The Legacy of Atlantis - The Awakening of Evil


Is it real? Is it a myth? There are people all over who will argue both cases. Some people will even tell you that magic is science we are unable to comprehend. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what other people tell you. All that matters is what I tell you right now.

I come from a world thought long gone by you and your people. It's better that way. For hundreds of years, the planet of New Atlantis has prospered in peace and, well...prosperity. That all changed when I ventured into a whole new world of forces that were beyond both my control and understanding, and now chaos lurks around every corner.

Believe it or not, I'm the only one who can stop it.

My name is Jason Wolf and in order for me to succeed, I need you to believe in the impossible. Trust me when I say that the fate of both our worlds hang in the balance.


2. Morpheus the Omnipotent

The Planet of New Atlantis, within the Asphodel Zone


The Isle of the Damned, Hideout of the “Horde” clan of assassins


Thirteen years later...


Time Unknown




Once upon a time, the Horde had been a honourable order for the elite soldier. However, that was history now, and in an effort to remain active, the Horde had retreated to the underground of New Atlantis and begun to operate as assassins, bounty hunters and mercenaries for the highest bidder.


Morpheus knew that so much hatred and evil festered amongst the ranks of the Horde, and he planned to put it to use. First, however, he had to assume control of the Horde. And to do that, Morpheus had to remove the current leader, the legendary Iapetus the Impaler.


According to the Horde’s creed, their leader was currently subject to a challenge, and if he lost that challenge, he would have to surrender his title as commander of the clan. Naturally, the challenge was one-on-one combat, but Morpheus wasn’t worried.


It had taken him thirteen years’ training among the ranks of the Horde to give him the skills to defeat Iapetus, and Morpheus was not about to lose now.



Morpheus currently stood, erect and upright, on one end of a rope bridge that was suspended between two mountains, one hundred feet from the ground. At these altitudes, dense amounts of fog had congregated, adding an aura of mystique to the scene.


Morpheus was bare-chested with long, unkempt hair, a tangled beard and thick biceps. He wore trousers made of thin, light cotton and dark brown leather boots plated with metallic greaves.


Thirty yard away stood Iapetus, the clan’s leader for the past forty-five years.



Even in his old age, Iapetus was bigger than Morpheus, and likely physically stronger. Unfortunately for the Impaler, Morpheus was packing much more punch than he was letting up – Morpheus had taught himself how to keep the lion’s share of his power compressed within himself.


In single combat it wasn’t so useful, but it was always handy to let opponents think they had the upper hand, especially when that wasn’t the case.



Morpheus looked up. Ten feet above them, Iapetus’ right hand woman, Circe, was hovering steadily, almost like she was standing on the air.



“The challenger!!” Circe cried. Her voice had been magically amplified so that it rung out across the isle. “Morpheus!! The Defending Champion, Lord Iapetus!! This fight will be in accordance with the Horde’s Creed and to the death. Do you, Morpheus, still wish to issue the challenge?”


Morpheus cleared his throat before speaking. Everything he’d done for the past thirteen years had been leading up to the moment. This path had not been of his making and had instead been selected for him. Those he once considered his friends had forced his hands and now he was destined to take matters into his own hands.


For the greater good of all.


“I, Morpheus, do hereby challenge you, Lord Iapetus the Impaler, to single combat!” Morpheus bellowed. “How do you respond, my lord?”


Morpheus spoke the last two words with contempt as he scowled at his former master and mentor.  




Every head in the vicinity turned to face the clan leader. He stood stock still, arms crossed defiantly and a scowl marring his face. For a second, Morpheus thought he wasn’t going to answer, but then –


“I, Lord Iapetus the Impaler, do accept the challenge!” Iapetus bawled. He unfolded his arms and dropped them by his sides, steeling him for the fight that was to come.



High above them, Circe nodded. “Then, with the power vested in me by the Creed of the Horde, I allow battle to commence…now!”





Morpheus launched himself forward, moving along the bridge with unexpected speed. Iapetus remained where he was, arms folded once again. For a moment, Morpheus thought that the fight was his for the taking, but as he launched a rapid fury of punches and palm strikes, he realized that he’d underestimated the Impaler.



Iapetus dodged, ducked and weaved with almost impossible quickness. Without even moving his legs or unfolding his arms, he evaded every single attack that Morpheus launched. Morpheus grunted in anger and brought his hands down to chop Iapetus’ shoulders.


