The Cafe on the Corner

Sam is a regular girl in a regular town in Missouri. Working in a cafe on the corner with her father and brother. She wishes she could do more with her life. Sam and her best friend Danna find a cute boy who just moved into town. Now Sam has a shot at something interesting to happen in her life when a tornado hits and her life changes forever.


8. The Dance


     I get on a red dress, it is a high neck dress with open shoulders. I curl my hair to a perfect wave, I put some mascara on and some dark brown eyeshadow, not to much, not to little. I shave my legs and put on some black heels. I feel pretty confident. Brush my teeth and a little bit oaf perfume. Ok 30 minutes late, danna should be here any second. I hear a car honk and I walk down stairs my dad looks at me. "You look just like your mother." He comes and gives me a kiss on the head. "Love you dad." He pats me on the back "Ok go have fun, but not to much fun." He laughs and I go out to the car. Its about 8:30. Danna is wearing a black and white lace dress and her hair is up in a bun. "Ready?" she says. "Sure" We get to the town hall, we get out of the car and walk to the doors. Danna walks in, Im still outside standing there like and idiot. I hear the music, I'm nervous. This is my first dance. I walk in and like 30 people look at me. A guy whistles, I walk over to Danna, the music is playing a pop song and there are lantern strung on the ceiling. "Hey cool dance." Danna got a little shy and drank some punch, "How do I look?" she says. "You look amazing." I say. "K lets go talk to people." We walk around, I see a few of our friends we walk over to them. "Hey guys!" Our group has 7 girls all totally different. Theres Penny a blonde cheerleader, kind of an air head. There is 2 girls named Mabel one rides horses and has dirty blonde hair. The other reads and plays basketball Her hair is crazy curly. Brooklyn, super pretty runs on the high school track team. Broke the record actually. Saige, blonde her hair is ALWAYS in a braid, loves basketball too. Danna starts talking, "Hey you know that Sam met a boy and she's looking for him. Oh and his name is also Sam." Everyone starts freaking, "What does he look like?" "Is he new here" "Is he at the dance?"

    "Guys, Guys, I don't know if he's here he just moved from Oregon." Just then someone runs into me and I fall into the punch bowl so does someone else."

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