Adele Winchester

After the biblical apocalypse ended and Sam is trapped in Lucifer's cage, Dean suggests to his younger half-sister, Adeline, to try a normal life and ships her off to Mystic Falls to live with Alaric Saltzman. But since when can a Winchester have a normal life?


1. Prologue

I was lost in sad thoughts about Sam when I hear my oldest brother speak. “You’re leaving,” Dean says, looking straight at me. 
“What?” I exclaim. “Why?” 
I was not expecting this. Never in our hectic life have either of my older brothers told me I am leaving. 
“You need a normal life, Ade.”
“And since when has a normal life worked for any of us?” I ask him, eyebrow raised and arms crossed. “Never. Even now with you, Lisa and Ben. It’s impossible for us.”
“You need to try.” I open my mouth to protest when Dean says, “You need to be safe from all of the crap in our lives. Please try. The angels can’t find you because of the engravings in your ribs. Please, Ade,” he begs me. “You promised Sam.”
“You promised. I listened.” I sigh. “There is no way to get you to change your mind, is there?” 
“Nope,” Dean replies. “I’ve already gotten everything set up. You will be staying with Alaric Saltzman in Mystic Falls, Virginia.”
“Alaric Saltzman… That’s that vampire hunter we ran into almost a year ago, isn’t it?”
“Yep. And he’s not like Gordon so you should be safe. He moved there yesterday and got a job as a teacher at the high school. The same high school you will be attending.”
“What about my name? We are convicted criminals.”
“Who died years ago,” Dean, sadly, has a point.
I groan, giving up. “Great…At least he’s not Gordon….When am I leaving?”
“Now. I told Lisa what I’m doing today,” Dean answers. I quickly pack a bag filled with clothes and weapons for precaution. “Let’s go,”
We walk out of the house and get in Dean’s new car. My oldest brother starts driving towards Mystic Falls.
My name is Adeline Lydia Winchester. I am Sam and Dean’s younger half-sister. I am seventeen years old, and I don’t remember a calm life. At twelve years old, Dad went missing. At thirteen years old, dad died. Fourteen, Dean sold his soul for Sam. Fifteen, Dean went to hell. Sixteen, Apocalypse starts. Seventeen, Sam jumps in the cage and stops the biblical apocalypse. All in all, life sucks. Sam’s dead, in Lucifer’s cage no less. 
Later that day, we finally arrive at Alaric Saltzman’s apartment. My brother hands me a couple hundred dollars, and I pocket it. Dean knocks on the door. “Hi, Alaric,” he greets when Alaric opens the door. “Thanks for this, man.”
“No problem,” Alaric replies.
Dean gives me a quick hug, and we say good-bye. Then I go inside Alaric’s apartment.
“So…” Alaric trails off uncomfortably.
“All I need is a roof over my head. You won’t have to worry about the rest,” I assure him. 
Alaric gives me a look. “And what? You use stolen credit cards and poker money to get food?”
I slightly chuckle. “I guess that’s not the best idea, but it’ll work.”
Alaric walks over to a door. “Here’s your room.” 
“Thanks, Ric. Can I call you Ric? Alaric is a mouthful.”
“Sure. And no problem.”
I slightly smile at him and go into the room. There is a comfortable enough looking bed, which is better than a couch. I pull out my clothes from my duffle bags and look through them. A few of them have blood stains, but due to the fact Lisa got me new clothes, most of them don’t. I take a shower and change into shorts and a shirt and go to sleep.

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