The Legacy of Atlantis - The Awakening of Evil


Is it real? Is it a myth? There are people all over who will argue both cases. Some people will even tell you that magic is science we are unable to comprehend. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what other people tell you. All that matters is what I tell you right now.

I come from a world thought long gone by you and your people. It's better that way. For hundreds of years, the planet of New Atlantis has prospered in peace and, well...prosperity. That all changed when I ventured into a whole new world of forces that were beyond both my control and understanding, and now chaos lurks around every corner.

Believe it or not, I'm the only one who can stop it.

My name is Jason Wolf and in order for me to succeed, I need you to believe in the impossible. Trust me when I say that the fate of both our worlds hang in the balance.


18. Kincaid's Story

Chapter 17: Kincaid’s Story



Base 21, seven leagues beneath the ocean,

The Infirmary, Sector 1-1-2,

Date Unknown...

Time Unknown...



The first thing Alex noticed when he woke up was that he was lying in a remarkably soft bed. The second thing he noticed was that his head was killing him. Alex's eyes flew open as it all came flooding back - the fight in the Training Dome. He sat up sharply and immediately regretted it as his head throbbed terribly.

Alex groaned in pain and slowly lay back down.


"You don't look so hot, Cassidy," said a familiar voice, with a hint of amusement.


Alex glanced to his left and caught sight of Jason, Sam and Holly standing next to his bed. Rather than their own clothes, Jason and Sam had both changed into new outfits. Jason wore a plain, black t-shirt and track event shorts, while Sam was wearing dark blue denim jeans and a silver parka with a furry hood.

Alex smiled. “I’m a Cryomancer, I never look “so hot”.”


Jason laughed. “I see what you did there.”


Alex glanced around. “Where am I?”


“This is the Infirmary sector,” Holly spoke up. “You know this used to be a government research facility, but we had this place massive upgraded since we took it over. We figured you guys would need it, what with all the training we planned to do.”


Alex nodded. “How long have I been out?”

“Long enough,” Holly said. “Since last night, in fact.”


“Last night?!” Alex exclaimed. “Whoa…what time is it?”

Holly checked her watch. “Just gone eight am.”


Alex nodded. “Where’s everyone else?”


“The other side of the base,” Holly said. “The boss wants to talk to all of you before you start training, properly explain what it is that your mission is.”


Jason nodded. “I’m only here because I thought I could try healing you, but the doc didn’t think it was a good idea until you woke up.”

“No, I didn’t!” Holly said heatedly. “You’ll forgive me, Jason, when I say that I don’t fully trust your healing powers as of yet. Who knows what could happen?”


Alex laughed. “Holly, I’ll be fine. I just took a hell of a beating, I think I’ll be able to grit my teeth and bear it while Jason applies a plaster.”

Sam and Jason grinned.



Holly crossed her arms. “It’s your choice, Alex.”


“I’ll work my Magic, then,” Jason quipped. He took a step toward Alex’s bed, but then glanced over his shoulder at Holly and Sam. “You two might want to take a step back.”

They scooted back about a yard, giving Jason a comfortable amount of room.


“Now,” Jason said. “This might tickle slightly.”



He placed his hands flat on Alex’s chest and, a second later, waves of golden energy were running smoothly over Alex’s entire body. As he was surrounded by golden light, Alex felt the most incredible sensation of elation as his headache vanished instantly. A cramp that had been brewing in his leg cooled off and Alex felt his energy rising even.


He took a big breath and exhaled deeply, breathing out a few golden wisps as he did.


Jason peeled his hands from Alex’s chest and took a step back before shaking his fingers for a second. “How you feeling?”




Alex pulled the duvet to one side and stepped out of the bed. He rocked from the balls of his feet to his heels and back again experimentally. “How do I feel? I feel great, man!! I owe you one, Jason!”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Jason grinned, clapping him on the arm.


“I hate to split up a brewing bromance,” Sam quipped. “But we do need to get to Kincaid’s Story Time.”



“Not sure I’d call it that,” Holly said, her voice wobbling with amusement. “But, yeah. Sam’s right. We don’t want to miss that.”




“Is someone going to explain what a bromance is?” Alex asked, bewildered.



“I’ll tell you later,” Jason said out the side of his mouth.




