Cant lose what you never had,
Cant keep whats not yours,
Cant hold on to something that dose not want to stay.
~A Ashton Irwin fanfic


2. one step closer

High School. (freshman year)



"go away" i recognized that voice it was Ashtons.

"Come on we're gonna be lateeee"

"ugh no"

just then i felt cold water splash my face.

"RUN" i yelled

I opened my eyes to see no one but an empty bucket. He must have known to run.

I hopped out of bed running down the stairs before i fell,dang it.

"OMG Hope are you okay"????

"ya" just as i said that i grabbed his leg catching him off guard then he fell.

"Ahahaha that was priceless you should've seen you face"!

He looked up at me with anger in his eyes. ughh .I glanced at the clock and realized we already missed 1st period,great,just great.

I walked upstairs carefully not to trip again. I got to my room walking to my closet until i realized clothes on my dresser. One word. Ashton. I looked at what he picked out and noticed it was my favorite Green Day shirt and my light washed shorts. (picture below). 

"I see you found your outfit i picked, i should be a fashion person"

"yes because that makes perfect sense, and yes i love my outfit".

"Okay, good, hurry and get ready".

and with that he left my room leaving me to wonder how he got into my house since my mom or dad's not home, but what am i saying they never are, there always on work trips but they make good money so i shouldn't be complaining i just wished i could see them more.

I out on my clothes,then put my hair into a ponytail leaving a couple pieces stranded. Time for makeup ewh but it makes me look decent. I put on foundation and eyeliner(winged) and mascara then i was done. i brushed my teeth then grabbed my backpack and walked down stairs to see Ashton sitting there eating my food. 

"let's go" i said as we walked to school because i didn't have a car and neither did he.

"Okay, by the way that outfit looks great i should come and pick out your outfits more often".

"i'm going to say no but i know you'll do it anyways so there's no point".

"you know me so well Hope"

"i know, what are best friends for if not for that".



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