Adele Winchester

After the biblical apocalypse ended and Sam is trapped in Lucifer's cage, Dean suggests to his younger half-sister, Adeline, to try a normal life and ships her off to Mystic Falls to live with Alaric Saltzman. But since when can a Winchester have a normal life?


3. Chapter Two

The next morning, I walk out of my room and see Ric.

"Morning, Ric," I greet walking past him.

"Hey, Adele, I'm sure you figured out about that Logan guy being a vampire."

I nod, "Yep."

"Well, uh, don't worry about it because I took care of him last night," Alaric informs me.

"Thanks for dealing with it anyway, Ric."

"No problem."

I walk out of the apartment and dial Dean, who I am still pissed at for making me leave. He picks up on the second ring.

"Ade? What's wrong?" Dean asks, on alert.

I sigh. "Nothing's wrong, Dean. Can't a girl call her older brother?"

"Don't you have school?"

"Yeah. I'm on my way now. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine."

"So not good," I figure out. "Me neither, Dean. You're not alone."

"I know that."

"Do you?"

Dean sighs, "Yes. How's school and life over there?"

"Normal mostly which is weird, given our lives. I made some friends."


I chuckle. "No need to sound shocked."

"No," Dean says. "It's just odd especially for someone with your personality."

"Hey! I'm awesome. Anyways I made friends with a guy named Jeremy and Matt and then this girl named Caroline."

"That's good. I gotta go. Stay safe."

"I will. I promise."

I hang up and sigh, knowing my brother is probably drinking right now. We are in bad shape. We are shattered beyond repair. At least Dean has Lisa and Ben. Bobby's in South Dakota, and here I am living with a vampire hunter, trying to have a semi-normal life. I am almost certain Ben is Dean's biological son. Just saying.

Alaric and I are at his car later that day, searching for his missing ring.

"Hey, Mr. Saltzman! Adele!" Jeremy greets walking over to us.

"Hey," I welcome.

"Hey, Jeremy. I, uh, can't find my ring. I took it off for the gym, and thought I put it...there it is!" Alaric says, finding his ring. "Losing family heirlooms. Bad. How's your extra credit coming? You pick a topic yet?"

Jeremy answers, "Mystic Falls, the Civil War era."

"What's the angle?" Alaric questions.

"My family. I found a journal of an ancestor who lived in the 1800s. And the Gilberts were one of the original Founding Families of Mystic Falls. So..."

"That sounds good."

Jeremy leaves and I follow him. "So how do you know Mr. Saltzman?" he asks me.

I answer, "Uh, he's a family friend. I'm staying with him right now."

"Where's your family?"

A wave of sadness washes over me. "In Illinois. They've got some stuff to deal with there," I lie. "So what's the extra credit for?"


"Hey, if you don't want to tell me, that's cool. Sorry for asking. It's none of my business."

"Nah, it's just the first half of the semester, I wasn't doing too well so Mr. Saltzman is giving me a chance to make it up," Jeremy answers.

I smile slightly, "Well that's nice of him."


I walk away from Jeremy and get to class. The day goes by boringly.

The next day, after school I go back to the Grill and bet on winning a game of pool, and I win epically.

"How did you learn how to play like that?" the guy asks me.

"My brothers taught me. Thanks for the $20 by the way," I smirk as I grab the $20 bill on the pool table and walk away after a wink at the guy.

Then I walk over to Ric, who is at the bar. "Hey, Ric."

"Are you just going to keep stealing people's money?"

"It's not stealing. They know what they signed up for," I tell him, pocketing the $20.

"Do they? I saw you practically drown that guy in the game," Ric tells me, "and I'm pretty sure that's not the first time."

"Nope. I did it to Tyler Lockwood too."

Alaric chuckles.

"Don't judge me," I tell him.

"Are you going to the decades dance?" he asks me.

"Yeah. Which decade is it again?"


"Great. Thanks. I gotta go get a 50's outfit. Bye." I walk away from Alaric and head towards a clothes store. I find an outfit and pay for it.

I go back to the apartment and get dressed. Then I grab my gun and a syringe of dead man's blood, and I tuck the syringe in my jacket and the gun under my shirt. I grab any back up essentials and put it in my bag. You never know what you could need.

I put my bag on my shoulder and walk out of the apartment. I walk over to the school and enter the gym. I see Alaric and wander over.

"What's in the bag?" he asks curiously.

