The Legacy of Atlantis - The Awakening of Evil


Is it real? Is it a myth? There are people all over who will argue both cases. Some people will even tell you that magic is science we are unable to comprehend. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what other people tell you. All that matters is what I tell you right now.

I come from a world thought long gone by you and your people. It's better that way. For hundreds of years, the planet of New Atlantis has prospered in peace and, well...prosperity. That all changed when I ventured into a whole new world of forces that were beyond both my control and understanding, and now chaos lurks around every corner.

Believe it or not, I'm the only one who can stop it.

My name is Jason Wolf and in order for me to succeed, I need you to believe in the impossible. Trust me when I say that the fate of both our worlds hang in the balance.


1. Prologue

The Planet of New Atlantis…

Date Unknown

Time Unknown...


Lester's dream started just like always - the stomach-turning sensation of falling. He hated that.

Suddenly, Lester halted, and the inky black nothingness that surrounded him began to faze into focus, almost as if someone was sketching the world around him. Lester was in a meadow. Acres of green grass below a crispy blue sky.

This was new.


Then, something shocking happened - Lester began to hear a voice, calling his name out from across the meadow - a distinctively feminine voice.

"Who's there?" Lester called out, rotating three hundred sixty degrees on the spot. "Who's out there? What do you want?"

"I want your attention," the female voice came again, but from behind Lester. “And believe me when I say I’m accustomed to getting what I want.”


He whipped around and saw a strikingly pretty woman standing ten yards from him. She had long, curly black hair, a warm complexion, high cheekbones, a prominent, pointy chin and was robed in something that glowed ethereally. "Lester," she acknowledged him with a warm smile as though they were old friends, yet he’d never seen her before.


"Who are you?" Lester narrowed his eyes. “How did I get here?”

"My name is Deino," the woman said. "Yes...the Deino. The eldest of the Grey Sisters. I take it you know who we are?”

“I’ve read about you in one of my school textbooks,” Lester admitted.

“Which one?” Deino asked with a little laugh. “Was it ‘1000 Greatest Witches and Warlocks’, maybe? Or perhaps it was ‘Revered Historical Figures’?”


“A Guide to New Atlantean Mythology,” Lester said pointedly.


"I'll admit, our story does sound a little fantastical," Deino agreed.


"Is it true that you and your sisters are the most powerful beings...well...ever?" Lester asked.


"Yes and no," Deino said in a wishy-washy, apathetic tone. "Then again, it takes a considerable level of strength to be able to visit someone in their dream, no? And since this is all in your head, logic says that I am too. Which also means I have access to all your thoughts. Isn't that lovely? Saves a whole lot of time when it comes to introductions."


"Why did you come to me?" Lester asked. "What do you want from me?"


"You must know my story," Deino said heavily. "Decades ago, my sisters and I sought the greatest power worldwide. We thought we could use this power to make the world a better place, and so we journeyed far and wide, searching for the All-Seeing Eye.

"So, it's not an actual eye, but-"


"A Time Rupture," Lester finished. "You're right, I do know the story. But please...continue."


"Thank you," Deino nodded. "It was by no means easy, but we found the Eye, along with the power we sought. But the mistake we'd made was thinking that we could control this power. In fact, it corrupted us. Cursed us. Now, and forever more, my sisters and I are burdened with the power of Sight."


"The ability to see into the future," Lester supplied.


"Exactly," Deino nodded. "But we'd swore we'd only ever use the power to preserve the tapestry of time. To help ensure the survival of our race and our planet. And now there is a threat against this world."

"What does that have to do with me?" Lester asked.

"You don't know it, Lester, but you a part of a higher calling," Deino explained. "You are much more important than you know. And you are the only one who can save this world."


"Me?" Lester asked. "Why me? You're the one with the extreme power."

"Not only was I given power, but also knowledge, wisdom and understanding," Deino said. "And there are reasons why I should not personally intervene...perhaps you will understand one day...but it is not this day."


"How can I save the world?" Lester asked. "I’m only thirteen! I don't even know what I'm supposed to be saving it from!”

“Many years from now,” Deino said. “This world is destined to be threatened by a dark force of rebellion. There’s nothing anybody can do about that. This dark force will stop at nothing and slaughter any man, woman or child who stands in their way. We can’t let this clan threaten our home, and we must do everything in our power to stop them.”


“What?” Lester asked. “Huge armies can’t just appear from nowhere! Wouldn’t someone have noticed if there was a colossal legion congregating somewhere?”


“Good question,” Deino admitted. “Have ever heard of a group called the Enforcers?”


“Of course I have,” Lester said indignantly. “They work for the government as law enforcers.”


“Well in exactly eighteen months,” Deino said. “The government will have a new President who will disband the Enforcers. But that won’t be the end of them. They’ll soon reform as a clan of ruthless, cold-hearted assassins and their Leader, Morpheus, will be the strongest sorcerer this world has ever seen.”


“What can I do?” Lester asked.


Deino smiled wistfully. “I’m…I’m sorry, I can’t tell you.”

“What do you mean?” Lester asked, bewildered.


“I can’t tell you, because the less you know then the less likely it is that you’ll do something to throw the timeline off course,” Deino explained. “What I can tell you is that the answer will come to you when the time is right. I can also let you know that it matters not how much you try to keep it secret, for when Morpheus rises, he will know your plan to stop him inside out.

“Remember that him knowing what you’re trying to do won’t give him the power to stop you,” Deino continued. “But he will know. That’s for certain. You won’t know how, and I can’t tell you how…but he will.”


“How can you be sure?” Lester asked, desperate for a last scrap of information as he sensed that their little rendezvous was drawing to a conclusion.


Deino chose not to answer and instead turned her back on Lester. “Remember,” she said over her shoulder. “You may think you’re not special, Lester, but you are. Only you can save this world. You may not know why and neither do I but…you can be sure that you are the one. Never lose faith.

“I sense that you may try and shy away from your destiny, but know that you cannot. No matter how far you run, or how well you hide. Fate will always find you. Now wake, and know that doom is constantly impending.”


Before Lester could say another word, Deino snapped her fingers and the dream dissolved into darkness. The familiar sensation of being pitched forward greeted Lester and a sharp pain flared in his skull as he felt his head smack painfully against something solid and hard.


Lester’s eyes flickered open – he was sitting in his bedroom, head flat on his desk.  Sweat gleamed against Lester’s forehead and he was slightly out of breath, evidence of the intensity of his dream and he sported a throbbing bruise just above his right temple.


Lester wasn’t thinking about the pain, though, given what he’d just witnessed. His mind was racing, and as he sat up straight in his chair, gasping for breath, he knew, deep down, that as far as surprises and shocks went, there were plenty more where that came from.


And where he was headed, he was going to have to get used to it.







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