There was suddenly a sharp bang, and Morpheus felt pain flare in his chest. He rocketed backwards, and suddenly, there was a blaze of emerald light. Without waiting for his momentum to run out, Morpheus used it to his advantage, springing to his feet again.


He’d recognized the flare of green light and knew that Iapetus had Warped, also known as teleported, and pivoted and swung a power-driven roundhouse kick to his rear.


Iapetus, who was standing three feet behind Morpheus, blocked with his forearm and launched an explosive punch. Morpheus knew this move – it was the reason that Iapetus was known as the Impaler. His punches were so quick and powerful that he could physically puncture skin, flesh and bone, eliminating his foes with a single strike.


Morpheus was quick enough to parry, using Iapetus’ own momentum to throw him to one side. As soon as Iapetus was at a disadvantage, Morpheus was onto him. He smashed a kick into Iapetus’ face, knocking him flat on his back ten yards away.


Iapetus recovered instantly and backflipped onto his feet, adopting a martial arts stance.



Morpheus threw up his hands akimbo and felt the Magic in his veins boiling as he released his full power. Stun, Morpheus thought. Stun. Stun.



With each thought, each burst of mental effort, a sphere of scarlet light burst from Morpheus’ palm and veered at high speed toward Iapetus. Had Morpheus hit his target, Iapetus would’ve found himself unable to move his body. However, the Impaler was dodging the attacks with ease as he retreated along the bridge.


In frustration, Morpheus raised his right first and smashed it into the bridge itself. A shockwave of explosive energy rippled through the bridge and exploded underneath Iapetus’ feet, shooting him high into the air.




Morpheus closed his eyes quickly and felt the familiar burst of green light burn his eyelids, and then suddenly, wind was rushing past him. Morpheus opened his eyes and found that he was rapidly ascending through the clouds, Iapetus alongside him.


Without further ado, the two began airborne combat. Punching, swinging kicks and tossing around bursts of energy.




Morpheus moved in close, preparing to execute a kill move, but Iapetus was quicker. He threw up his hands, and then there was a sharp bang. Morpheus felt himself being forced backward through the air as they descended at a phenomenal rate.


Seconds later, he touched down on the bridge with a smack, having already used Magic to slow his descent.


Several feet away, Iapetus touched down also, smiling triumphantly.




“What are you smirking about?” Morpheus asked irritably.



“You’re not as powerful as I’d thought,” the Impaler said with a smile. “Defeating you is going to be even easier than I thought.”


Morpheus smiled too. “That’s where you’re wrong. I’ve already surpassed you, Impaler. I’ve trained so hard over the past thirteen years. I’ve gone where no man has ever dared go. I’ve pushed Magic itself to it’s very limits and beyond and as a result, I’ve become more powerful than you will ever be.”



“Talk is cheap, Morpheus,” Iapetus said, not worried in the slightest. “I see nothing that suggests you have even a fraction of the power that you claim.”


“Perhaps it’s time that we cut the chit-chat, then,” Morpheus said. “And finally got this party started. I’ve been playing with you, Iapetus. No longer.”





As Iapetus looked on, and as Circe and the five other members of Iapetus’ council watched from above, Morpheus himself began to change form.


With grunts of agony, his biceps began to enlarge, his legs elongated and thickened and his chest bulked up as he rapidly grew to twice his normal size.


Iapetus was unable to keep the shock from registering on his face. He recoiled a few steps backward along the bridge as his assailant roared triumphantly.


“Look closely, Iapetus!!” Morpheus boomed. “Because this is the last face that you’ll ever see!”




“I don’t think so!” Iapetus snarled. There was a sudden flash of green, and Morpheus felt his back being pounded by a volley of searing jets of scarlet light. Morpheus recognized the Stunning Spells, and in his normal state, would have already been paralyzed.


However, Morpheus was far from his normal state, something that Iapetus slowly began to realize as the ineffectiveness of his attacks dawned on him.




Morpheus whipped around, eyes blazing, and raised one huge leg before bringing it down upon the bridge. The resulting shockwave, again, launched Iapetus several feet into the air.


Morpheus was already launching himself upward. He fired a powerful kick to the face that sent Iapetus veering backward to crash into the mountainside at the end of the bridge. The clan leader smashed into the rock and slumped down, falling into a heap in the dirt.



Morpheus’ flying ability kicked in and he allowed himself to descend slowly, until he was level with Iapetus. The clan leader looked up and made eye contact with Morpheus, and for the first time, Morpheus saw fear dwelling in the Impaler’s eyes.