"You really want to know?" I question.

He replies, "Probably not. Why did you bring that?"

"I literally have over a hundred of enemies that can show up at any time so I'm sorry for being precautious," I snap. I sigh and apologize. "Sorry, Ric."

Then Jenna walks up to us. "Alaric. Adele."

"Hey," Alaric says. "Look at you."

"I figured I'd stand out less if I dressed up."

Ric chuckles. "Liar."

"Ok, I'm a sucker for the decade dance," Jenna confesses. "I went to school here, you know. They do the sixties and seventies, too, FYI."

"Oh. Can't wait. Can I get you a drink? I hear the punch is real boss," Ric states.

Alaric and Jenna walk off, and I leave to try to find Jeremy or Caroline. Matt and Tyler would be fine too, but I don't think Tyler likes me very much.

I walk over to the punch bowl where Elena is standing. "Hey."

"Hey, Adele."

Caroline and her friend, Bonnie walk over to us. "Having fun?" Elena asks.

"No," Caroline answers, "but this took about 2 hours, so I'm at least staying half of that."

Caroline, Elena and I laugh, but Bonnie looks off into the distance. "What's Damon doing here?"

Damon? Where have I heard that name before?

"He wanted to come. I promise. He'll behave," Elena says.

Caroline asks, "So what is this, like, a threesome now, you and the Salvatore brothers?"

"No, but if I'm gonna be with Stefan, then I have to learn to tolerate Damon. It's not like I can kill him."

"There's a thought," Bonnie says.

Caroline offers, "Mmm. I'll help."

"What's so bad about this Damon guy?" I question, confused.

"Doesn't matter. Just steer clear, Adele," Caroline tells me.

I promise, "I'll try."

Elena wanders off, and I make myself a cup of punch. A gorgeous dark haired guy with bright blue eyes approaches us.

"Hi, Bonnie. Wanna dance?" he asks.

Bonnie says, "I'm out of here." Bonnie and Caroline look at him with disgust. Bonnie starts to walk away but he blocks her.

"Please give me another chance."

Bonnie doesn't respond and moves around the guy, walking away from him. Caroline glares at him. "Back off, Damon."

Caroline follows Bonnie. The guy who is Damon watches them leave. Then he turns to me.

"So you're Damon," I say.

"Yep, and who might you be?"


Elena and a light brown haired guy with green eyes approach Damon and I.

"Where did they go?" Elena asks.

Damon replies, "I don't know."

The other guy asks, "What did you say to them?"

"I was perfectly polite."

"He was," I confirm.

"Who are you?" questions the guy.

"Adele Winchester. You?"

"Stefan Salvatore," he offers his hand, and I shake it.

"Elena, would you like to dance?" Damon asks her.

"I would love to," she replies. Elena turns to Stefan. "May I have this dance?"

Stefan lends her his arm and she takes it. Elena looks up Damon with a devilish smile. Damon rolls his eyes. Elena and Stefan go onto the dance floor.

"That was low," I mutter.

Damon shrugs, "I'm used to it."

"Still. What did you do anyways? They don't exactly seem to like you," I notice.

"Eh. This and that. It doesn't matter. So you're new in town?" Damon asks.

"Yeah. Moved here almost a week ago."

"What brought you into town?"

I answer honestly, "My brother thought I needed a fresh start. So he sent me here with a family friend."

"Where's this brother of yours?" Damon asks.


"Who's the family friend?"

I look at him with an eyebrow raised. "What's with all the questions?"

"Sorry," he apologizes. "I just like to learn about the new people in town."

"Okay... the answer to your question is Alaric Saltzman. Now if you'll excuse me." I walk past him. "Nice meeting you, Damon."

"Great meeting you too, Adele," I hear him say.

Later, I go back over to the punch bowl where Jeremy is working. "Hey, Jeremy," I greet with a smile.

"Hey," Jeremy says.

A brown haired girl walks over and carries three stacks of paper cups over to Jeremy who takes them from her.

"Adele meet Anna."

"Hi," she greets. "Do you go to school here?"

"Yeah. Just moved here this week," I answer.

"Cool," Anna says.

"You don't go to school here. You know, you don't have to help," Jeremy tells her.

"Oh, I don't mind. It's fun. Oh, um, yeah. Before I forget, can I borrow your ancestor's journal?"

"Why?" Jeremy questions.

"You said I could read it."