Outside the Infirmary was a familiar sight  - corridors and passageways with matte grey walls and grey, carpeted floors. Doors were set in both walls along the corridors, leading to many different sectors of the base.


“How do you navigate this place?” Sam wondered as Holly led them along the hallways like the back of her hand.



“Practice,” Holly said confidently. “At first, I kept getting lost, but fifteen years of regular visits can work wonders for your memory.”

“I bet it can,” Jason laughed. “Wait…where are we actually going?”


“The Data Retention sector,” Holly explained. “Kincaid gave orders to rendezvous there.”

“Any idea why?” Alex asked.

“A few,” Holly admitted.


“Feel like sharing?” Jason prompted.


“Not really,” Holly said. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because we’re here.”




Holly indicated to the door at the far end of the corridor.


“That was quick,” Jason remarked.

“We took a short cut,” Holly assured him. “Off you pop.”



Holly stood there, smiling, as the three of them set off down the corridor. “That woman,” Alex said. “Is very strange.”





Jason, who was expecting to have to knock, was surprised when the door jumped to one side as they approached, admitting them entry. The Data Retention Sector was similar to the Infirmary in that it, too, was a long corridor, about ten feet wider than the ones that networked Base 21, with a polished marble floor and great, white pillars that held up a magnificent ceiling about forty feet off the ground.


Filing cabinets lined one wall and computer stations were arranged in front of those, while on the other wall, vials and test tubes of glowing golden light were laid out onto shelves.


The end of the room was one hundred yards away down the centre walkway where a giant window, about twenty-five feet tall, was embedded in the wall, spilling the brilliantly blue light of the sea into the room. Jason immediately noticed that Dimitri, Ivan and Bastian were present, leaning on individual pillars with their arms folded and their feet tapping impatiently.


At the very end of the room, standing in front of the window, was the silhouette of a tall, broad-shouldered man with his hands tucked behind his back, gazing out into the ocean deep.



Jason, as well as everyone else, knew exactly who it was. “Kincaid,” Alex said deeply.


The man turned to face them and there was a sharp intake of breath. When they’d spoken through the screen the day before, the room Kincaid had been in was dark. Now, however, his features were there for all to see.


Kincaid had bushy grey eyebrows, a short beard and face weathered and lined by age. “Greetings,” he said. Jason couldn’t decide whether his voice was one of excitement, disappointment or pride.


Kincaid threw out his arms, like ta-da. “This!” he said grandly. “Is the Data Retention Sector. In other words, Base 21’s nucleus of information. Files, digital records, dossiers…even the memories of others. I daresay that this is the greatest assembly of information in history.


“It’s also the base’s most secure room, although it may not have seemed like it on your entry,” Kincaid said, a smile in his voice. “This is on account of this room also being the most dangerous. Can someone tell me why?”



“According to what you told us, Kincaid,” Ivan began. “We don’t have any time to waste. So I say we get on with the training.”

“You may be able to operate how you wish on the field, Mr Romanoff,” Kincaid said gently. “But while you’re on these premises, we do things my way. All righty?”


Sam interjected hotly. “Just because you supposedly created us-“

“Sam, button it!” Alex said sharply. “Let’s hear what he has to say.”

Since they’d met, Jason reckoned he’d got the basic measure of Sam’s character pretty well, and was even more certain that she was about to scorch Alex’s hair off for being rude, but to Jason’s surprise, Sam seemed to gulp back her words and said no more.


Out of the corner of his eye, Jason caught sight of Ivan, Bastian and Dimitri gawping in surprise too.


Kincaid waited a few moments before proceeding. “Right…well…this sector will be instrumental in your training as there will be several…subjects you will be required to take.”

Dimitri groaned. “So it’s basically Summer School?”

Kincaid laughed. “Not at all, Dimitri. I doubt that Summer School will teach you how to infiltrate a person’s mind on such a level that…well let’s just say that it would be very uncomfortable. For them, of course.”


“Cool,” Dimitri whispered to himself.


“However, before we get to that,” Kincaid said. “There are some things that you should understand. I’m sure you probably have questions about the Symbiote Project itself, yes?”


Bastian nodded. “Definitely.”



“Well then fire away, Mr Kovareyan,” Kincaid nodded.

“Well…” Bastian hesitated. “You said that you created us as a means to stop a warlord-slash-assassin called Morpheus.”


