Erin Hughes is invisible. People used to not leave her alone. Now she is nothing. According to her peers, at least. She could have said no to the party, she should have. But she didn't. One wrong choice changed her entire life...


1. Ashton

I was eating the usual breakfast. Leftovers. Sometimes pizza, sometimes hamburgers, it's always different. That's what i like about it. My mom always tell me to eat normal breakfast foods for breakfast. But then i'm like, what makes you think i'm normal? Then I go back to my bedroom and get dressed. I have a pretty good sense of style so i chose a black halter top and a light pink pencil skirt. I matched it with my favorite necklace and a pair of black heels. This look was a little dressy for school, but i always need to look my best. I grab my backpack and get into my brother's car. He just got his license and it takes us fifteen minutes to get to school but my brother is a senior and would prefer to drive himself. So one week a month, I either have to walk a half mile to school or beg my mom to drive me. Luckily Devin drove me today. The second I walked in the school doors, my boyfriend kissed me directly on the lips. 

"Do you wanna go somewhere?" Ashton asked.

He's been bugging me to have sex for months.

"No. You know how I feel about that Ashton." I said.

"You're right babe. I'd rather wait than lose you."

I went on with my regular school routine. Meaning finish whatever homework I didn't do the night before. Then I went to Mr. Ian's room and finished my test. Then the bell rang for school to start.

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