Erin Hughes is invisible. People used to not leave her alone. Now she is nothing. According to her peers, at least. She could have said no to the party, she should have. But she didn't. One wrong choice changed her entire life...


5. The Syptoms

I didn't think about the possibility of being pregnant until I got home. Luckily my parents weren't home, so I could use one of my mom's pregnancy tests. I wasn't quite sure how to use one, but it couldn't be too complicated right? After about five minutes of looking for directions on the package, I gave up and just googled it. 

After I took the test, it said to wait for ten minutes for the results. So to kill time I went to go watch tv. It was kind of ironic that sixteen and pregnant was on, but if I really was pregnant, then I was going to need some more information. I barely knew what sex was, let alone what being pregnant is like. I mean after all, I didn't know if I was even pregnant so I decided to stay calm. Like, what's the point of getting all emotional and stuff when I might not be pregnant. 

After all of my thinking, it had been about ten minutes.

I went to go check my test. Before I looked at it, I realized that this little stick could make my entire life change. This little stick determines my future. One line, it doesn't change anything. Two lines, it changes everything. But I couldn't wait any longer and decided to look at it...






Two lines.












I suddenly broke down crying. I had the 50/50 chance of being/not being pregnant. Depending on morals and values, I could've gotten the good side. But in my life and others around me, I got the bad side.

What was I supposed to do? On one side, being pregnant changes my entire life. 40% of teen girls who get pregnant in high school don't graduate. And only 2% of teens who get pregnant go to college and get a diploma. I couldn't do that to myself. Or my family. My parents invested so much time and money and love into me, how could I let them down now?

But on the other hand, I've always wondered what it was like to be a mother. Also, God has given me the gift of a child. Am I just supposed to throw that gift away because of my consequences on earth? Having an abortion is like murdering someone. But someone who has no choice to say no. Someone defenseless and weak. I can't do that to someone.

But what about Ashton. I love him, but he's not the loyal type. I think that if I told him, he would leave me. 

I looked down at my stomach. No difference. But I might never be skinny again. I need to enjoy it while it lasts. *deep sigh* 

I threw the test away and went to go watch tv and think more.

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