The Cafe on the Corner

Sam is a regular girl in a regular town in Missouri. Working in a cafe on the corner with her father and brother. She wishes she could do more with her life. Sam and her best friend Danna find a cute boy who just moved into town. Now Sam has a shot at something interesting to happen in her life when a tornado hits and her life changes forever.


5. Lunch

     She comes over, "Danna he's coming back for lunch." She laughs, "Oh dear little sam you are in a heap of crap and I don't know how you are gonna get out!" She continues laughing. Ugh, I walk over and take some more orders. Its lunch time I get ready for him to come. I walk over the the counter and take one more sandwich to Bob, the banker for our town. Danna is sitting with Chris over in the corner eating lunch. I hear someone walk in I turn around. Its Sam, I stand frozen for a second but keep taking orders. Him and his mom go sit down, oh no I have to take there order next. I walk over, his mom has long curly black hair and a blue blouse. Sam is wearing a t-shirt and hoody. 

    "Hi, may I take your order?" His mom sets down her menu,"I'll have the strawberry crepe and a salad."  I look over to Sam, "I'll have the raspberry crepe and a glass of oj." I finish writing down the orders, "Your food well be here um....soon ya, bye." Oh my gosh! I sounded like an idiot! Ya and bye? I wait for the food then bring it over. Here is the orange juice, strawberry and raspberry crepes, and a side of salad. "Do you like cheese? What did I just say? oh my."I mean for your salad, would you like some cheese on it?" His mom chuckles, "Yes that would be very nice." I sprinkle some on and walk away. Danna stands up and walks over to me holding in her laugh. She mimics me,

    "Hey do you like cheese?" She bursts our laughing. I punch her in the arm, "Stop, I didn't know what to say." She looks at me with a devious face."Hey don't you dare, no danna." she starts walking over to Sam and his mom. "No danna!" I whisper. Acting like an idiot she sits down with both of them and says,"Hey you know that girl Samantha? She really nice and cute. You should ask her for her number. Bye!" I slap my forehead. She walks back over to me. "What were you thinking?"I say




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