A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

My life, through drawings. A picture diary.


2. Monday 5th October 2015

I don't know if you can see it clearly but this is pretty much my drawing of a game I've been sooo addicted to lately. Honestly, I've spent all the time I should have spent doing homework playing this instead. It's called Kira and it's pretty similar to the card game, Mafia, but so much more fun. It'd probably be too much to explain all the rules but pretty much there are a bunch of people put in a room with people assigned roles such as detectives, civilians, a nurse and then the killers (kiras). The kiras need to either kill off all the detectives or civillians and the detectives need to reveal who the kiras are. What makes it so interesting is that those who die can leave wills and the entire thing is a game of strategy, luck and bluffing.

Still though, I've seen a lot of people going around calling themselves Lawliets and Mellos and references to Death Note where the real Kira comes from, such as people saying, "I will take a potato chip and ... eat it!" Ahahaha! There's a lot of trolling too. 


The real Kira woud be proud.

Ehhh well it's actually not a great drawing of Kira but I suppose it'll do, ahaha. I tried. Did I mention? I'm actually not that great of a drawer so don't expect to much. I do like it though.


L, did you know shinigamis love apples?

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