“Well, how could you know he was going to be a threat?” Bastian asked.


“Good question,” Kincaid nodded. He paused for a few, agonising seconds, and then went on. “Have you ever heard of Sight?”

“Me?” Bastian asked.

“Any of you,” Kincaid’s gaze swept over them. “And I’m talking about Secondary Sight, or Precognitive Sight.”


“You mean seeing the future?” Ivan checked.

“It’s a crude description, but it fits,” Kincaid nodded. “Yes, Ivan, seeing the future.”

“You can’t actually-?” Alex begun, but Kincaid cut across him.

“No, Alex, I can’t actually see the future,” Kincaid assured him quickly. “Experts have always said that Sight is a highly powerful and dangerous magical art and was therefore added to the Blacklist centuries ago.


“However, there was an old legend,” Kincaid continued. “Of three witches, three sisters who sought power. The went across the Earth, sharpening their magical skills and furthering their powers on their quest to become the world’s strongest.”


“The Grey Sisters,” Sam said stiffly.

Kincaid snapped his fingers. “Precisely. Enyo Grey, Deino Grey and Persephone Grey. One day, the sisters were rumoured to have heard of a legend themselves, of the All-Seeing Eye.”


“The what?” Alex asked.



“Not an actual eye,” Bastian assured him. “I read about this in ‘1000 Atlantean Legends. It was actually a split in time that was leaking so much power that anybody who went too close to it began to lose their mind.”


“Deep,” Dimitri said.

“It is,” Kincaid nodded. “But the sisters fancied their chances, being the world’s strongest. They’d conquered so many foes…poverty, weakness, war…even death itself. And now they were going to take it a step further and become the mistress’ of time.”


Kincaid paused and glanced around the room. “Finding the cave on the “edge of the world”, as they called it, where the All-Seeing Eye was rumoured to dwell. What they did next was possibly the most idiotic and momentous thing that they could’ve done. Any guesses?”


“They looked at it,” Sam said.

“And then they went nuts?” Dimitri asked, wide-eyed.

“No,” Kincaid shook his head. “It’s true, that they gazed directly into the heart of time, but rather than driving them insane, the Eye poured it’s power into them. And they drank it all in.



“The power corrupted them, you know,” Kincaid continued. “There was more power in them than soul when all was said and done. From that day on, the Grey Sisters were said to serve only Destiny itself as the masters of time. They came to people at choice moments and influenced their choices to put them on the paths of their destinies.”


“But that’s good!” Jason exclaimed.

“Not necessarily,” Kincaid shook his head. “They served Destiny, remember? Sometimes, it was a person’s Destiny to die. Sometimes it was evil’s fate to prevail. The Grey Sisters were not heroes. They were not guardians and nor were they saints or angels. They were the hands of Fate itself, or so the story said. Just like a lot of people, I used to think it was just a story.


Kincaid gazed through the clear window as he spoke. “Then something happened that changed all that. When I was thirteen, I had a dream. This dream was unlike any other I’d experienced before or since. It was unique, one-of-a-kind.”


“What happened?” Ivan asked.


“She came to me,” Kincaid said. “Deino. The eldest of the Grey Sisters. She infiltrated my dream to talk to me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Deino explained all about the future. All about how Morpheus would rise and that it was my destiny to stop him. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to on my own, but it wasn’t until I was in University that the answer came to me.


“In fact, it was my best friend Alfredo, who gave me the idea,” Kincaid said, the faint trace of a smile on his face. “We both majored in genetics and politics, and he was the only other person, save for my staff here at Base 21, that I ever told about my destiny. So what happened next?” Kincaid asked.


“Well next, we both graduated and we started my political campaign to get into the office of Director of the capital,” Kincaid said. “We figured that a little extra power and influence could go a long way. Of course, we were successful, and I used my influence at the High Command to secure control of Base 21 after it was abandoned by High Command scientists.”



“So that’s how you got this place,” Dimitri said, slapping one hand onto a pillar.

“Yes,” Kincaid nodded. “We began developing the genetic code, the details of which I won’t bore you with, and it did take a few years. But finally, it was finished. We, that is to say I, Floyd, Holly, Ami and Michael created seven specimens of our new Symbiote weapon. Those were, of course, you. Without the inhibitor serums running through your veins, you were unrestricted. You were just infants and already stronger than all of us.”


