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Kai was a laid back boring best tattoo artist in his town, he lives alone in his small apartment with a pet kitten he had picked up off the street at almost death. Kai's life changes after this one boy, Kai sees this boy and he realized what's going to happen before its to late for the boy.

(This will be updated with short chapters)


1. Chapter 1⃣

     Kai laid asleep on his couch with the t.v playing still on low. A little while after he was woken by yelling from his next door neighbour. Kai sat up and and sighed, he let his eyes adjust and stood up and walked into his kitchen to see his new neighbour from his kitchen window and sighed softly.


     Kai's new neighbour was kinda an ass, he seemed liked he picked fights and was the class bully back in the high school days. Then Kai's eyes light up as he seen a boy walking in after him.


     The boy had black hair and green eyes, he had angel bites(top lip piercings) and cheek piercings and it looked like his ears were also pierced. That boy with the most beautiful human being Kai thought to himself.


     Kai went on about his day slow, he kept thinking about the boy he seen this morning. Kai works at a tattoo store he also gives people piercings.


     Ty smiled at Kai, Ty always new what was going on with Kai because he knows him best Ty is Kais best friend.


    Kai looked at Ty and he blushed slightly and Ty laughed.


Ty: I knew there was something up today, you seem spacey.


Kai: I'm always spacey though haha.


Ty: you're different from that kind, Kai do you have a crush on someone?...


Kai blushed slightly and that's what gave him away in the first place was his blush. Kai couldn't keep anything from Ty.


Kai herd the bell on the door when it opened. Kai went over to the front desk.


There was a small girl standing there. She had long brown hair purple in the tips and light brown eyes.


Kai smiled gently: Hello, what will you be wanting to get today?


Girl: I'd like a small tattoo on my wrist please


Kai nods: I can do that, what would you like?


Girl: I'd like a tatto of angel wings


Kai: Alright, I'll go sketch something up


Kais left and sketched beautiful angel wings and walked back to the girl.

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