After Us

A group of 4 girls and they survive the stock market crashing. Zombies, and each other in their world slowly rotting away. Life as you knew it is gone.


1. Character List For First Part of Book

Name:    Samantha              Zeno             Nero            Wolfram           Cassilia

Nickname: Sam                     Ze               Nero              Wolf                 Cas

Age:            18                      19               18                  20                     18

Ocupation: Waitress        Pizza Delivery    Cook        Mechanic     Babysitter

Race:  German, Irish, American }Irish,English, American {Hispanic, American }Cherokee, American {Indian}  

Best Quality: Loyal               Happy          Calm             Clever           Kind-Hearted

Worst Quality: Sarcastic      Hyper     Absent-minded   Temperamental     Gullible  

Gender:     Female               Male             Male               Male                Female                                            


Sam: Medium blond hair, tall, often in white tanktop and jeans.

Ze: Short, curly, dark red hair, regular height, basketball shorts, comic shirt(deadpool, batman, spiderman, ect.), Tennis shoes.

Nero: Glasses, button up shirts, jeans, and boots. 




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