Dear diary...... I'm lost

High School is hard. Katherine Flemming is aware of that. But what about college? What will happen to her when she isn't just going too school everyday but also lives in it? What about the social anxiety she feels around crowded places? It looks like this is going to be a bumpy ride


1. chapter 1: college

Dear diary

I'm lost.

What do you wear on the first day of college? Like do you dress up or just go comfortable? Maybe just in the middle? Arrrgh I'm going fucking crazy! Like just the thought of being underdressed makes me sick and the thought of being overdressed is even worse! Fucking shitty social anxiety. I decide to just go with a oversized sweater dress, a pair of knee socks and doc martens. On top of my pastel hair I place a beanie. I quickly grab all my many bags and head for the car where my dad is waiting. I jump in the front of the car and throw my bags in the back. "Hey baby" dad said. "Just drive" I sighed. "What got you so worked up?" my dad asked with a laugh. I let out a large sight and mumbled "I don't know.. I'm just really stressed and a bit worried that not seeing dr. Thomson will make me explode". Dr. Thomson is my Psychology who I talk to about my social anxiety and my anger issues. From the outside I might seem emotionless and cold but I'm the exact opposite. "Oh I understand honey, I'm sure you'll be just fine" my fathers insured me. "Probably. I just think I might have forgot something" I sighed. My life is filled with sighs. "Do you have all of your jewelry?" He asked with a smile and I just nodded. "Then you will be just fine" he said and let out a loud laughter. He was probably referring to all of my many piercings. I have 6 in each ear, one in my septum, one in the lip, one in the tongue and one in my belly button. ____________________________________________we pulled up at campus and I quickly got my bags and jumped out. "Bye dad" I waved at him through the window. "Bye baby, remember to visit right?" He answered and I just nodded and rushed towards the building that said "room 240-300" I was going to stay at room 259 with some other girl. The college I enrolled was a creative sort of college. There was three majors: Music, Art and performance. I was majored in music and art. Originally you could only have one major but I had gotten a scholarship that let me major in both. I quickly opened the door and revealed a empty room. By the time my roomie arrived I had already unpacked and was laying on my bed with a Stephen King book. A girl with long blonde hair and a floral drees walked in the door with what i assumed was her mother. She started out with giving me a skeptical look followed by a fake smile. "hi im lucy, im your roomie" i said with a smile. "hi, im jenny" She answered me shortly. "well im gonna let you unpack" i said and left the room quickly...... How freaking awkward. I went down the hall until i reached the stairs. I went up until i was at he top. i went out the black steel door at the end of the stairs without even knowing where i was going. A roof. I came out on a roof. great! i could see the whole campus from up here. i got out my sketch pad and a pen and started drawing.

after about an hour i had made somthing i thougt was okay and i decided to go downstairs again. i jumped down all of the stairs. when i was at the bottom of the stairway i jumped of and right in to a dark haired boy.

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