The Cafe on the Corner

Sam is a regular girl in a regular town in Missouri. Working in a cafe on the corner with her father and brother. She wishes she could do more with her life. Sam and her best friend Danna find a cute boy who just moved into town. Now Sam has a shot at something interesting to happen in her life when a tornado hits and her life changes forever.


9. We meet again

Samuels view-

     I look up and see these beautiful green eyes, its sam! She looks so freaking hot. She is wearing the is red dress that wow. I stand up and help her up. "We have got to stop meeting like this." I say she chuckles "Sorry, again I was talking and this guy ran into me then it was like Punch and you." Her eyes light up when she laughs. Wow I really like her.

Samanthas view- Why!? Why does the world hate me. Its sam, and he's looking at me. Im covered in punch, he's looking right into my eyes. Oh no my mascaras probably running.  He helps me up. "We have got to stop meeting like this." he says, oh that was so cute. I chuckle nervously. My friends are over there laughing there heads off and everyone is staring at us. "Sorry" I babble on not really knowing what I'm saying until it comes  out of my mouth. We grab some napkins. I wipe off my dress, "Hey you have a little something there." He wipes a little punch off my face, Im dying a boy just I have no words, this is like a movie. My friends are freaking out, Penny got a video of us falling and is now snapchating it. Im going to die. He smiles and looks at me, "May I have this dance?" My face turns bright red. "Yes." I say. My friends are cheering and giving me thumbs up and kissing faces. I flip them off and walk to the dance floor. He grabs my waist and holds my hand. 

Samuels view- I want to dance with her so bad. I look at her and ask. She said yes? Wow I'm smooth. We walk out to the dance floor. I grab her waist and pull her closer. I grab her hand and we start dancing. She is blushing a lot, its cute. "So um like punch much?" She laughs "Ya just not all over my body." She's says. Just then a slow song comes on. Oooh things are heating up. 

Samanthas view-

Great a slow song. Im looking at him and man he is fine. I mean wow, while I'm dancing with him I can feel his muscles. I start daydreaming, our kids would be pretty dang cute. Black and White couples always have cute kids. He starts talking to me. "So tell me about you, your family hobbies, favorite gummy bear flavor." I look at him, "wait you like gummy bears?" He laughs there may favorite candy of all time. "Haribo gummy bears?" I say, "Ya dude!" We both start laughing. "OK we are going to say our favorite flavor on 3. 1,2,31" I say pineapple he says green. I laugh, I knew it wouldn't be that perfect. "Wow sam green gummy bears and way better than pineapple." I look at him "No they are not1 U turd." we start dancing a little faster. "No sam pineapple is better Black out no white out." Oooh this was getting intense. "OK Sam lets put this to a bet whoever can drink the most punch tonight wins this competition." I let go of him "OK deal." We walk over to the new refilled punch bowl and grab a cup.

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