Uji-Ollie and Brutus have never gotten along. Uji-Ollie only wants to tell Brutus the truth about his past, but Brutus won't listen at all, because Uji-Ollie is the man who slaughtered his parents. With the help of Jeredith the Incubus and Erik the Musician, can Uji-Ollie and Brutus finally become friends again? Or will the hatred that splits them apart only grow stronger?...

(I put this as [Yellow] because of all the fighting, beating, swearing, and tobacco use. Nothing else really...)


1. Listen to Me!

"Just shut up, you freak!"


"Brutus, please just listen to me for once!"


"Why should I?!"


"We're stuck in this cave anyways, so just listen!"


"If it's about the past, then I ain't listening to any of your shit!"


"Why not?! Please just listen to me for once!"


    Brutus swung a punch at the blue haired man, slugging him in the cheek. The blonde hit hit again there, making the other man fall to the ground.


"No, you listen to me! You can go on telling everyone that stupid lie of "Why you truly did it", but not with me! Your story is bullshit! You killed my parents, because you just hated them!"


"N-No! I didn't!" he coughed up some blood "I killed them because they abused me! I have no eyes in my sockets, but a regular working eye on my forehead, blue hair, a weird voice, and I'm so tall for my age! I'm a monster they told me!"


"They were probably right! But I never saw them hurt you! Not even once!"


"You weren't around when they did! You would be outside playing!"


"Oh, so they would just wait till I was gone?!"


"Yes! Please believe me!"


"No! You stupid piece of shit!"


    Brutus went to punch Uji-Ollie again, but two cold arms wrapped around him and held him back. He turned to see that it was his friend, Jeredith. When he turned back to look at the man on the ground, he saw that Erik, Uji-Ollie's friend, was with him. Brutus sighed then stopped and turned away towards the Incubus holding him.


"Brutus... Please..."


"I'll never believe you, Idiot. You took something I loved away from me..."


"I'm sorry..."


   Jeredith and Brutus walked away in silence, leaving the blue haired man on the ground in tears. Erik tried wiping away the tears of blood that flowed from his eyeless sockets, but Uji-Ollie just shook his head and pushed him away.


"He doesn't know that I also lost something that I loved..." he whispered as he pulled an old photo out of his pocket that was of him, a young woman with golden blonde hair, and a little girl with braided pigtails.


((So, I decided to write this one of Uji-Ollie's back story. This also appears in the book, so I'm trying my best to write it. I'm just posting little parts of the book to see if I should change stuff. Uji-Ollie's story kind of reminds me of Maes Hughes story from FMA except his wife and daughter die instead of him. I didn't mean for it to turn out like that, but it adds to the story.))

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