Uji-Ollie and Brutus have never gotten along. Uji-Ollie only wants to tell Brutus the truth about his past, but Brutus won't listen at all, because Uji-Ollie is the man who slaughtered his parents. With the help of Jeredith the Incubus and Erik the Musician, can Uji-Ollie and Brutus finally become friends again? Or will the hatred that splits them apart only grow stronger?...

(I put this as [Yellow] because of all the fighting, beating, swearing, and tobacco use. Nothing else really...)


2. Tears of a Memory

"Daddy! Daddy! Look what I made at school today!" a little girl runn up to a blue haired man with no eyes, but one on his forehead "It's a picture of the puppy you got me and Mommy! I drew the fangs and everything!"


"This is amazing, Kayina! I'm so proud of you!" he hugs her tightly as she giggles


    A young woman with long, wavy blonde hair walks in with a smile and hugs the man and child. They hug her back as they lose their balance and fall to the floor. All laugh together at the silliness before freezing as someone suddenly starts banging on their front door. The father stands up and walks to the door quietly before opening it and gasping a little.


"L-Lord Minstrel! This is a surprise, s-sir!" the father stutters as he stares at the man in front of him with purple hair and glowing eyes


"Yes, it is. It's also a surprise that your family are being swept, Mr. Valant." he gives a dark chuckle and a smirk


"W-What?! Why?! They've done nothing wrong!"


"Oh, yes they have. They're against Lord Edward. A very bad thing to do.~"


    He pushes the man out of the way and walks over to the mother and child on the floor who are curled up together against the wall. He grins down at them and in seconds is in front of their faces.


"By law of Moriko, you are sentenced to death!" he laughs as he lifts his claws and slashes at the two


"NO! PLEASE!" the blue haired man yells, but it's too late


    The claws swing down and slash the mother's eyes out, making her scream in pain as he starts cutting her more and more, then he moves to the child and does the same. The man grabs Minstrel and tries pulling him off of his family, but the Count only turns around and hits him, making him fly into a wall and go unconscious. Minstrel continues his work until the woman and girl are dead and are surrounded by their own blood. He laughs and walks away with some guards as the door closes behind them.


    The man wakes up a few minutes later and looks over to see the horrific sight of his wife and daughter. He starts to cry as he crawls over to them and takes them into his arms, not caring that his clothes get soaked in blood.


 * * * *


    Uji-Ollie awoke from his dream and screamed. Hoping it wasn't true. But he looked around the room at the empty child's bed and the emptiness of the place next to him in bed, then broke down and started to cry at the nightmare of his memory.


((SADNESS! I'M SORRY!!! Hope it's good though!))

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