Erin Hughes is invisible. People used to not leave her alone. Now she is nothing. According to her peers, at least. She could have said no to the party, she should have. But she didn't. One wrong choice changed her entire life...


3. The Hangover

Thursday was kind of a blur. I couldn't think straight all day. My mom just thought the nausea was from something I ate, so she made me go to school. I couldn't find Ashton, though. I had texted him multiple times, but no replies. A few of my friends were acting really weird. They kept asking random questions but never settled on a specific point, so I was really confused and just let it go. But then at lunch, Macy caught my attention as to what happened for the rest of last night that i couldn't remember.

"So... how was it for your first time?" Macy asked.

"What?" I said.

"Last night? Kendall's room? You seemed so calm like you were really enjoying the party." She seemed hesitant.

"Macy, I got drunk last night. I can't remember anything that happened after I stepped on the dance floor and took my sixth shot." I explained.

"So, you don't remember anything from last night?"

"No. Macy, I need you to listen to me. What happened for the rest of the night? It could be really important."

"Okay, well, after you got on the dance floor, you took several more shots of whatever came by you. After about half an hour of dancing, Ashton told you that..." She faded out before she finished her sentence.

"Told me what? Ashton told me what?"

"Ashton told you to go upstairs and have sex with him. When you agreed, I was really shocked so i followed you up the stairs to make sure you were okay. You and him were up stairs for the rest of the night after that."

I was in complete shock. I couldn't believe it. Even if I was drunk, how could I say yes to Ashton? And why wasn't he here today? The memories from last night suddenly started to come back to me. As I started to think about last night, I could tell something wasn't right. 

A million thoughts went through my head.

Does Ashton know? How will I tell him? What about my parents?

The rest of the day went by depressingly slow.


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