Cant lose what you never had,
Cant keep whats not yours,
Cant hold on to something that dose not want to stay.
~A Ashton Irwin fanfic


1. him

Hope pov(when shes 5)

"hi my names Hope"

"My names Ashton"

"why are you by yourself"


"because why"?

"can you just leave me alone"? 

"nope, you're my new best friend so i can't leave you alone now"


"so why you mad"?

"you see that guy over there"? he said while pointing to a big kid.


"he stole my dollar"

"that's mean, we should kick him"!

"no way"


and with that i got up marched over to the big kid and kicked him. Me and Ashton have been best-friends ever since.




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