The Legacy of Atlantis - The Awakening of Evil


Is it real? Is it a myth? There are people all over who will argue both cases. Some people will even tell you that magic is science we are unable to comprehend. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what other people tell you. All that matters is what I tell you right now.

I come from a world thought long gone by you and your people. It's better that way. For hundreds of years, the planet of New Atlantis has prospered in peace and, well...prosperity. That all changed when I ventured into a whole new world of forces that were beyond both my control and understanding, and now chaos lurks around every corner.

Believe it or not, I'm the only one who can stop it.

My name is Jason Wolf and in order for me to succeed, I need you to believe in the impossible. Trust me when I say that the fate of both our worlds hang in the balance.


16. The Symbiote Specimens


Base 21, seven leagues beneath the Odysseun Ocean

The Control Dome

1st August 2017

Unknown Time



"This is Base 21," Kincaid began. "Situated at the very bottom of the Odysseun Ocean. It used to be a government research facility but was abandoned years ago. I chose this location for my experiments because it was secluded and cut off."

"Experiments?" Bastian asked.


"By now you surely must realize that none of you are regular sorcerers," Kincaid said. "Sure, you all have the same gifts. But each of you has certain, unique skills that allow you to use certain areas of those gifts to their fullest. These skills are known as Symbiotic Abilities."


"Symbiotic Abilities?" Alex echoed.


"Correct," Kincaid said. "And it was in this very Base, fifteen years ago, that we gave you all your Symbiotic Abilities when you were just infants.”


"No way!" Dimitri howled.

"I'm afraid so," Kincaid nodded. "Ivan Romanoff, also known as Specimen 1. Psychokinetic, am I right?"

"That doesn't prove anything!" Ivan shouted. "You could have been monitoring this base the entire time!"


"Samantha Montague," Kincaid went on. “Specimen 2. Pyrokinetic. Specimen 3, Dimitri Romanoff – Telepath. Sebastian Kovareyan, Conjuror. Alex Cassidy, Cryomancer. Jason Wolf, Specimen 6.”


Kincaid smiled. “It may interest you to know, Jason, that neither Electrokinesis, the ability to manipulate electrical energy, nor spontaneous regeneration are your original Symbiotic Ability."

"Original?" Jason asked. "As in, 'more than one'?"

"Precisely," Kincaid nodded. "And that's because your Symbiotic Ability is Biokinesis."

"What's with all the kinesis action?" Alex grumbled.


"Biokin-what?" Jason narrowed his eyes.

"The ability to alter your body at will," Kincaid explained. "Biokinesis has been a banned Magical art for as long as I can remember. The High Command government put it on the black list years back. Whenever a new infant is born, they’re given a vaccine called an Imperfect Symbiotic Inhibitor Shot, or ISIS for short.”


"I don't understand," Jason said. "If my ability is Biokinesis, where did the lightning and the healing come from? Where did the 'sensing other people's power' thing come from?"

"Last time you were here," Kincaid said. "We gave you a serum designed to engineer your Biokinetic powers. Over years, your body would alter itself, giving you more and more Symbiotic Abilities without your knowledge.


"If Biokinesis is banned," Jason said. "And if all New Atlanteans infants are given an inhibitor vaccine, how come I have it?"

“Because none of you were ever given that shot,” Kincaid said.


"How come?" Sam asked.


"Because," Kincaid paused. "You differ from the standard New Atlantean in more ways than one. Because you're not so much natural organisms than you are synthetically grown replicas. Each and every one of you is, on a genetic level, a clone and…and you were grown here, in secrecy. You’re part of a new, never-before-seen race known as Symbiotes.”


"No!" Ivan shouted. "No, I refuse to believe that!"


"Yet you know it is true," Kincaid said calmly. "We designated certain families to take on the responsibility of being your legal guardians until you were called in. And that time is now.”


"Clones?!" Jason exploded. "That's ridiculous!! We look nothing alike!! Except for those two," he added as an afterthought, gesturing to Ivan and his brother.

"Clone is the wrong word," Kincaid decided. "You were all synthetically grown and are, on a basic level, exactly the same. And you were grown for a very specific purpose - to save the world."


"You keep saying that!" Dimitri said. "Save the world from what?"


"There is a clan out there," Kincaid said. "They are ruthless, merciless, brutal and without honour. They’re assassins for the highest bidder. They kill, steal, maim, rape, lie and plot for profit. They’re known as the Horde.”

"What do you expect us to do against this Horde?" Sam asked.


"It doesn't matter," Alex said bitterly. "You're mad if you think we'd help you after everything you've done!"

"Don't you get it?" Kincaid shouted. "This isn't about me! It's not even about you!! You were bred to help save this planet, whether you like it or not!! You can't escape your fate, no matter how hard you try!!"


