Adele Winchester

After the biblical apocalypse ended and Sam is trapped in Lucifer's cage, Dean suggests to his younger half-sister, Adeline, to try a normal life and ships her off to Mystic Falls to live with Alaric Saltzman. But since when can a Winchester have a normal life?


2. Chapter One

he next morning, I get dressed in a plaid shirt, jeans and my jacket. I brush my wavy brown hair and pocket some money and my phone. I grab safety precautions and a couple of notebooks. Then I walk out of my new room.

"I'll drive you to school," Ric offers me.

"Thanks," I mutter, and we drive to school.

During the ride, I think about Sam. God, why did he have to die? I miss him so much. Maybe I could bring him back. 

Don't think like that. You promised him. My inner voice tells me.

I promised him I wouldn't sell my soul. Doesn't mean there isn't another way...

My thoughts were interrupted as we pulled into the school. Mystic Falls High. How original. I go to the office and get my schedule. My new name is Adele Winchester. When I get to History, the class Ric teaches, I take a seat towards the back of the class. The bell rings, and he walks into the classroom.

"Good morning, everyone," Ric greets. He walks over to his chalkboard and starts writing his name on the board. "Alright-y. Alaric Saltzman. It's a mouthful, I know. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Saltzman is of German origins. My family immigrated here in the year 1755 to Texas. I, however, was born and raised in Boston. Now the name Alaric comes from a very dead great-grandfather who I will never be able to thank enough. You'll probably want to pronounce it Ala-ric, but it's A-lar-ric. So you can call me Ric. I'm your new history teacher."

At the end of another class, a blonde girl comes up to me. "Hi, you must be new here. I'm Caroline Forbes."

"Adele Winchester," I say giving her a fake smile. It will take a long time before I can get a true smile out again. "Nice to meet you, Caroline."

"So where are you from?"

"Sioux Falls, South Dakota," I answer, saying Bobby's town, "but I move around a lot."

"Why?" Caroline questions.

"Family business. It's complicated. I think I'm staying here for a while though," I tell her.

She smiles. "That's great. I'll introduce you to people. You'll make friends and feel welcome in no time."

"Thanks. So have you lived here your whole life?"

"Yeah. Most people here have."

I ask, "So it's strange to have a newcomer here then, huh?"

"Usually. We had a newcomer at the beginning of this school year. Stefan Salvatore. Oh and then there's his older out of school brother Damon."

We walk out of the school building, and Caroline says hey to a blonde guy.

"Hey," he replies as he walks by.

"What is that?" Caroline asks and he turns back around and walks back over to us.

"What is what?"

"The hey. That's twice. That is two heys. Do you have any other words in your vocabulary?" I suddenly feel like an awkward third wheel.

"What is wrong with hey?" the guy asks her.

"It reeks of awkward subtext. You spent the night in my bed. There was cuddling and then you snuck out before dawn so you wouldn't have to face me which, I must say, is a total lame guy move that I did not appreciate. Now the heys. Seriously? I may have been a pathetic insecure mess after the party, but do not mistake that for me being a pushover because I do not like guys messing with my head anymore."

"I heard your mom in the morning. I didn't want to get you in trouble so I went out the window."

"You went out the window," Caroline repeats. "Another lame guy move."

"Your mom's the Sheriff. And as for the heys... I'm pretty sure it's what I've said every day since the first grade. Trying to read something into it? Lame girl move." The blonde guy turns to me. "Hi, I'm Matt."


"Nice to meet you," Matt glances at Caroline before walking away.

"Sorry about that," Caroline apologizes.

"No worries," I assure her. "Everyone's got their own drama."

"Do you have any intent on spilling yours?" she asks me.

I shake my head. "Nope."

After school, Alaric and I drive to Mystic Grill. He goes to one table and pulls out a book, and I take a seat at another table. There I order a burger and a coke. As I eat my burger, I see Ric stand up and go to another table.

When I am done with my burger, I walk over to the pool table and watch a guy finish a pool game.

"Hey. Whoa," I say, stumbling over to him, acting drunk, and he helps me up. I giggle. "Thanks. Wanna play pool? Winner gets $15?"

