hand goes to my neck and rubs it still frowning. I don't know what he does but I let myself fall for a little sleep and before my world goes black I tell Black Widow to fly high over the drop off point then I let myself go. 

   Capt.America looks over at the sleeping form of me and sighs and leans back and stares at the ceiling. 'She looks so broken. . .' He thinks and glances at me again. "I remember agents talking about her not being ready for another team." He hear Natasha say back to him and he looks over at her. "Why wouldn't she be ready for another team?" He asks with confusion in his voice. "She was the only one alive that came back. At least that's what I heard." She says and looks back at me with worry and confusion in her eyes. Steve (okay I am using their names for when they talk to each other but Ami still calls them their allis) looks over at me and then gets up and goes and sits on the floor his back against the bench and stays near me and crosses his legs and crosses his arms over his chest and tilt his back and falls into a light sleep with me. Natasha looks back at us and smiles. 'Maybe they can pick each other up.' She thought then turned back around and kept flying knowing something was going to happen and it was between us and another. 



 Oh I smell love in the air and is it trouble in the small paradise that Ami doesn't know she has right now? Next time you get to see her fight and Loki *blushes* okay I fangirl over him but I don't scream and nearly kill other people over him *puffs cheeks*. Anyway stay tuned for the fight and the growing love between three people by the end of the story who will she choose?!

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