“I have a question,” Sam said.

“Go on,” Kincaid nodded.

“If Adam is the seventh Symbiote,” Sam said. “How is it that he’s older than we are? And he knows much more about this project than we do.”


“Yeah!” Alex said, fuming.

“Well,” Kincaid said. “Adam was my insurance, really. I created you to have perfect free will, to be as humanlike as possible. Only problem was that if you had the power to make your own decisions, there was always the chance that you may not want to fulfil your purpose and help stop Morpheus.


“Adam’s ability to absorb the Symbiotic Abilities of others made him the perfect enforcer,” Kincaid explained. “But there was a catch with that too – Adam happened to be, statistically speaking, the weakest of all seven Symbiotes. To solve that problem we gave him all the training we could get our hands on. We trained him in all of your abilities on account of his power to use all of them.”


“But you never answered Sam’s question,” Bastian said. “How come he’s older than us?”


“I was just about to answer that,” Kincaid said. “Obviously, we couldn’t train an infant, and we wanted as much time as possible, especially when we had no idea when Morpheus would even surface. So we gave him a shot of growth acceleration serum. Adam aged seven years in the space of a few weeks.”


Sam gasped and Jason, Alex and Ivan gawped.


“Are you serious?” Bastian asked, wide-eyed.



“Deadly,” Kincaid nodded. “Isn’t that right, Adam?”





The air a few paces behind Alex, the air rippled and Adam appeared, arms folded and a smile on his voice. “Absolutely,” he nodded.

Alex whipped around. “What’s he doing here?”


“Adam is also going to play a part in your training,” Kincaid said confidently. “His power may not be as great as any of yours, but his skill far surpasses any of yours.”



Jason smiled. “So are we beginning the training now?”

“Not all of you,” Kincaid shook his head. “Have any of you ever heard of I.D.E.A?”

They all shook their heads no.


Adam took point. “Good. You’re not supposed to hear of it. It’s a secret government research organization. The initials stand for Inter-Dimensional Espionage Agency. As you may be able to guess, IDEA explore the different ways that we may be able to harness travel between dimensions.”


“What does this have to do with anything?” Ivan asked.


“Horde agents broke into the IDEA HQ yesterday,” Kincaid said. “And managed to steal some very valuable blueprints of a machine that can allow travel across dimensions. Unfortunately for them, the Military Police were able to capture one of the Horde agents.


“So far, he hasn’t broken during interrogation, and it’s clear he’s had some telepathic resistance training. But I’m confident that Dimitri can break through.”




Dimitri stiffened. “You want me to read his mind?”

“We have to assume that low-ranking agents such as this one aren’t told everything,” Kincaid said. “So there’s only so much he’ll be able to give you, but it’s worth a look.”


Dimitri nodded. “Okay, I’ll go.”

Kincaid nodded back. “Excellent. Adam’ll take you.”



Adam strode over to Dimitri, placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder and closed his eyes for a moment. The room was filled with the blazing green glow of teleportation, and the two were Warped away instantaneously.


“What are we doing, then?” Bastian asked.


“It’s likely that you’ll be fighting quite a bit in the coming days,” Kincaid said. “So I want to make sure that you all learn the most effective means of combat. Which is, of course, the Art of Ch’i. As I understand it, Mr Cassidy is already an accomplished user of Ch’i. Alex? Do you feel like you could show your new comrades the basics?”



Alex was slightly taken aback. As one of the Cryomancer Clan’s finest, he often had a hand in training some of the others, but this was different. “Err…” he hesitated.

Kincaid smiled. “I sense you’re nervous. Don’t be. I’ve monitored all of you throughout your lives and I’d never ask something of you if I didn’t think you could handle it.”


Alex nodded. “Okay. Let’s do it. We can use the Training Dome, right?”



“Of course,” Kincaid nodded. “Base 21’s full arsenal of resources are at your disposal, Alex.”

Alex nodded gratefully. “Thanks.”

“You might need this, too,” Kincaid said. He pointed his finger at the wall, and one of the filing cabinets shot open and a manila file flew out of the drawer and swooped into Alex’s hand. “Just in case.”


Alex was positive that he knew what it was even without opening it. He simply nodded and gestured to the others to follow him. “Let’s not waste any time,” he said. “And get started right away.”





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