"You sure you want to play? You look like you've had too much to drink."

"I'm sure," I slur out. "Scared I'm going to beat you...?"

"No! Sure," he agrees. We lay our money down on the side of the table. "I'm Tyler, by the way."

We play pool, and I lose the game horribly. "Come on... Retry. How about I add $40?" I throw down $40 drunkenly.

Tyler looks at me like I'm insane. "You sure you want to do that?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Suit yourself," Tyler says, and he lays $40 on the table.

We rematch, and I ace the game beautifully. I grin innocently and wink at Tyler before taking the money and walking off, leaving him with a stunned look on his face, questioning what happened. $55 has been added to my pocket.

I walk the town and eventually get back to Alaric's apartment. There I open my school book and read so I don't fail school. Mostly I read through science because I know most of the rest of the subjects.

A few hours later, I put the book to the side and try to get some sleep. It doesn't work to well. I don't fall asleep for another hour. Early the next morning, I wake up from nightmares about Sam falling into the pit. I reach for my phone and check the time. 4:07. I groan and bury my head in my pillow. After a few minutes I sit up in the bed and pull out my laptop.

Once I see that I have Wi-Fi, I get on the internet and look up Mystic Falls, Virginia. I look through article after article. 5 animal attacks so far this year. I then hack into the Mystic Falls database and find out that there have been many animal attacks spread out throughout the years dating back to 1864. Vampires?

When it's time to get ready for school, I throw on a shirt, jeans and jacket. Then I head out the apartment and walk to school. I meet Caroline's friends, Elena and Bonnie. I run into Tyler and Matt who are playing basketball.

"Can I join you guys?" I ask them.

"Sure," Matt says at the same time Tyler replies, "No."

"Why not?" Matt looks at Tyler confused.

He answers, "I don't trust her or like her."

"Hey. No need to get hasty about it," I mutter.

"No need—You took my money!"

"You agreed to the bet. It was completely fair," I reply smirking.

Tyler narrows his eyes at me and shakes his head slightly.

Matt looks at me. "Come on and play."

"Thank you, Matt. At least someone is nice to me today," I say, glancing at Tyler.

Tyler shakes his head and dribbles the ball. "So, what's up with you and Forbes?" Tyler asks Matt.

He answers, "Nothing's up."

"I saw you two in the hall today. Don't even try to deny it, bro. You're tapping that."

"No," Matt denies. "It's not like that."

"It never is. Until you become we people."

"We people?"

"Yeah. We'll make it to the party. We'll never miss a game. We don't like the color red."

"We hung out, like, twice." Matt shoots the ball into the basketball goal, and I grab the ball.

Tyler says, "Like I said. We." I take a shot, and the ball made it straight into the hoop. Tyler grabs the ball. "I never got your name."

"Adele Winchester," I reply.

After school is the career fair. I walk through the halls and overhear the Sheriff and the mayor.

"The Mayor says, "So what do we know?

"Nothing new to report yet," Sheriff Forbes replies. The Mayor groans. "My highly reliable deputies are all on alert, but if you feel the need to be more proactive, by all means, grab a stake and have at it." So the town is in on it, and they want to stop the vampires, but they clearly don't know that vampires can only die from beheading. And I was right about the vampires! Yes! Well I wish people weren't dying, but I can stop more deaths from happening.

Mayor grabs a cup of coffee, and he says, "What extra precautions can we take?"

"Right now, there is nowhere safer than a crowded public place, and for once, Mayor, we actually know where our kids are."

I leave them and walk over to Tyler who is standing by sketches. Another kid, who I recognize from the table where Alaric went to talk, walks over there at the same time.

"What do you want?" Tyler asks, and I'm not sure if he's talking to me or the other guy.

"Hey. Uh, I'm just surprised to see you here. Art usually implies culture and culture implies, well, not you"

"Go to hell," Tyler mutters and walks off. The other guy smirks and looks down at the sketchpad. I do the same.

It's signed: Tyler Lockwood

"Hi I'm Jeremy Gilbert," the boy says, offering me his hand.

"Hi. Adele Winchester."

