The Legacy of Atlantis - The Awakening of Evil


Is it real? Is it a myth? There are people all over who will argue both cases. Some people will even tell you that magic is science we are unable to comprehend. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what other people tell you. All that matters is what I tell you right now.

I come from a world thought long gone by you and your people. It's better that way. For hundreds of years, the planet of New Atlantis has prospered in peace and, well...prosperity. That all changed when I ventured into a whole new world of forces that were beyond both my control and understanding, and now chaos lurks around every corner.

Believe it or not, I'm the only one who can stop it.

My name is Jason Wolf and in order for me to succeed, I need you to believe in the impossible. Trust me when I say that the fate of both our worlds hang in the balance.


7. Isle of the Damned

The planet of New Atlantis, the Asphodel Zone


Isle of the Damned,


Territory of the Horde clan of assassins


3rd August 2017, 23:00 pm…





The Pantheon of the Damned was the very nucleus of Horde activity on the Isle. The pantheon itself was situated at the core of the Horde’s Head Quarters and was the room that Morpheus and his new council congregated in to discuss matters.


The pantheon was a pitch-dark room…or at least it was until the long, rectangular table made of thick glass at the end of the room lit up brightly.



Sitting along the table were the six members of Morpheus’ council. First, on the far left, was Circe. She’d taken down her red hair and had one leg crossed over the other.


Next to her was her mute brother Acheron.


Acheron had the same red hair and pale complexion, but had a few more scars on his face.



Next to Acheron was Boreas, the oldest member of the council. Following Boreas were the final three Antaeus, Midas and Quantum. The council had only just arrived at the Pantheon, and moments after they’d all sat down, the room was blasted with harsh light as a huge plasma screen TV embedded in the wall behind the desk was switched on, showing the head and shoulders of their new commander.


“My lord,” Circe stood and bowed from the waist.



“Circe,” Morpheus acknowledged. “Sitrep!” he suddenly barked.



Circe nodded. “Yes, sir. We tracked the blueprints down, and they were exactly where we expected, sir. The Headquarters of the I.D.E.A.”

“What does that stand for again?” Morpheus asked.


“They’re the Inter-Dimensional Espionage Agency, sir,” Circe said exasperatedly.


“Ah yes, I remember. Go on.”



“I authorised Squadron six hundred to lead the mission,” Circe said. “The op was successful, and we retrieved the prints. This was three days ago, and we’ve since analysed the schematics. I’ve been informed that we have several potential buyers for the plans-“


“No,” Morpheus shook his head. “I have different plans for the blueprints. Boreas, I’ve already told you about this.”



Boreas nodded. “Yes sir.”

“You remember your mission?” Morpheus checked.


Boreas nodded. “Antaeus and I were to learn more about the theory of Inter-Dimensional travel. So we went to the city of Valhalla and tracked down Dr Valentina Santa-Cruz, head of I.D.E.A’s Research & Development sector.”


“Wise choice,” Morpheus nodded.


Boreas smiled, drumming his fingers on the table’s cool, glass surface. “Indeed, sir. It took a little…persuasion, but the good doctor eventually told us what we wanted to know. Where dimensional travel is concerned, there are only two known ways to achieve it. The first is with a Dimensional Cannon, the only blueprints of which were kept in the IDEA vaults, until we liberated them.


“The second,” Boreas continued. “Is with a special charmstone, which was unique and one of a kind. This charmstone allegedly had the power to punch holes through the barriers between dimensions and create doorways to other worlds. According to Santa-Cruz, the High Command have the only one in existence under the tightest security imaginable.”


“So how did you solve that one?” Morpheus asked.



Antaeus took point. “Well out initial thought was, of course, to raid the High Command citadel in Pandora.”

“No,” Morpheus said instantly. “We can’t let Kincaid know that we’re moving against him. If he activates his Symbiotes before we have what we need…the road ahead will instantly become twenty times more difficult, believe me.”


Boreas nodded. “Of course, sir. Give us a little more credit than that! Instead, we tracked down the sorceress who enchanted the Charmstone. A woman called Lupa, who dwells in the Arkadian forests. We struck a swift bargain that gave us exactly what we needed – a second charm that will allow travel between dimensions.”


“Excellent,” Morpheus smiled. “You’ve done well, Boreas. Lord Morpheus is pleased.”



Boreas smiled and relaxed back in his chair.



Circe took back the spotlight. “That was yesterday, sir. Today, Acheron and I plan to track down your…chosen ones, if you will. We’ll show them the evidence and hand over the blueprints in exchange for their assistance in retrieving the weapon.”


Morpheus nodded. “You have my blessing to do just that, Circe.”




“My lord?” Boreas spoke up.

“Questions, Boreas?” Morpheus asked.


“Yes, sir,” Boreas said lazily. “I wonder why we can’t simply achieve our goals ourselves.”



Morpheus smiled. “If you’d studied the High Command security protocols as thoroughly as I have, Boreas, you would not be asking me this. Suffice it to say that the High Command never thought of the possibility of one without Magic ever being able to even reach their vaults, much less breach them.”



Boreas was not satisfied with the answer, and had a million more questions for his commander. However, he held his tongue.



“Our plan advances,” Morpheus said. “Soon our work will be complete and we’ll be ready to face Director Kincaid’s toy soldiers. But for now, we operate in shadows. We move in absolute secrecy. Kill when only absolute necessary and do not authorise any raids or attacks without my consent. Is that understood?”


Circe nodded. “Loud and clear, sir.”



“You and your brother get down to Outfitting and tool up,” Morpheus said with a smile. “I’m giving you an hour, and then I want you two on your way.”


Morpheus’ smile widened. “I think you’ll find Earth an interesting experience.”



“What makes you say that?” Circe asked, somewhat sharply. Morpheus was speaking as though he was certain, which was impossible.


Wasn’t it?



“Just a feeling,” Morpheus chuckled. “Be on your way, Circe. Commander, out.”


As soon as Morpheus had disconnected, Boreas glared at Circe. “Why didn’t you tell him?”

“Tell him what?” Circe asked innocently.


“You know what!” Boreas spat. “Squadron Six Hundred lost a man that day during the raid. Right now, our enemies could be interrogating him!!”



“There was no need to report that,” Circe said dismissively. “Nobody outside this council knows more than we tell them. Let them interrogate, they'll get nothing."

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