Unfortunately for him, Morpheus had little pity or sympathy for cowards.



“IAPETUS!!” Morpheus roared. “THIS IS THE END FOR YOU!! IT’S OVER!!”



Without waiting for a reply, Morpheus pumped his arms back and forth repeatedly, firing off a volley of green energy bolts into the mountainside and triggering a huge explosion that went off with a huge bang. A second later, there was an ear-splitting Grooooooocccck as the mountainside split, spewing tons of rocks onto the bridge and ripping one side of it free of the mountain.



Even through the bridge fell, Morpheus remained, hovering in mid-air with his arms folded malevolently. Morpheus’ last attack had been a test, not that he’d expected it to be successful.



The smoke began to clear, and sure enough, at the heart of what was left of the mountainside, was Iapetus standing straight-backed with his hands raised above his head. Iapetus was encased within a glimmering, azure, energy shield.


Morpheus instantly knew that it was this that had protected him from the explosion.



But it wouldn’t be enough to save him.



Iapetus, somehow, seemed to think he’d gained the upper hand. He dropped his arms and his shield dissipated. “It seems like you’re final attack has failed, Morpheus. Even your most powerful strike wasn’t enough to take me down, and now you’ve run out of options.”



Morpheus smiled. No not a smile…a smirk. “Whatever gave you that idea?” he asked smugly.

“What idea?” Iapetus narrowed his eyes.


“That was just a warm up compared to what I can do,” Morpheus assured him. “However…I don’t see the point of physically exerting myself when I can just kill you now.”


Iapetus drew in a breath. “You jest.”




Morpheus threw his head back and boomed with laughter. “Let’s find out, shall we? YAH!!”


Iapetus was forced to lunge into the air as Morpheus let off another blast. Little did he know, Morpheus had been expecting this. He threw his other hand up and a burst of golden energy jetted from his palm, twisting and coiling in mid-air as it took shape and turned from pure energy, neither liquid nor gas, into thick, metallic chains.


There was nothing Iapetus could have done. The chains twisted around him, almost crushing his ribcage and locking him into one spot in the air. A quick glance to his left and right told Iapetus that the chains were seemingly pulling themselves, keeping him trapped.



“No!!” he boomed, struggling for all it was worth. Despite his efforts, the chains grew even tighter.


Morpheus laughed as several of Iapetus’ ribs cracked with a sickening crunch. “The harder you struggle, the tighter they get,” he said, enjoying Iapetus’ discomfort.



“You coward!” Iapetus roared. “Admit it! You don’t have the courage to face me properly, and so you kill me while I’m defenceless?!!”




Morpheus laughed. “I know what you’re trying to do, Iapetus. Your little mind games don’t work on me. In fact, they’re never going to work on anyone ever again. But before you say goodbye, I’m going to give you one last demonstration of my supreme power. I’m going to send you from this world with the Touch of Death.”



This time, it was Iapetus’ turn to laugh. “Don’t kid yourself, Morpheus!! You and I both know that no matter how strong you become, the Touch of Death will be forever out of your reach! Have you forgotten that it is a forbidden art? That the wretched government purge all New Atlanteans of all Magic deemed to be evil from infancy?”



Morpheus leaned in close. “Let me tell you a secret. I’m not New Atlantean.”




Iapetus’ eyes widened as Morpheus scooted backward a few feet and raised his hand, palm flat and facing towards Iapetus with his thumb tucked in. “The age of Iapetus is over. Face it. Your time and your life are both done. Now, I purge you of your exist. Breathe no longer.”



Morpheus felt the temperature in his hand drop, and before he could react to the cold, a jet of black light burst from his hand and hit Iapetus straight in the chest. The imprint of a human body made entirely of the same black energy burst from Morpheus’ own body and dissipated.


The chains relaxed their grip, and as Iapetus’ head slumped and his arms relaxed, he fell from the sky, tumbling to the ground, dead.




The air was full of the loudest silence as Morpheus’ body regressed to its base level form. He ascended quickly through the clouds and slowed his ascent only when he assembled with the six members of Iapetus’ council. These were the Horde’s six best assassins, aside from himself.



Circe was the first one to speak. “Hail our new Commander,” she said stiffly. “We so swear to follow you, obey you and protect your soverign with our lives. All hail the Master of the Horde…Morpheus the Omnipotent.”











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