The Cafe on the Corner

Sam is a regular girl in a regular town in Missouri. Working in a cafe on the corner with her father and brother. She wishes she could do more with her life. Sam and her best friend Danna find a cute boy who just moved into town. Now Sam has a shot at something interesting to happen in her life when a tornado hits and her life changes forever.


1. Morning

       My alarm went off. I can't stand the sound of alarms. The way they make your ears hurt in the morning. I sit up and turn the alarm off. I open my eyes, I can see the soft blues glow of the sun about to rise. It crawls through my old white curtains which have a tear, letting in the morning light. I get out of bed putting on my slippers. I walk across the cold tile into my bathroom.

        I look in the mirror at my green eyes. I imagine myself being trapped in one position. I can't move, speak, my life as it is right now is not moving forward. I am a regular girl, in a regular town In Delta, Missouri.  My name is Sam Bochelli. I am 16 years old. I have shoulder length Dirty Blonde hair. Im not the tallest. Only about 5"4. I get changed in my white t-shirt and blue shorts. I pull back my hair and walk down stairs. 

        My Dad is already down here. He has his apron on and is getting ready to cook the food. Its a Saturday. I usual work in the cafe after school and on weekends. Sundays are Pancake Day. We serve Breakfast foods and its open for only half the day. I guess working here isn't that bad. I take over my moms job of being the waitress. My little brother Chris is sitting by one of the big windows in the cafe. They let in the soft yellow glow of the morning."Chris come here for a sec." He hops off the window sill and walks over to me. I give him a piece of candy that i bought at the store.  

        "Thanks you Sissy!" he whispers.

         Chris is 6 years old. My mom died giving birth to him. My mom was beautiful. She had dark chocolate hair and big green eyes. She met my father in Paris. My dad is Italian and you can still hear a slight accent. He was at the top of the Eiffel Tower when a women, also at the top dropped her purse. He said, "Wait a moment Miss." He went all the way back down to get her purse and brought it back up." I miss my mom.

       The sun just came up and was now letting rays of light shine throughout the cafe. Our cafe is a two story building made of stone. It has big french windows and to red doors leading in the cafe. There are balconies above where my family and I live. There are red umbrellas above the tables outside. Inside is beautiful. It looks like and old cafe in paris.

        I put my  white apron with the words Cafe on the Corner. Also a little brass name with Sam written on it. on and get ready for the swarm of people that come just around 7:00 to come. I get on my shoes and wait for someone to walk through the door.


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