Jeremy replies, "Uh, I don't have it."

"Oh. Well, obviously you didn't bring it here, uh, but I can walk you home," Anna offers. What's the deal about the stupid journal?

"No. I mean, I gave it to my history teacher."

"Wait. Why did you give it to him?" Anna asks him.

Jeremy answers, "Because he wanted to read it."

"You know, you shouldn't be giving that to just anybody."

"But I should give it to you?" he questions.

"Loan. Loan it to me."

Jeremy says, "Well, I loaned it to Mr. Saltzman."

"Maybe it's in his classroom. We can get it back." I furrow my eyebrows in confusion at her persistence.

"What's the big deal with this stupid journal?" Jeremy leans across the table towards Anna. Suddenly, Anna's eyes begin to change. Automatically, I reach behind me for my gun before stopping, realizing I can't do anything in public.

"Your eye," Jeremy says, confused.

Anna blinks and turns around. "Um, there's something in it. Forget it. I -- I gotta go." Anna walks away.

"That was weird," I say.

"Yeah, well she can be weird."

"So how do you know her?" I ask, looking at him curiously.

"Uh, we met at the town library. She helped me with an extra credit assignment," Jeremy tells me.

"The one for Alaric Saltzman class?"


"Huh. What did you write the paper about, if I may ask."

"The town's animal attacks and how my ancestor Jonathan Gilbert thought it was vampires," Jeremy answers.

"And the family journal, that was your source?" I guess.


"Huh, Cool," I say. We talk a little more, and then I leave.

I start to walk away when Elena Gilbert's phone rings, and I see her have a terrified look. She looks around the room in panic. Someone is threatening her. I follow her eye line and see a guy standing near Jeremy, talking on the phone. Elena slowly backs out and runs out the door. I follow her for her protection.

Elena and I run down the corridor, looking behind us to see if the guy is following. We turn into another hallway and comes to a pair of doors. I attempt to open the doors but they are chained shut. We turn back around and see the guy walking calmly towards us. We rushes down a different corridor, and Elena opens the door to the cafeteria. Elena and I run across the room and tries to open another set of doors which are also locked. Across the room, the guy flings open a set of double doors and before we can move, he vamp-speeds towards us. I pull out my gun and shoot him a few times. He slows down for a minute, then he vamp speeds at me and bites my neck. I shoot him again and he falls back. I grab the mop and break it in two. Then I ram the stake in his stomach. Stefan and Damon fling the doors open and see the guy with the stake in his stomach.

"Hey, dickhead. Nobody wants to kill you. We just wanna talk," Damon says.

"Tell that to her," he spats, looking at me.

I grit my teeth and mutter, "You deserved it."

"Do you feel like talking?" Stefan asks.

"Screw you," the vampire mutters.

"Uh. Uh. Not very nice." I mutter.

Stefan grabs the part of the mop in his stomach and move it down so the tip is scraping against the vamps heart, and he shoves it deeper.

The vampire groans in pain. "Wrong answer," Stefan says. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because it's fun," he answers, and Stefan shove it in deeper. I'm about to chop the guys head off.

"What do you want with Elena?" Stefan asks.

"She looks like Katherine," the vampire says.

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. Who's Katherine? Stefan, Elena, and Damon all look shocked.

"You knew Katherine?" Damon asks.

The vamp laughs. "Oh. You thought you were the only ones. You don't even remember me."

Damon leans towards the vampire. "Tell me how to get in the tomb. Hmm?"

"No," he says. Stefan grabs the stake and plunges it in deeper. "The grimoire," he gives in.

"Where is it?" Damon asks, and Stefan plunges the stake even deeper.

"Check the journal. The journal. Jonathan's journal. Jonathan Gilbert's." What is it about that god damn journal? What the hell is a grimoire? I feel like I've heard of that before.

"Who else is working with you?" Stefan questions.

"Who else is there?" Damon interrogates.

The vampire says, "No. You're gonna have to kill me."

The Salvatore brothers exchange looks and Damon takes the stake out of his stomach and shoves it into his chest, piercing his heart. The vampire's skin turns gray and veins show as the guy falls down, dead. What? The only way to kill a vampire is through decapitation. And they sure don't look like this when they die.

I grab my gun and step back. "What the hell?" I question them.

"Put down the gun," Damon says.

"Give me a reason why."

Damon answers, "We're not going to hurt you. Right Stefan?"

