Cant lose what you never had,
Cant keep whats not yours,
Cant hold on to something that dose not want to stay.
~A Ashton Irwin fanfic


3. school

Hope's POV(later that day)

Me and Ashton got to school during second hour, i begged him if we could skip second because i had math but he said no.

When i got into math everyone's eyes turned on me i knew that couldn't be so good because even the cheerleaders were staring. What did i do? 

"Hey um what did i miss" i asked my math teacher.

"we took a quiz so go to Ms.Lens and take it there" 

Ms.Lens was a English teacher that had a spot in the back of her class where she lets people take tests, OMG i just realized Lacy was in that class. Who? Only the most bitchiest person in the whole school, oh did i mention she slept with everyone in the school?  Except Ashton he told me he didn't like her because she was mean to me he even promised he'd never go with her so i knew he wasn't lying because he never breaks promises. 

As i walked into the classroom Lacy stared at me and smirked ewh why. I told the teacher i was taking a test and she said go to the back but this time she pointed to the desk right next to..Lacy omg noooooo. I'm dead. I went a sat down and lacy scoffed. 

"i saw you and Ashton today i just want to warn you he is mine". -lacy

"ahahahaahaha omg he would never date something like you"! Would he? No he promised.

"oh really haha okay you'll see, he'll leave you for me then you'll have know one"-lacy

"no your lying now if you excuse me i have a test to take"

I wasn't going to ask Ashton because he'll get mad at me for listening to her, so how do i find out if its true or not.

I finished my test and walked out pissed off and hurt because she was right Ashton is my only friend.

The rest of the day went pretty fast. After school me and Jack were supposed to hangout but he said he had chores and couldn't. Was that a lie? No he's my best-friend i kept telling myself that even though i had a feeling he was with lacy. 

I fell asleep thinking of that. All these what ifs circling around my head, i don't even know why i'm so stressed Lacy says things like that and there never true. oh wait they usually are. ughh goodnight head.


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