"I haven't seen you around before. You're new?" Jeremy asks.

"Yeah," I answer. "I moved into town a few days ago."

"Cool. What do you like to do?"

"Uh," I fumble, not exactly sure what to say. "I can draw and fix cars."

"That's cool and can come in handy."

"Yeah. My brother taught me. Well how to fix cars. He's a crappy artist. Stick figures."

Jeremy chuckles. "That is pretty crappy. So where are you from?"

"Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but I move around a lot."

"So do you think you'll stay for long?"

"Uh, yeah. It seems like I'm going to stay for a while. My brother is dead set on it."

"Well that's good."

"Jeremy!" A woman walks over to us. "Who's your friend?"

"Uh, Adele, this is my Aunt Jenna."

"Hi. I just moved into town," I smile at Jenna.

* * * * * * *

After talking to Jenna and Jeremy, I roam the school again. Eventually I see Elena and Jenna talking in the hall.

Jenna replies to whatever Elena said, "He was the usual Logan, was charming, a little more manic than usual. He kept trying to convince me to let him in." Elena looks at her. "What?"

"Ok, listen to me very carefully. Do not, under any circumstances, talk to him again. I'm serious, Jenna, like ever!"

"What's going on?" I ask, walking up to them.

Alaric walks over to us. "Hey, Elena, Jenna, Adele."

"Hey, Ric," I greet while Elena says, "Hi, Mr. Saltzman."

"Yeah I was hoping to see you tonight," Alaric tells Jenna. I smirk knowingly.

"Career night is the new bowling."

Alaric laughs. "Excuse me," Elena says and walks away. I follow her in confusion. She walks out of the school, and I shake myself out of it. It's probably nothing. I should keep a lookout either way though.

"Liz," I hear a guy tell the Sheriff.

She looks at him shocked. "Logan." She starts to pull out her gun.

"What are you gonna do? Stake me? Bury me in another shallow grave?" Logan questioned. "What would the email say this time?"

"I didn't have a choice," Sheriff Forbes tells him.

"You bitch! I died for you, for this town. You've known me since I was six and you swept me under the rug like dirt.

"You knew what you were getting into."

The vampire says angrily, "I was one of you."

Sheriff replies, "And now you're one of them."

Logan starts to leave, but turns around and whispers into the sheriff's ear. "Watch your back, Sheriff." Logan smiles and leaves.

Sheriff Forbes pulls out her phone and calls her deputy. "Get a backup team to the school immediately. Keep it within the circle. It's a V5."

How do people not overhear conversations like that in public? You know, I'm starting to rethink the whole saving people thing if they can't even hear a conversation like that that is happening right in front of them. The world is doomed. Doesn't mean we can't still try.

Jeremy and Tyler get into a fight in the hallway, and the mayor, Tyler's father, takes them outside. Alaric and I follow them to make sure they are alright because Mayor Lockwood looked... well I knew he was going to do something.

Tyler says, "Come on, dad."

"That's not gonna happen," Jeremy tells the mayor.

"I said fight!" Tyler tries to leave, but the mayor pushes him into Jeremy.

Alaric and I approach them. "Whoa. What's going on out here?" Alaric asks.

"Just letting these two kids work it out." Mayor Lockwood says, "We're good here. Go back inside."

"I don't wanna go back inside. What I want is an answer to my question. What's going on out here?"

Tyler's dad asks, "Who do you think you're talking to? Do I look like a student?"

"No. You look like a full grown alpha male douchebag," Alaric answers. Go Ric! Jeremy and I smirk. Tyler looks at him shocked.

"You don't talk to me like that. I can have your job like this." The Mayor snaps his fingers.

"Ah, you do that. Then it will be you and me in this parking lot, working things out. You cool with that?"

"You just marked yourself."

Alaric mutters with a chuckle, "Ok."

The Mayor looks back at Tyler who starts walking away, and he follows him. Jeremy is trying to contain a smile. Alaric looks over at him.

Alaric asks Jeremy, "You all right?" He nods.

"That was awesome, Ric," I reply with a smirk.

I walk back to Alaric's apartment. I take a shower and go to my bed and try to sleep.

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