"You created me from synthetic DNA," Jason growled. "You allowed me to think I was normal, and then you kidnapped my best friend and me, dragged me back into this sewer, and now you want my help?!!!"


“You still don’t understand!” Kincaid exclaimed. “Morpheus is the Leader of the Horde, and as far as he’s concerned, he’s the strongest sorcerer the world over. Perhaps he’s right, we can’t be sure. But Morpheus knows that you’re his biggest threat. I don’t know how he discovered about this project, but he knows. And whether you help me or not, Morpheus will send his legions to annihilate you.


“You can turn and run,” Kincaid said. “But which of you are prepare to live a life of fear? To move constantly from place-to-place with your gaze over your shoulder? That’s what awaits you if you refuse to stand up and face Morpheus now! Your destiny has been carefully laid out for you from long before you were born, and whether you stand with us or not, Morpheus will try and kill you all.”


“So what makes you think we stand a better chance of surviving if we decide to help?” Sam asked.

“I won’t lie to any of you,” Kincaid said. “I can’t promise that any of you will survive this. But fighting to save the world is a hell of a lot nobler than fighting to save your own skin.”


“He’s right,” Dimitri said after a few moments of silence. “If it’s true, and this…Morpheus does know all about us, then we’ll have to stand up to him sooner or later. I say we fight.”


“Think about what you’re saying, Dimitri,” Alex said. “These people call themselves heroes, but they condone the use of tools of the trade of villainy. How could you be a part of that?”


“We’re the ones risking our necks,” Dimitri said. “We can do this our way, not their way.”


“Not to mention that the training we can provide is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen,” Kincaid said. “We can advance your power and skills beyond anything you can imagine!”


Jason’s eyes glinted at this. “Really?”


“Absolutely,” Kincaid nodded. “There’s so much that you don’t yet know. And so much that you need to know in order to stand a chance. Right now, you’re Symbiote Specimens. Experiments. But you can become so much more. You can become Super Soldiers.”


“Super Soldiers,” Alex said. “I like the sound of that.”

Bastian smiled. “Has a nice ring to it.”



Kincaid gave a flicker of a grin. "Does that mean that you're on board?"


Alex glanced at the faces of his friends. Jason, Sam, Ivan, Bastian and Dimitri...they all nodded reassuringly. Alex glanced up at the screen. "Count us in, Director. Just tell us what we need to do."


"Excellent!" Kincaid sounded genuinely excited. "Well the first thing that need be done is to release my staff."

"Of course," Bastian said. He gestured at the bound scientists and the rope burst with a sharp crack, freeing them.


"I don't believe you've been formally introduced," Kincaid said.


"Right you are, sir," the brown-haired man said, stepping forward eagerly. "Michael Rushcroft, pleased to make your acquaintance."


Alex shook his hand. "What do you do here?"


"I'm Head of Research & Development," Rushcroft explained. "The Director has entrusted me to track down all sorts of information in the past, all ready for your training."

"Training?" Ivan echoed.


"There's lots more that you need to be taught in order to stand a chance against Horde assassins," the dark-haired man said. "Floyd Maverick, Base 21's Charmcaster and Draughtologor."

"Draughtology?" Bastian asked. "As in Potions?"

"Exactly," Floyd nodded. "This is my niece, Ami. She's the-"


"The Base's technological consultant," Ami jumped in. "And not only that, but I'm a certified metallurgist. I'll be handling all your technology training, not to mention supplying your weapons and armour."


Dimitri grinned. "Weapons and armour? We get weapons and armour? I’m down with that.”


"And I'm Holly Crenshaw," the second woman introduced herself. "I'll be training you in the most advanced forms of combat Magic that there are, such as Performance Enhancement spell, Bewitchments, Martial Arts, Ch'i-"

"I've already mastered Ch'i," Alex said stiffly.


"Oh, have you?" Crenshaw asked. "So you'll obviously be able to reach Perfect Symbiote, then?”

Alex blinked at her, not having a clue what she was on about.



"First things first," Kessler said. "I say we get them into the Training Dome and do a quick power scan. Then, Kincaid, you can properly debrief them we’ll get to training tomorrow morning.”

"Agreed," Kincaid said, nodding. "Kincaid out."

The hologram that was still hovering in the air disappeared.


"What's the Training Dome?" Sam asked.

"It's nothing to worry about," Kessler grinned. "We just need to assess your power levels. It's essential to forming a proper team."

"Team?" Dimitri asked numbly.


"Isn't it obvious?" Maverick asked. "You seven are the team.”



Alex did a quick headcount. “Seven? There are only six of us.”


“Forgetting someone?” Holly asked, amused.


It suddenly dawned on Alex what she was talking about. “Adam?” he asked.


“Exactly,” Rushcroft nodded. “He’s the seventh Symbiote, didn’t you know?”







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