The Legacy of Atlantis - The Awakening of Evil


Is it real? Is it a myth? There are people all over who will argue both cases. Some people will even tell you that magic is science we are unable to comprehend. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what other people tell you. All that matters is what I tell you right now.

I come from a world thought long gone by you and your people. It's better that way. For hundreds of years, the planet of New Atlantis has prospered in peace and, well...prosperity. That all changed when I ventured into a whole new world of forces that were beyond both my control and understanding, and now chaos lurks around every corner.

Believe it or not, I'm the only one who can stop it.

My name is Jason Wolf and in order for me to succeed, I need you to believe in the impossible. Trust me when I say that the fate of both our worlds hang in the balance.


10. Director Kincaid


The Planet of New Atlantis, somewhere within the Asphodel Zone

1st August 2017

Time Unknown...


In a secure bunker in an unknown location, a man sat shrouded in darkness and surrounded by a bank of HD video screens, each one displaying a different angle of a concrete cell block. The man checked his watch - Michael's report was already two minutes late, which wasn't good news in the slightest, but all wasn't lost.

Not yet anyway.

Suddenly, there was a sharp buzz. The man thumbed a button in the armrest of his sleek, leather chair, and a man's voice filled the bunker.

"Director? It's me."

"This had better me good news, Mike," Kincaid replied.


"Very," Mike's voice said. "Adam has reported in. He has successfully retrieved all six of your targets, sir."

"Excellent," Kincaid said darkly. "I assume they've been sedated?"

"Naturally," Mike agreed. "Once they awaken, we can begin. Sir, I thought you should know that all six specimens have turned out more or less as planned. I'm sending their new profiles to you now."


Kincaid tapped a few buttons on his armrests, and six of the screens in front of him flickered, displaying pictures along with a list of information about the targets.


"Romanoff, Ivan," Mike said. "Specimen 1. We managed to get our hands on his school records and they say that the boy's a natural at psychokinesis, just like before. His..."brother", Dimitri, is similar, but, of course, with telepathy."


"Huh," Kincaid said. "Excellent. What about the others?"


"Alexander Cassidy," Mike reported. "Adam tells me that he was exactly where we left him - way out in the frozen wastes of the Mountains, being raised by the Cryomancer clan there. Of course, his cryokinetic abilities are something to behold, and he's even been taught how to use Ch'i."


"Very interesting," Kincaid's eyes shone. "I bet he'll be a useful addition to the team."


"Of course he will," Mike shrugged. "Take a look at this one. Specimen 6. You remember our little experiment?"


Kincaid nodded. "Of course."



"Well it seems to have been a success," Mike informed him. "Specimen 6 has a power level that is way beyond anything I've ever seen...he's in a class by himself! It seems that over the years, the serum has done it's work, gradually granting him more and more abilities, although at the moment, he's only developed three others. Electrokinesis, spontaneous regeneration and he's also Super Sensory to Magic. It was a risk, bringing him back. In fact..." Mike trailed off.


"What?" Kincaid pressed on.


"He could be dangerous," Mike said. "A liability, even. I did some digging, and surprisingly, it's a well-hiddedn fact that a few years back, he got angry and nearly wiped out the city of Akheles! I think...I think we should give him the inhibitor."

"No," the Director said. "Under no circumstances...hear me? None. We can control Wolf...we have to. We'll need him."









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