Stefan is looking at the blood on my neck.

"Stefan?" Elena questions.

"I'm fine," he chokes out, tearing his eyes away from the blood. "Damon's right. We won't hurt you."

"How did you kill him?" I question. "Vampires can only be killed by decapitation."

"Sorry to inform you, Princess, but your facts are wrong." Damon looks at the door where Ric is passing. "I'll handle that."

He vamp speeds away, and I look at Stefan. "What is he going to do?"

"He's not going to hurt him. He's just seeing what Alaric knows," Stefan answers. I see him fidget. I reach in my bag and grab a tissue. I wipe the blood off for Stefan's sake. "Are you going to be alright?" he asks me.

"I've had worse," I mutter. I'm in a room with a vampire, and I'm not trying to kill it. It feels weird.

"So you're a hunter?" Elena asks me.

"Yup. Who is Katherine?"

"She's a vampire who looks exactly like me," Elena answers.

"Yeesh. Creepy. So you're a doppelganger?" I remember coming across the term somewhere during research before.

Elena nods, "Yeah."

"Got it. And you and Damon are vampires?"

"Yes," Stefan replies.

"Great," I mutter, sitting down at a table and pulling out the syringe.

"What is that?" Elena asks curiously.

"Dead man's blood," I answer. "It's sort of like a poison to vampires. Like acid to us."

"Like vervain," Elena says.

"Vervain?" I ask, curiously.

"It's an herb that's toxic to vampires. How do you not know if you are a hunter?" Stefan asks me.

"I think there are two different types of vampires."

Damon comes back into the room. "He's clean. He doesn't know anything."

I hop off the table and walk up to Damon. I stab him in the shoulder with the syringe. "What was that for?" he asks, and I can see annoyance in his eyes.

"It was a test. There are two different species of vampires. I am used to the other kind. Dead man's blood, what I just injected you with, would have caused you pain if you were like the other type of vampires."

Damon's eyes widen for a second.

"Can someone please tell me what is so freaking important about the Gilbert journal?"

"Why?" Damon asks. "Did someone else ask for it?"

"Wouldn't you like to know." I walk towards the door only to be blocked by Damon. "Get out of my way, Damon."

"Or what?"

"Or I'll shoot you and then cut your head off. Move."

Damon steps to the side, hands raised. "You know it would be easier if you were on our side."

"I'm on team save people so I guess we are on opposite sides."

"Don't judge us so quickly," Damon says. "You don't know us."

"No, but I've been hunting since I can walk. It's in my blood. I save people and hunt things. It's the family business." I push past Damon and walk out of the school cafeteria. I cover up the blood on my outfit with my hair, and I walk out of the school and start to head back to Alaric's apartment.

As I walk down the street, a guy blocks my path. "Winchester," he says as his eyes flicker black.

"Not tonight," I groan. The demon swings a fist at my face, and I duck, narrowly missing it. I throw a punch at its jaw. "Are you really just here to fight?"

He punches me, and actually hits me. "I guess so." I fight back and get a few bruises, but I end up pinning him down. Then I start saying the exorcism. "Exorcizamus te, Omnis Immundus Spiritus, Omnis Satanica Potestas, Omnis Incursio Inferniis Adversarii, Omnis Iegio, Omnis Congregato, et Secta Diabolica. Ergo, Draco Maiedicte. Ecciesiam Tuam Secri Tibi Facias Iibertate Sevire, te Rogamus, Audi Nos!" The demon leaves the person's body, and the person looks up dazed.

"You alright?"

He pushes himself up, wincing slightly. "Yeah, I'm alright. What happened?"

"What do you remember?" I question.

"Not much. I remember black smoke coming towards me and that's it." Huh, most possessed people remember something from the time they were possessed.

"What's your name?"


"Nice to meet you, John. I'm Adele." I tell him what happened to him in a brief summary. Then I walk into Alaric's apartment, and I change clothes after a cold shower and go to bed. Stupid Vampires. and demons.

The next morning, I get dressed and look in the mirror. There is a light bruise on my cheek and a scratch. Damn demon. "You alright?" Alaric asks me.

I answer, "Yep. Just peachy. Got into a fight last night."

"Supernatural or..."

"Supernatural," I reply, sighing.

"I'm sorry. I know you came here for a normal life."

"Yeah, well," I state, "I'm a Winchester. There's no such thing as a normal life."

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