A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

My life, through drawings. A picture diary.


1. Sunday 4th October 2015

I don't know why but I suddenly decided to start a picture diary. It might not be every day, but every so often I'll upload a picture about my life. It might be about something I did that day, or just a random sketch that has nothing to do with me. 

The cover picture is a drawing I did a while back of an anime character. One thing you should know is that I love anime so you'll be seeing a lot of anime stuff in this diary.

As for today's entry, I just decided to draw myself twiddling a pen with my fingers (something I can't actually do to be honest) while looking like I'm thinking about what to draw when I'm actually really thinking about what I had for dinner (sushi, if you can't tell).

By the way, some other details are that I have short hair (almost as short as a guy's), I wear a watch on my left hand, I wear a necklace of a kunai from the awesome anime Naruto and I'm wearing a really plain t-shirt at the moment.

That's it for the introduction. 


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